Premium Heat Reduction

Fibreglass Roofing

Commercial units such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities incur huge expenses in terms of artificial lighting and air-conditioning. The use of right roofing materials can immensely help in this regard by trimming down these bills by a major margin.

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Clear & Translucent Roofing Panels

Premium Heat Reduction Fibreglass roofing achieves precisely that. This particular variety of fibreglass is manufactured to enable maximum light transmission while keeping the heat transmission to a minimum. This is made possible by the use of premium-quality resin systems and cutting-edge nanotechnologies in the manufacture of this product.

Allowing Light and Reducing Heat

Thanks to these materials, Premium Heat Reduction Fibreglass can achieve a reduction in heat transmission by up to 50% and more, compared to plastic sheeting roofs. This puts a dent in the energy costs associated with air conditioning and artificial lighting.
This particular variety of fibreglass can be coupled with standard surface film or advanced UV protection surface film to achieve healthier environments as well.

Standout Features

Length, Thickness, and Weight
2400gsm weight with 1.4mm thickness
3050gsm weight with 1.8mm thickness
Panel lengths up to 12 metres. Thickness fluctuation 15%

Premium Heat Reduction Fibreglass Roofing is compatible with most metal cladding and roofing profiles. Meeting minimum order requirements, you can also ask for a customised profile.

Standard UV protection film is applied on the surface to mitigate UV rays transmission and minimize erosion or degradation.

Colour Options
Due to specific properties related to light transmission and solar transmission, this variety of fibreglass roofing is available only in white colour.


Installation and Warranty

We supply and install Premium Heat Reduction Fibreglass Roofing products for commercial units all over the Great Sydney Area. Our installers comprise of fully trained and licensed experts who take care of the entire installation process, from start to finish. We also offer an upfront price estimate so that you know the budget of the project beforehand.

We back all the fibreglass products we supply and install with a solid warranty. For Premium Heat Reduction Fibreglass Roofing, we offer the manufacturers warranty that can be as high as 25-year for performance, so that you can rest assured of a sound long-term investment when choosing this material.

Industrial - Commercial Skylight Roof Panels

Industrial Grade

We supply and install a wide variety of industrial-grade fibreglass sheeting. You can choose from several varieties depending on your exact needs. All varieties are compatible with metal roofing and cladding profiles. Industrial-grade fibreglass roofing panels come with extra-durable structure and superior light transmission.

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SR76 - Fire Retardant

Translucent sheeting is fire tested and certified to meet Building Code of Australia specifications. Ampelite’s SR76 Smoke Reduced fibreglass roofing panels are fire certified and meet the requirements for AS1530.3 1999 standards, as conducted by AWTA Textile Testing.

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Cool-lite GC Premium Industrial Grade Heat Reduction Sheeting. Low-cost fibreglass roof panels effectively diffuse natural light and offset heat transmission for warehouses and climate controlled facilities.

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The FS FireCheck comprises an intumescent impregnated glass tissue which is manufactured within the Ampelite sheeting. The chemicals are halogen-free meaning they are nontoxic. The simplicity of the approach to using the tissue and locating it at the surface of the sheet results in no loss of strength or stiffness within the composite section.

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The patented ClearSlide fixing clips provide many advantages over normal installation procedures and also allow the combination of metal roll form decking and fibreglass skylighting over long lengths. No longer are two very different materials screwed together in the hope that they will interact, without water ingress, or cause buckling (ocean waving) of the fibreglass

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EEFAS Insulated

The Ampelite EEFAS panel has been developed to compliment all insulated steel panels as produced through various manufacturers. As a totally integrated composite structure, the Ampelite EEFAS System provides benefits that traditional translucent skylights cannot achieve.

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WonderGlas GC

Ampelite, Australia’s most experienced and largest manufacturer of fibreglass roofing introduced ‘Wonderglas GC’ gel coated sheeting to Australia in 1994, adapting the process originally developed by BP chemicals in the United States, to expressly combat Australia’s very harsh environment.

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WebGlas GC

‘Webglas GC’ polyester sheeting is reinforced with heavy gauge woven web matting that acts as a built-in safety mesh. ‘Webglas GC’ fully complies, without restriction, to the requirements of Class 2 to Class 9 buildings of the Building Code of Australia.

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The savings and benefits of natural daylight in the workplace and in recreational facilities can be maximised at a fraction of the cost of dual glazing with Ampelite’s Dual Roof System. This system provides good, evenly diffused natural light, eliminates condensation and reduces transmitted heat.

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