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James Hardie Australia

James Hardie Australia Pty Ltd is at the top of the building and construction industry throughout Australia, producing top-quality exterior and interior products, they are a global leader in manufacturing fibre cement.

They are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. James Hardy is a dual-listed company, they are listed on both New York and Australian Stock Exchanges.

The foundation of their company’s identity is their unwavering commitment to their customers, ensuring the safety of people, safe places, and providing safe systems through their Zero Harm initiative, making James Hardie Australia one of the most beloved brands by Australians throughout the country.

How Did James Hardie Industries Begin, And Where Are They Now?

James Hardie Australia commenced production back in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia. Starting from humble beginnings, James Hardie Industries has earned its place on the top fifty companies in the building industry on the Australian Stock Exchange.

James Hardie pioneered the modern fibre-cement, which is now being used globally, today. They are a global leader in fibre cement building products, they started from Australia, and now operating in locations throughout the world, specifically in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Europe, and the Philippines.

How Do They Make Their Products?

James Hardie Australia prides itself in manufacturing top-quality and dependable products and systems that are flexible and easy to design with, by using the best quality raw materials and latest technology.

The product range that they offer suits an array of different architectural styles, from conventional to modern designs.

What Are The Products That James Hardie Australia Offer?

James Hardie Products are used in a wide array of applications, the products, and systems that they offer include cladding, permanent formwork, internal lining, eaves, fibre-cement, wall systems, decking, substrate flooring, soffits, and façade systems.

These products are used in residential construction, renovations, extensions, commercial and industrial applications, and manufactured housing.

James Hardie Industries prides its products in being backed by industry-leading expertise, enabling cost-effective solutions and fresh designs.

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James Hardie Products

James Hardy promotes sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient designs when individuals specify and use James Hardie products.

Their products are developed with an emphasis on reducing negative environmental impacts, using sustainable, low toxicity, and plantation-grown timber, containing no volatile organic compounds, being relatively safer for the environment and produces a lower footprint on the earth when compared to other building materials.

James Hardy External Cladding Products

This line of James Hardie Products is popular amongst influential builders and designers throughout Australia, external cladding is perfect for homes because of its functional and aesthetic appeal. It provides a protective layer on the outside of a house.

• It provides better insulation and is weather-resistant, protecting homes all throughout Australia against the harsh Australian conditions.

• Their external cladding products are also known to add personality and style to the overall design of a house, besides using it for added protection.

• Cladding is also used to approve the appearance of different buildings since it comes with a wide array of textures, colours, and styles.

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Fibre cement external cladding

The demand for these fibre cement external cladding is continuously increasing in Australia since it provides designers and homeowners increased flexibility when it comes to designing and it takes up less floor space when compared to brick cladding.

• Their external cladding products do not add much to the wall’s thickness, featuring their products such as the 4.5mm Hardieflex sheets and 27mm the matrix cladding panel which are significantly lighter compared to standard brick cladding.

• These fibre cement wall systems can generate high performing thermal walls.

• It is low maintenance and is made in accordance with the National Construction Code (C1.12 part in Australia, making it non-combustible, eliminating the risk of having flammable cladding in any household.


Axon Cladding

Add detail to any wall of any household with this product’s clean vertical lines aesthetic, using the fine detail of painted vertical joint timber.

• Axon provides a range of vertically grooved panels with fine details of painted vertical joint timber.

• This has a stepped shiplap joint on its long edges, that ensures an easier installation, these external cladding materials can be gun nailed.

• Made in accordance with the bushfire attack level requirements (BAL4), fire rating that can reach up to 60 minutes.

This James Hardie Australia product is ideal for the Australian aesthetic, suitable for upper storey and ground floor extensions that can suit any modern beachy building styles.

Never underestimate the impact of vertical lines, these can bring textural interest to any building’s external walls.

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HardiePlank Weatherboard

James Hardie Industries aims to please, and alongside their extensive vertical lined external cladding, they have also provided their customers with wide weatherboards that feature smooth and woodgrain textures.

• This external cladding material is 7.5 millimetres thick, made with fibre cement, making this a perfect choice for cost-effective home extensions.

• This product is available in two sizes (widths) 230 mm and 300 mm.

• Customers can use a gun nail to the timber frames, or simply screw to light the gauge steel frames of this product.

James Hardie Australia offers two profiles of this weatherboard collection, an old-style that features a smooth texture and a rebate to further emphasize the overlapping shadow line, making it look more authentic. The rusticated style that shows a rough-sawn texture.

James Hardie Industries currently offer 14 products in external cladding, for more information visit them at

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James Hardie Australia Interior Linings

James Hardie Industries, are known to use the revolutionary fibre cement in their products and these internal linings are no exception, known for their durability and resistance to fire rot, termites, and moisture. They are commonly used in new home constructions, extensions, renovations, and even in industrial applications.

Their fibre cement interior linings are a great alternative to grooved and plasterboard MDF (Medium density fibreboard). Providing design versatility, offering 5 products in interior linings.

Villaboard Lining

Ideal for wet areas and is commonly used in bathroom applications, James Hardie Australia even states that this is the standard internal lining for any bathroom for over 50 years.

• High resistance to damage from moisture.

• It provides incredible hanging power for hooks, fixings, and tiles.

• This product has a tensile bond strength of 75% greater than the standard wet area plasterboard.

• The james hardy villaboard lining can hold tiles that weigh up to 50kg per sqm.

This product can also be used in laundry rooms, kitchens, high-traffic areas, commercial buildings, and multi-residential buildings.

HardieGroove Lining

Combines the benefits of the looks of a groove timber and the durability of fibre cement.

• This internal lining is free of knots and will not swell or shrink in the presence of moisture.

• The V-grooves in this internal lining is carved into sheets that are 2.5 millimetre deep and are spaced 100 millimetre apart.

Ideal for wet areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Versilux Lining

Mostly used as a soffit (exterior or interior architectural feature), though it can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms.

• This internal lining is square on the long edges.

• A versatile and flexible wall sheet that is easy to customize, achieving a wide range of looks with the use of straight PVC jointers.

• 6-millimeter sheets can be used as bracing when installed under James Hardie’s Structural Bracing Application Guide.

James Hardie Wall Systems

James Hardy wall system uses the combination of HardieSmart fire and acoustic wall and currently offers 5 products in wall systems that are catered to specific consumers, such as aged care wall system for older people.

HardieSmart Fire And Boundary Acoustic Wall System

Ideal for the bushfire-prone areas in Australia, this wall system is a solution that james hardie industries have come up with when dealing with fire outbreaks and is specially designed form Class 1 and 10a timber-framed buildings.

• Made of James Hardie and Sycon external cladding (any james hardie product that is greater than 6 mm can be installed as part of this system).

• Ideal for bushfire zone areas (BAL-FZ).

Specially developed for terraces, detached buildings, and townhouses.

HardieSmart Fire And ZeroLot Acoustic Wall System

Designed for Class 1 and 10a timber-framed buildings and establishments. Commonly used in multi-occupancy projects, because of its advantage that allows the construction of all dwellings in the individual’s development independently, resulting in the flexibility of any building process.

HardieSmart Fire And Aged Care Acoustic Wall System. A wall solution for Class 9c buildings.

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James Hardy Floors

Their iconic flooring is known to effectively resist damage from moisture and reduces movement. Offering an array of underlay products and structural flooring that can be used from domestic and industrial applications.

• Fibre cement substrates that are developed to give individuals the best stability and longevity james hardie products when compared to timber, which is sensitive to water.

• These floorings can be used in areas that are prone to getting wet.

Secura Interior Flooring

James Hardie products aim to provide convenience for people, and this flooring has made an internal bathroom flooring made easy.

• This product can be exposed to various elements for 3 straight months without warping or twisting.

• Pre-drilling and screwing for this product is not needed since it comes with tongue and groove joints that can easily be secured with a nail gun.

• This flooring is versatile and light, the weight of a single secura interior flooring unit weighs from 35 to 40 kilograms.

• The other side of this tile can be used for tiled applications in bathrooms and other wet areas, sealant gap is included.

• The other side can be used for carpet and vinyl applications, with the tongue and groove joint being gapless.

• It has a high resistance to moisture because of its moisture-resistant sealer that is present on all sides, making the need for waterproofing outside enclosed shower areas unnecessary.

With James Hardie Industries’ revolutionary sycon fibre cement, this makes this product more durable and easier to nail, for everyone’s convenience.

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Secura Exterior Flooring

Mostly used for outside premises such as balconies and terraces, but James Hardie Australia made the whole process easier.

• This flooring is lighter when compared to the conventional CFC (Compressed Fibre Cement), a single unit of a secura exterior flooring only weighs up to 40 kilograms.

• Easier installation is ensured with its tongue and groove joins, nail guns are sufficient for the installation process.

• This features an underside mesh reinforcement, providing extra strength and making it more resistant to impacts.

• Its sides are sealed with a polymer coating that greatly helps in the adherence of the product, and guarding it further against moisture.

Ideal for exterior use, such as verandahs and balconies, allowing consumers to be at peace and not think about plywood and particle boards.

James Hardie Australia currently offers 6 Products in Floors, such as the secura interior and exterior flooring, ceramic tile underlay, vinyl, and cork underlay, hardiedeck, and the hardiepanel compressed sheet.

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James Hardie Products For Commercial And Industrial Applications

James Hardie Industries pride themselves in manufacturing products and systems that the public can trust, being around since 1888, James Hardie has its fair share of helping in the development of numerous commercial projects, bringing these ideas and vision to life.

• Versatile fibre cement products that can be used in any commercial application, from schools to aged care facilities.

• All James Hardie products are easy to install and are ensured to fit for purpose and last for an exceedingly long time.

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ExoTec Façade Panel And System

Specially designed for high- and low-rise commercial building façade, providing more aesthetic appeal in large commercial establishments.

• This commercial product is a sanded CFC (compressed fibre cement) façade panel.

• Incorporates a top-hat system on its façade panel, to generate geometric designs that feature 10 millimetres express joints,

• The size of these panels ranges from 9 millimetres to 12 millimetres.

• They are sealed on all sides to ensure the reduction limit of panel expansion, with the addition of being durable and high impact resistant.

This product can be customized, by getting painted on-site, but it also comes with a wide array of acrylic textures or the standard factory finished polyurethane or metallic colours.

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ExoTec Vero Façade Panel And System

James Hardie Industries have specially designed this system to resemble an authentic “concrete look” by combining the natural beauty of concrete cladding with the ExoTec façade system.

• These panels are ideal for non-combustible construction, making it fireproof and ideal for the harsh Australian conditions.

• This product features a fine sanded texture with the addition of natural grey tones.

• All panels are factory-sealed with the use of James Hardie’s CoreShield sealer technology, allowing the product for higher durability and incredible water resistance.

they currently offer 7 products in commercial, such as exotec façade panel and system, hardiepanel compressed sheet, and more.

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James Hardie Australia Accessories

They currently offer 94 products in accessories that can be used in their other products, these accessories include hardieplank alum. ext. corner soaker, hardieplank galvanised stud clip, hydroepoxy 501 (two-part epoxy, 2 litre set), james hardie pvc flashing mould, and more.

Catering to all needs or requirements that their main products need.

James Hardy Medium Density Products

James Hardie products provide complete solutions for developing well-structured and designed homes, medium density (residential developments that are higher than the standard low-density housings).

With their various high-quality products that come in many profiles and finishes, anyone can achieve their visions with James Hardie Australia’s design versatility, allowing design and space efficiencies for Medium-density housings such as apartments and townhouses.

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Why Does James Hardie Australia Use Fibre Cement In All Their Products?

James Hardie Industries is considered the global leader in fibre cement production and for good reasons. Fibre cement comes with many benefits, this why James Hardie Australia frequently reinforce their products with this material.

• Their wide array of fibre reinforced cement products will not burn, because fibre cement allows them to be fire-resistant, adhering to the bushfire attack level requirements.

• James Hardie products are resistant to moisture and are ideal for bathroom, and other wet areas application, preventing their products from rotting and warping.

• They are resistant to termite damage because of fibre cement.

• Other benefits included in the use of fibre cement is that they make James Hardie’s products exceptionally durable, and impact resistance.

• Their products only require minimal maintenance.

James Hardie Australia has revolutionised the construction industry with its innovative Sycon formulation range of premium cement composite products that are easy to handle and install without affecting the core of the DNA of James Hardy durability.

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James Hardie Australia is a global leader in the building industry because they never lose sight of their goal, which is to be at the forefront of the building materials industry by producing top-quality products that provide design inspiration, compliance, performance, estimating tools, and guidance to assist people from all around the world, from designers, builders, engineers to homeowners.

Their goal is to attain its position at the forefront of the building materials industry in every market they operate in.

Key their effort is its dedication to their customers who they serve through empowering company culture, revolutionary industry-leading innovation, and capitalising on their global scale.

Capitalising on their global leadership in market development, manufacturing efficiency, and revolutionary product innovation, following in the footsteps of James Hardie’s commitment to quality and production of high-quality industry-leading products, greatly differentiating themselves from other building materials companies.

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