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Kogarah NSW 2217

Installation of New Metal Roof on Commercial Place of Business in Kogarah NSW

commercial roofing contractors sydney nsw
commercial roofing contractors sydney nsw

RVA Roofing was asked to quote a price on an occupied retail premise in Kogarah. The tenants had advised the landlord that the metal roof had extensive leaks throughout and was causing damages. The business was losing stock and the premises was quickly becoming unsafe and a dangerous place to work. The roof leaks were so prolific that serious concerns were brought up by the Tennant in regard to customer and worker safety alike. The situation was unacceptable. 

It was an urgent matter that needed to be dealt with immediately. RVA Roofing was asked to make a speedy and thorough investigation of the full extent of the leaks and submit a report on the repair protocol and costs involved.

Upon inspection, it was found that the roof was in extremely poor condition. There were leaks all over the roof, and many of the now unused penetrations through the roof were also leaking. There was a large amount of water on the floor and much of the retailer’s stock was getting damaged.

The current Tennant operated a business that ran 7 days a week and involved a constant flow of foot traffic by customers and operational logistics. Shutting down for repairs was not an option with the exception of the materials delivery for safety reasons. RVA proposed a Repair Workflow System that posed little disruption to the everyday running of the business. There was very little downtime for the operating business.

commercial roofing contractors sydney nsw
commercial roofing contractors sydney nsw

The solution RVA Roofing, in consultation with the landlord found, was to do a re-roof as the damage to the original roof was too extensive to repair. As the roof is very visible from the ground the final appearance of the roof was particularly important.

RVA Roofing organised the materials, manpower, and crane required to lift the long sheeting that would be needed to complete the job.

With the agreement of the tenants, the store was closed for one day allowing RVA Roofing to receive the roofing and have it craned onto the roof therefore keeping the worksite safe for the customers and staff.

The job involved the installation of Heavy-duty foil-faced fibreglass wool blanket insulation chosen to help stop condensation, new timber battens, and Custom Orb Zincalume metal roofing which was chosen for its clean crisp look.

New Box Gutters with an open design to allow easy access for cleaning were designed and were installed with appropriate falls leading into Rainwater Heads.

All obsolete penetrations such as pipes were removed giving the roof a new sleek clean look.

Tapered custom design flashings were installed to enhance the new sleek look design required.

The end result was a functional and aesthetically appealing roof visible from the street level.

The property was 500m2 and the work was completed in 4 days from start to finish with no disruption to the business operating from the premises.

RVA Roofing only used Australian made roofing.

We are competitively priced and offer a 10-year workmanship warranty as well as extensive manufactures warranties.


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