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Roof Vents & Skylight Panels Installed

Seven Hills Sydney NSW 2147

Pan Civil Fibreglass Skylight Replaced

Customer contacted RVA for a solution to a problem they were having with the buildup of heat and fumes from various machinery including forklifts in their commercial premises, and to suggest a way of reducing the cost of commercial lighting and to increase natural light with the use of fibreglass roof panels.

The factory required the use of forklifts and machinery that produced a large amount of heat and fumes, making the working environment for their staff uncomfortable and affecting their staff morale.

RVA went out to advise what could be done to ease the conditions and to help with the reduction of power needed to light the factory.

The solution that was suggested for the lighting issue was the use of Ampelite Wonderglas skylights.

Installing the skylights would not only reduce the amount of lighting needed but would also improve the feel of the environment for the staff that work there.

Ampelite Wonderglas skylights also carry a 20 year Ampelite warranty.

For the heat and fumes issue, RVA suggested the use of multiple vents of varying sizes, specifically located and purposely designed for the customer.

950mm Ampelite Vents Installed

The vents were located over the upper level mezzanine to reduce heat that was getting trapped there and to increase air flow.

Another key area affected by the heat was the welding bay and workshop.

For this application, RVA suggested the use of 4 – 950mm ventilators with a square to round base, specifically located to remove the heat and fumes produced using the welders and heat from workshop.

The ventilators carry a 15 years warrantee and are purposely built to increase air exchange in commercial premises.

The work was completed with no interruption to the business or their commercial activities.

All roof waste was removed by RVA leaving the work area clean and tidy.

The business now has a workplace that has reduced the lighting cost and often requires no lighting during the day.

It has also reduced the heat and fumes produced in their workshop and welding departments.

Also has increased the air flow over their whole factory and has increased the comfort and morale of their employees.


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