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Metal roofing is a popular choice when it comes to commercial and industrial roofs in Australia. This is because commercial metal roofing offers a number of advantages compared to other types of roofing materials. With a variety of metals to choose from, it is easy to find a type of metal roofing that best suits your needs and the environment of a commercial or industrial unit.

Following are the popular varieties of metal roofing commonly used across Australia. Also included in this guide are the important factors you should consider when choosing a type of metal roofing. Commercial and industrial metal roofing options have also become viable for homeowners, offering exciting and creative applications. The article also takes a look at that. At the end, the article takes a quick look at some of the reputable commercial roofing contractors in Sydney.

Colorbond ™ Steel Roofing

Steel is one of the most common and popular metals used in roofing. Even when using steel, you can choose from multiple varieties. Colorbond™ steel roofing, for instance, is often used for its ability to withstand weather and other exterior elements well.

Colorbond™ steel roofing typically comes with multiple layers of coating. At the same time, it has the inherent properties of the steel and is flexible enough to be molded and shaped to different roof types. Such versatility makes it particularly useful for warehouses and other industrial units. The coating in Colorbond steel roofing also ensures excellent resistance to corrosion. In some cases, you can expect Colorbond™ steel roofing to come with a 50-year warranty or more.

Colorbond™ steel also has good spanning capabilities and comes with a lower pitch. This helps you get the roof installed quickly and in a way that ensures better energy efficiency of the building’s interior. You can also choose from a huge range of colours.

The downside to Colorbond™ roofing is that the top layer may begin to deteriorate after about 10 years. So you will need to refinish the coating to maintain the outlook and structure of the roof. Colorbond™ roofing is also significantly noisy under rain or hail. So if it is installed in an area with excessive rainfall, the acoustic disturbance may be a problem.

Colorbond™ steel roofing can also be used very effectively in residential settings. Given the sheer breadth of the range of colours, you can match Colorbond roofing to the architecture, aesthetics and other elements of a home. A number of Sydney roofing contractors offer Colorbond steel roofing, so it is easily accessible.

Pros and Cons:

  • Steel roofing available in a huge range of colours
  • Comes with multiple layers of coating
  • Very resistant to corrosion, able to last many decades without damage
  • Perfectly suited to coastal environments with salt spray exposure
  • Suitable for low-pitch roofs with excellent spanning capabilities
  • Flexible enough to be moulded and shaped for any roof type and size
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Needs maintenance every 10 years or so
  • Noise under hail, storm or rain
  • A more expensive type of metal roofing, especially compared to other steel roofing
Colorbond Metal Roofing Sydney

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Galvanised Steel Roofing Sydney

Galvanised steel is another variety of steel that is commonly used in metal roofing of industrial and commercial units. Unlike Colorbond which has a layer of coating, galvanized steel is protected from corrosion by a layer of zinc that envelopes it. This effectively seals the steel and saves it from weather elements.

A notable advantage of galvanized steel is its price point when compared to most other types of metal roofing. Galvanized steel is one of the cheapest metal roofing types, so affordability is definitely a huge plus here.

Galvanized steel is fairly resistant to corrosion although it is not suitable for use in coastal regions where Colorbond™ steel makes more sense. When exposed to salt spray, galvanized steel can incur extensive damage. Similarly, it is preferable in industrial environments where the air is not too corrosive.

Another concern with galvanized steel is its outlook. Where Colorbond steel comes with virtually endless colour options, galvanized steel has a singular and typical look. This outlook can dull over time and will need touching up to maintain its shine.

Pros and Cons:

  • A more affordable steel roofing compared to Colorbond steel

  • Inexpensive when compared to other metal roofing types

  • Decent resistance to corrosion and a durable structure

  • Ease of installation with ability to customize shape

  • Ability to last well over 50 years in favorable weather

  • Not suited in coastal regions with salt spray exposure

  • Available in a single aluminum finish with no color options

  • Light-weight roofing material for quick and easy installation

    Galvanised Metal Roofing Sydney

    Zincalume Steel Roofing Sydney

    Zincalume steel is a type of steel that is coated with an alloy combination of aluminum, zinc and silicon. It is distinct from galvanized steel which usually comes with a coating of zinc only. Being coated with multiple alloys with each alloy serving an important purpose, Zincalume offers excellent durability, resistance to corrosion, and outlook maintenance.

    Resistance to corrosion is one of the best advantages of Zincalume. Although Colorbond steel may offer similar corrosion resistance, Zincalume is superior in that it is also resistant to any scratches during or after installation. This helps Zincalume steel roofing maintain its outlook and profile year after year with little to no scratches on its surface.

    Another benefit of Zincalume for commercial and industrial roofing is that it costs less than Colorbond steel and most other metal roofing varieties. This makes it a more affordable choice of roofing material. Zincalume also puts up very well with salt spray, which makes it suitable in coastal regions.

    Like galvanized steel, a slight downside to Zincalume is that it comes in a shiny aluminum colour. This means that you don’t have the same range of colour options you would otherwise get with Colorbond steel roofing. That being said, Zincalume definitely serves the purpose at a lower cost and provides excellent durability. So if outlook and aesthetics are not a primary concern, it is a great choice for commercial metal roofing in Sydney.

    Homeowners can also utilize Zincalume roofing as a price-friendly roofing option, whether they live by the coast or inland. You will need to compromise somewhat on the aesthetics, though. Zincalume is also recyclable, so it is an environment-friendly roofing material.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Steel-coated with a combination of alloy materials

    • Very resistant to corrosion even in coastal environments

    • Able to withstand salt spray with little to no deterioration

    • More affordable compared to Colorbond steel roofing

    • Comes in a shiny aluminum finish

    • Scratch-proof to resist surface marks during or after installation

    • No colour options available

    • Lacks in aesthetic appeal compared to Colorbond and other metal roofing

      Zincalume Metal Roofing Sydney

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      Aluminium Roofing Sydney

      Aluminum roofing is the second most common metal roofing material used in industrial and commercial buildings across Australia. Aluminum as a roofing material is particularly preferred in coastal environments. The salt-rich marine air can quickly corrode steel roofing which is not suitably protected. Aluminum is preferred because it offers excellent resistance to corrosion.

      Aluminum is typically installed in thin sheets by metal roofing specialists. This makes it a light-weight roofing material which is easier to install and takes less time. However, a downside to this is that aluminum roofing may not withstand stress elements such as hail or stormy winds very well. The thinner sheets weigh less and may incur structural damage more easily than steel.

      Aluminum is also slightly more expensive than steel. For industrial and commercial units, aluminum roofing makes most sense if they are located close to the coast. Aluminum roofing can also be used for homes situated in marine environments where salt spray and the associated metal corrosion is a common problem.

      Pros and Cons:

      • Offers excellent resistance to corrosion

      • Particularly well suited for coastal environments with salt spray exposure

      • Light-weight roofing sheets for quick and easy installation

      • Does not withstand stress elements like hail very well

      • More expensive compared to steel roofing

      • Provides a more aesthetic finish, especially useful for residential roofing

        Zinc Aluminium Roofing Sydney Australia

        Copper Roofing Sydney

        Copper has been used in metal roofing for well over a hundred years. Copper roofing is the most durable type of roofing and when maintained properly, it can last over 200 years. This is largely because of the excellent weather-resistant properties copper embodies. It does not incur any notable damage easily and will withstand rainwater, fire hazards and other weather elements very well.

        That being said, copper can be prohibitively expensive and may not be suitable for industrial units in particular. It can be used on commercial roofing for branding and aesthetic finishes. You may use copper roofing in areas where durability is of the paramount concern. Copper roofing, though expensive, can also be used to add architectural accents and details to building elements such as porches and bay windows.

        It is important to hire the right commercial metal roofing contractors when having a copper roof installed. This is because only a select few contractors specialize in copper roofing which requires a special set of skills.

        Pros and Cons:

        • The most durable type of metal roofing

        • Able to last 200 years or even more

        • Excellent weather-resistant properties

        • Adds aesthetic value to the roofing

        • Able to withstand rain, hail, fire and other elements very well

        • Prohibitively expensive which may make it unsuitable for large-scale industrial applications

        • Suitable when durability is the most important concern

        • Also suitable for use in accents and details of architectural elements

        • Useful to brand industrial or commercial structures

          Copper Roofing Sydney Australia

          Zinc Roofing Sydney

          Zinc is a popular metal used for commercial and industrial roofing. It is able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, especially those in Australia. This has ensured an enduring popularity of zinc roofing among Australian businesses.

          Zinc roofing is incredibly durable and flexible enough to be easily shaped and manipulated. This means that it can be effectively used for roofing purposes at warehouses, factories, shopping malls and a wide range of other structures. Zinc also has a low melting point which means that it consumes less energy when shaped for a roof.

          Although zinc has excellent structural integrity and durability, it may incur minor damage under hail or high winds. This damage is not permanent and does not alter the integrity of the roofing. But it may have an effect on the outlook and aesthetics of the roof. Another concern with zinc roofing is the appearance of chalking over time. Chalking is usually more pronounced at spots where water flow is frequent. For this reason, you may need to perform roof maintenance to ensure a clean outlook for the roof.

          For commercial and industrial structures, zinc roofing makes sense for its sheer durability. It costs more than steel roofing but is a good investment in the long-term. Zinc roofing also makes sense for homeowners if price is not a primary concern. Like copper, it brings obvious aesthetic value to your roofing and increases the overall value of your property.

          Pros and Cons:

          • Durable and flexible roofing that can be easily shaped

          • Suitable for all roof types and sizes

          • A good balance between durability and affordability

          • Relatively soft so that it can bear stress like hail without permanent damage

          • Need routine maintenance to ensure an aesthetically appealing outlook

          • Prone to chalking caused by water flow

          • More expensive and durable than steel roofing

          • Adds aesthetic value to a property

            Zincalume Zinc Roofing Sydney Australia

            Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Metal Roofing

            When determining which metal roofing is best suited for a commercial or industrial building, you must consider these factors:


            Commercial and industrial roofing typically involves covering a sizeable area. This means that even minor changes in per square or per foot costs can translate into a huge difference for the entire roofing. This is why affordability must be considered when choosing suitable metal roofing. In general, galvanized steel roofing and zincalume roofing are on the most affordable end of the spectrum.

            In contrast, copper roofing and zinc roofing are usually the most expensive options when it comes to commercial metal roofing. Aluminum roofing is more expensive than steel roofing but lower in cost than copper or zinc. Colorbond steel is somewhere in the middle, being costlier than zincalume or galvanized steel but more affordable than other metals.

            Weight and Ease of Installation

            The weight of the roofing panel is another important consideration. Weight itself determines how easy or hard it is to install roofing panels. Aluminum roofing is the lightest metal roofing option, followed by steel, zinc and copper. Copper roofing is the heaviest metal roofing. The more heavy a type of metal roofing, the harder it is to lift it up to the height of the roof and install it. This means the installation costs for heavier varieties of metal roofing are greater compared to more light-weight options like aluminum roofing.

            Strength-to-Weight Ratio

            Strength-to-weight ratio determines how much stress a roof can handle. Some roofs can handle a good deal of stress but will ultimately break or crack beyond a certain point. Others will easily deform under stress elements like hail but won’t incur a permanent damage. Copper and zinc are examples of the latter. Though they will deform easily, they are able to withstand stress better. In contrast, steel or aluminum roofing will not dent or damage too easily. But heavy stress can structurally damage them.

            Weather Resistance

            A roof is meant to cover a building and primarily protect it from the weather elements. For commercial and industrial buildings in particular, weather resistance is critically important. If a roof starts to leak under rain, incur damage under hailstones, or get blown away in strong winds, it can become an expensive liability. This is why you must consider the local weather conditions and then choose a suitable roofing type.

            In coastal regions where salt spray exposure is a vital consideration, for instance, galvanized steel should be ruled out as a viable roofing choice. Similarly, buildings in bushfire prone regions should consider a more robust fire-resistant roofing option. Most metal roofing varieties are well resistant to fire and able to withstand fire hazards quite effectively.


            Durability is an important concern when it comes to roofing options. Copper and zinc offers the best durability. Copper roofing is known to last even up to 200 years, while zinc can stay steady for 50 to 100 years. The costs of these metals for large-scale commercial metal roofing can be prohibitive though. Steel and aluminum roofing offer a slightly smaller lifespan, being able to last up to 50 years with some ongoing maintenance. However, they are a lot more affordable on the upside.

            Maintenance Needs

            Different metal roofs have different maintenance needs. Some require more frequent and robust maintenance while others do not need any maintenance for a very long time. Steel roofing, in general requires a more frequent maintenance. Even if you decide to use Colorbond roofing, you may need to occasionally have the top layer of the steel touched up to ensure protection against corrosion and weather elements.

            Yearly washing may also be required to prevent the steel roofing from damage. In contrast, aluminum, copper and zinc roofing require less frequent maintenance. Aluminum is the winning combination of low maintenance and affordability, although it may not be suitable for areas with high-speed winds. If you have previously neglected maintenance of metal roofing, a contractor for metal roof restoration in Sydney can help restore its outlook.

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              Industrial Applications in the Residential Market

              Metal roofing is usually associated with commercial and industrial units where other roofing options like tiles and shingles is not a viable choice. However, metal roofing is equally effective when applied to the residential structures. In fact, metal roofing remains a popular choice with homeowners across Australia.

              This enduring popularity of the metal roofs is for a variety of reasons. Metal roofs offer excellent durability which is a key concern with domestic roofs. When it comes to Colorbond steel roofing, homeowners can choose from a variety of colors. Galvanized and zincalume also have their appeal with their neat and consistent finish.

              For a more stand-out effect, you can use zinc or copper as a domestic roofing option. Both age beautifully over time with their patinas creating diverse and unique styles across the roofing. For aesthetic purposes, zinc and copper are the preferred choice of homeowners because of their unique properties.

              Good weather-resistance is another feature which makes metal roofing a good choice for homes. Metal roofs are able to withstand rain, hail, sunlight, snow and other weather elements quite well. They also help improve the energy efficiency of the home by preventing heat transfer through the roof.

              Most metal roofing options are typically also available as slates which can really enhance a roof when applied to it. In this form, metal roofing looks even more appealing and is perfect in achieving a modern finish for a modern home.

                Zinc Roofing Cladding Sydney Australia

                Contractors for commercial metal roofing in Sydney

                A large number of commercial roofing contractors in Sydney offer metal roofing solutions for industrial and commercial units. Here’s a look at some of the best ones.

                RVA Roofing (That’s Us)

                Over 30 Years Professional Roofing in Sydney


                Lidoran Group

                Lidoran Group specializes in commercial metal roofing. The company has been around for over 25 years and offers a variety of roofing services such as re roofing, roof replacement and roof repairs. With cutting-edge equipment and a trained labor force, Lidoran holds the world record for the fastest commercial metal roof replacement.

                K & M Roofing

                K & M Roofing is another Sydney-based roofer and re roofer. The company has been in business for over a decade and offers both residential and commercial metal roofing services. The line-up of the metal roofing products offered by the company primarily comprises of Lysaght products.

                Black Cat Roofing

                Black Cat Roofing handles new roofing installation, roofing replacement, repairs and related services. The company handles both residential and commercial roofs. From all-new warehouse roofing to coatings and repairs for existing commercial roofing, Black Cat Roofing is equipped to handle roofing projects of all types and sizes.

                R.O. Steel Roofing

                R.O. Steel Roofing specializes in steel-based roofing. The company started more than 35 years ago and handles both residential and commercial roofing. Steel roofing products offered by R.O. Roofing include Zincalume, Colorbond Steel and other steel varieties. The company handles construction of new roofs, roof removal, roofing restoration as well as repairs. It also offers its Colorbond steel roofing as a roofing solution for homes and residential units.


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