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Alpha Axial Supply Series

Powered Industrial Exhaust Fans

Alpha Supply Series Axial Fans

Fresh and clean air supply has applications in different industrial and commercial scenarios.

Such air supply may complement an air conditioning system within a building.

It may also be directly supplied to an air handling unit or applications which require positive air pressure.

The Alpha Supply Series Axial Fans feature incredibly light-weight, durable and robust supply air roof units.

The industrial roof exhaust fans in this series are designed to ensure smooth supply of fresh air to different industrial applications

Industrial Roof Ventilation

Each product in the series is constructed from corrosion-resistant materials.

The axial impellers are designed to deliver optimal performance in all cases. In the case of MV units, the impeller blades come with a steel construction and a powder coating. In AD/E units, the blades are made from nylon, aluminium, anti-static or GRP.

All axial fans also feature bird mesh which prevents birds or any other debris from entering the unit opening and damaging the motor. You can choose from a wide range of motor and speed options. In all, the series features 10 models with fan diameters ranging from 200mm to 630mm

Stand-out Features

  • Incredibly light-weight, durable and robust supply air roof units

  • Constructed from corrosion-resistant materials

  • Axial impellers with steel blades in MV units

  • Nylon, GRP, aluminium or anti-static blades in AD/E units

  • Designed with bird mesh to prevent outside debris or birds from damaging the motor

  • 10 models available with diameters ranging from 200mm to 630mm

  • Wide range of speed and motor choices

  • Speed-controllable settings for all motors

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Product Details


Alpha Supply Series Axial Fan units are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials. Impeller blades are constructed from nylon, aluminium, anti-static or GRP in the case of AD/E units. MV units feature steel blades.


Available in diameter options of 110mm, 130mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 310mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 560mm and 630mm.


Available with single-phase or three-phase motors featuring sealed-for-life ball bearings and speed-controllable settings.


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