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Why Choosing the Right Type of Roof Vents for Metal Roofs is Important

Did you know that there are proper roof vents for metal roofs? The ideal ventilation for your roof is essential to the roof’s functionality and durability. Explore the types of vents suitable for metal roofs.

The choice you make regarding roof vents for metal roofs plays a significant role in either strengthening the structure or compromising its structural strength. The wrong decision could cause considerable damage to your home like causing fundamental weakness of the entire house.

Is My Whirlybird Suitable?

There are a plethora of factors to ponder when choosing the right roof vents for your metal roof. Some of these include:

I. What is the cost of heating incurred with the type of vent?
II. How robust are the roof installed roof vents?
III. Is the roof metal compatible with that kind of vent

Metal roofs continue to gain popularity in the world as more people embrace metal instead of shingles. Whether you are in a new home or remodeling, it is essential that the vents you choose to install with a metal roof be compatible with the type of metal.

Choosing a Roof Vent

There are many sizes, shapes, prices, and designs of roof vents. It all comes down to the owner’s preferences. Once you have checked off all the requirements, you can proceed to purchase the most suitable vents.

Types of vents for metal roofs.

I. Metal Square Vents

Office buildings need to maintain a professional and calm environment at all times. In recent years, companies continue to build office buildings with metal roofs paving the way for the popularity of the metal square vents whose air conditioning capabilities during summer months is exceptional.
These metal vents are made of stainless steel. The vents are built to be durable and withstand even the harshest weather extremities.

II. Plastic Roof Vents

The material of the vent matters. ABS plastic is excellent quality roof vent material that can be purchased in color similar to that of your roof to maintain uniformity. Installation of the plastic roof vents is easy, and durability is impressive. Plastic roof vents are affordable and come in different shapes and sizes.

III. Round Turbine Vent

An easy to install a circular vent that can come in the same color as your roof. Round turbine vents utilize both solar and electric power. These roof vents are ideal for the Australian home as they regulate both temperature and humidity.

IV. Metal Ridge Vent

This roof vent installs near the roof’s ridge. It can take the same color as the roof and can also be made from the same material as the roof. These vents are small sleeves that fit within the ridge cap and deliver impeccable results.

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Roof Vents Ventilation Sydney

The second similarity of all exhaust vents is that they are all placed outside the house, on the roof surface.

Mostly near the roof ridge for better functioning. Depending on the size of your budget or the climatic conditions you are against, you can choose the most suited roof air vents for your house.

• Intake Vents
Intake vents are not very easy to spot because they are not installed on the roof. They are mainly located at the edge of roofs, under the shingles or at the drip edge. Most intake vents are made of copolymer material.
The primary purpose of intake vents is to allow cold, low-pressure air to enter the attic and force the hot air to leave through the exhaust vents. This continuous process is what provides the cooling effect on the roof and the attic.


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