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South Pacific Laundry

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56-70 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown, NSW 2200

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South Pacific Laundry

RVA was asked to recommend a solution for the cooling of the South Pacific Laundry.

The operators of the Laundry reported that the internal heat generated by the machinery used within the laundry, was affecting the performance of their staff and making the working conditions uncomfortable.

John, from RVA, attended the site to evaluate what could be done to help alleviate the situation.

South Pacific Laundry is situated in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown.

It is the biggest laundry in the southern hemisphere.

During the quoting consultation, John was shown around the premises.

Inside the laundry, the operators use a great assortment of machinery, including Commercial washing machines, Commercial auto ironers, Commercial dryers and other machinery used in the commercial cleaning of laundry, all of which produce a great amount of heat.

For the staff of The South Pacific Laundry this all adds up to a very hot working environment.

RVA recommended the use of 6 Ampelite SV Industrial 950mm Ventilators for the job.

The 950mm Industrial Ventilators were recommended, as when placed along the ridge line at the top of the roof where the hot air collects, they are big enough to allow the built up of heat to escape.

Ampelite Ventilators also come with a 15-year warranty, allowing peace of mind that the investment is for the long term and will allow for a better working environment into the future.

The South Pacific Laundry accepted Roof Vents Australia’s recommendation and had the ventilators fitted.

Roof Vents Australia’s expertise in the ventilation of large commercial industrial spaces gave The South Pacific Laundry a much cooler environment for their staff and their machinery to operate in.


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