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Reasons Why Whirlybird Roof Vents are Very Popular in Many Homes

If you have been wondering why you should choose whirlybird roof vents for your home, the simple answer is right here. Browse for all the reasons why whirlybirds are preferred.

The structural integrity of your roof determines how long your home remains structurally intact. Once your roofing system begins to fail, it affects the rest of the house. One of the significant issues facing roofs is the heat trapped during the hot months.

The warm air then makes its way to the house and causes a lot of discomforts and poses potential risks to all appliances you have in your home.

There are many models of roof vents that many homeowners can choose. Turbine vents, also known as whirlybird roof vents are on that list. Many people today opt for the whirlybird that installs on the roofs ridge and helps eliminate all heat from the roof.

Types of Whirlybird Roof Vents

There are two main types of turbine vents available in the market. They are both equally efficient and reliable.

• Passive Whirlybird

Passive whirlybird vents are a wind-driven type of whirlybird.

The wind speeds determine how fast the turbines on the ventilation move.

Passive whirlybird roof vents are very affordable when looking to save energy costs.

• Active Turbine Vent

The active whirlybird is always rotating regardless of wind speed.

The vent utilizes mechanical turbines and creates a vacuum on the roof to keep away any heat from the roof cavity.

There are no electric costs attached to the use of the active whirlybird roof vent.

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Whirlybird Roof Vent Benefits

Many homes around Australia trust in the effectiveness of the whirlybird roof vents. They provide the best and easiest to achieve roof ventilation solution for your home. Turbine vents come in different sizes and colors to match and blend with your roof.

The durability of the whirlybird is one of its most attractive features. Turbine vents can last decades providing air circulation on your roof that ensures no residual heat is left on the roof cavity.

The benefits of turbine vents are the main reasons why they are preferred. Some other advantages of the whirlybird include:

I. They are a competent ventilation system
The Weather is very unpredictable and sometimes reaches extreme levels that could cause damage to your home. Heat buildup on the roof is a potential threat. The whirlybird vents, however, provide excellent air circulation on the roof and take away all the heat from the roof and ceiling.

II. Prevents radiation of heat into the house
When the heats get too high in the house, appliances begin to malfunction, and it gets too uncomfortable to be in the house. With turbine vents, air is continuously moving which ensures that hot summers remain chill in your home.

III. They are very affordable
Whirlybird roof vents are an affordable roof ventilation solution for many homeowners. Since whirlybird turbines are wind driven, there are no energy costs incurred. The turbine vents run as long as there is wind blowing and do not utilize electricity.

IV. Solve mold problems
Humidity in the house causes the formation of mold which in turn converts your home into a moldy atmosphere that is unhealthy and dangerous. With turbine vents, you do not need to worry about dampness in your home.

V. Easy to install
There are no extra charges incurred on cumbersome installation processes when it comes to whirlybirds.

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Do Whirlybirds Cool the House?

Whirlybirds have the principal purpose of preventing the accumulation of heat on the roof that then transfers to the house. Turbine roof vents are however not air conditioners.

They do not provide any cooling effect to your home.

What the whirlybird roof vents do is provide transcendent air circulation which allows for the removal of hot air in your house. They offer excellent ventilation and ensure that your roof space remains heat free.

Whirlybird Installation

The ease of installing the turbine vents and maintaining them is another reason why they are popular among Australian homes. Since they require no solar or electric power, their installation is fast, and they begin working as soon as you install.

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How Whirlybird Works

Once the installation process is complete, wind blowing rotates the vents by blowing through the turbines. Continuous rotation of the vents creates a vacuum on the roof. All hot air from inside the house gets sucked up into the whirlybird, and then the vents expel this warm air.

Maintaining the whirlybird roof vent is easy. They can work efficiently for decades without requiring much maintenance. Turbine vents are like exhaust fans that suck up hot air and then release it.

The turbines, therefore, have flaps that open the wind begins blowing into them. If your whirlybird shows signs of leakage, you do not necessarily need to replace the entire turbine vent.

The type of roof installed can affect the efficiency of whirlybird vents. While the turbine vents are compatible with most roofs, they may function less efficiently with some models. Sarking under the roof is crucial for the turbines to work.

If your attic space is open, the whirlybird will not be forced to suck out warm air through the vents. This results in reduced cross ventilation that then leads to ineffectiveness and uselessness of the turbine vents. A closed attic place to force air into the vents is therefore significant.


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With the kind of weather that Sydney experiences, roof ventilation systems are imperative unless you have insulation on your roof. For the protection of your roof and house, choosing the right roof ventilation solution ensures that your roof is protected from overheating and transmitting the heat to your home. Whirlybird roof vents are ideal because they offer easy installation, little maintenance, and cost and are very useful in getting rid of hot air on the roof.

The whirlybird vent is also very affordable and can take the color of your roof. Hot summers are no longer a concern when you have the right roof ventilation protecting your roof and home.

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