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Adjustable Solar Ventilator

  • Capacity: 2100 CBM Per Hour
  • Motor: 35 Watts, 6-19VDC, 1600rpm Max
  • Motor2: Brushless Motor / Double Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Solar Panel: Mono-Crystalline PV, Heavy Duty Frame, 3mm Tempered Glass
  • Solar Panel Output: 35 Watts, 18VDC
  • Fan: 300mm Balanced 5 Blade with Low Resistance
  • Automatic Shut Off <45℃ +/- 5℃
  • Product Base Dimensions: 565 x 565 x 1mm
  • Product Weight: 7.8 Kgs
  • Construction: Alum.. Top Cover, Alum.. Body, Steel Brackets & Stainless Steel Fasteners,
  • Colour: Black Powder Coated
  • Packaging Dimensions: 580 x 570 x 282mm
  • Packing Weight: 9.6 Kgs
  • Warranty: 2 Years (10 Years on Solar Panel)

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Summers can get seriously tough in Australia with every increasing year. Homes, offices and even industries these days are using different kinds of equipment to tackle the summers.

Not many know the wonders of solar roof venting which can save you from the heat as well as save all electrical expenses.

Solar roof ventilation is the most modern and successful approach to ventilation systems. The aim is to provide ventilation support in the attic in order to circulate the warm air outside.

These ventilators will suck the warm air out of the attic and provide fresh cool air from outside.

How does it work?

During summers we generally notice the roofs get warmer especially during the day. This is because all heat is accumulated in the roof surface and remains throughout the day. So, if it is a warm summer there is going to be enough increase in the temperature of the entire house as the day passes.

Solar roof ventilators save these roofs from accumulating the heat by circulating fresh air from outside. They have a 320mm solar fan which sucks all warm air from the roof rapidly decreasing the room temperature.

As it is solar owners need not worry about any electricity charges. These panels are weather proof made with extensive solar materials generating enough energy that thrive its performance regardless of weather conditions.

It works with the help of solar driven fans that work even when the sun is not up with the help of a lithium battery. This battery is made from high quality lithium providing nonstop 4 hours of operation. There is a thermostat which allows fans to work only when the temperature reaches a certain level saving battery for emergencies.

There are many roof ventilators in the market but none can perform like the Solar King Roof Ventilator. There is an immediate need for a better solar air ventilator which is fulfilled by Solar King Roof Ventilators. This product has brought homes faster cooling with minimum effort. This was lacking previously in all other traditional solar roof ventilators available in the market. There are certain features that make this ventilator a must have for every home.

Technologically advanced Ventilators

Solar King Roof Ventilation is way ahead than any competitors with the latest innovative technologies. These ventilators contain a small solar panel that powers the exhaust to perform. Just a little bit of sunshine and the ventilator starts to perform.

There is a thermostat which can read the temperature and only perform when the room temperatures reach a certain level as assigned. There is no need to worry as these solar ventilator panels come with a lithium battery that can power the fan for almost 4 hours.

Does not require electricity

One of the best things about solar is it has got nothing to do with electricity. They are an alternative to electricity. Solar roof ventilators come with solar panels that can power the fans to run even with very little sunlight.

Solar King Roof Ventilators come with high capacity lithium batteries to power the motor for a whooping 4 hours. These ventilators are way ahead compared to traditional ones which require huge amounts of electricity and regular maintenance.


Solar King roof ventilation has an unmatched efficiency being able to perform in all weather conditions. The practicality of the product is very simple as it is a device totally driven by nature.

Efficiency of this ventilator goes way beyond if compared to traditional ventilators. They can bring huge differences in the room temperature rapidly.

The fan runs entirely focused to suck all warm air accumulated on the roof bringing room temperatures down. The price of the product outperforms the efficiency received making it a perfect choice for every home.


This small ventilator packs in maximum power equivalent to ten times as compared to any other competitors. Solar King Roof Ventilators come with high power suction capability allowing them to perform at any weather condition.

These fans can suck all warm air and circulate them outside to bring cool fresh air inside. The performance is exceedingly high looking at the time it takes to complete the entire operation.

No maintenance required

These solar ventilators require no maintenance at all and are completely hassle free. Just install these ventilators and completely forget about it. They are built with the best solar material with high end finish to provide uninterrupted services for several years. In case any customer faces any hurdle there are immediate services provided. The lower panel supporting the solar panel is made with toughened plastic holding everything together. This entire frame is designed to withstand any pressure keeping the solar panel safe for innumerable years ahead.

Hassle free

These ventilators come with warranty from manufacturing covering all damages under a certain specified time. To tell the truth there is no damage at all consumers will have to face. These ventilators are built with top quality solar material housed in a solid frame. This will protect the entire ventilator panel from any weather conditions. These ventilators require no supervision and perform themselves even in the absence of anyone home.

Easy installation

Solar King Roof Ventilators are portable attic ventilators that can be easily installed. If there is an old roof ventilator previously installed it can be removed and installed easily in its place. They are the same sizes of any other roof ventilators. The process is quite simple and can be done by professionals who have in depth knowledge. Installations require basic equipment which are always available with technicians.

Customer support

What many solar roof ventilation services don’t provide is continuous service to their consumers. There is the installation process and then no more contact with customers. Solar King Roof Ventilation services are way better than the competitors. Technicians keep a routine check after installation ensuring everything is fine. There are visits by technicians who make sure consumers get the best result from these products. In case any consumer faces an issue there is a team to support anytime round the clock. There is telephone assistance as well as on site visit as per the need of the situation.

What customers say about this product?

Many consumers who have used this product have positive reviews. They are amazed at its performance and relate to all hurdles they had to face previously with other lower powered roof ventilators. Some customers who have moved up from using traditional roof ventilators are now relieved. Earlier they faced trouble of regular maintenance and high usage of electricity. All these customers are now loyal to this brand having several roof ventilators on their roof replacing all traditional ventilators. To conclude every customer has seen a vast change upgrading to the new Solar King Roof Ventilation.


Many debate that solar roof ventilators are hard to install and require technicians. For those who are curious to know solar roof ventilators are easy to install and can be done by oneself. There are many companies which provide assistance to install but can charge a heavy for that. Below there is a complete explanation of how these solar roof ventilators can be installed using very simple equipment found at every home.

Generally there are two types of roofs found all over Australia. They are called corrugated roofs and tile roofs. For corrugated roofs it is necessary to cut out the roof as per the size of the ventilator with a cut of wheel. On the other hand tile roof it gets simpler by just removing a single tile to install the roof.

Solar King Roof ventilators come with a solar panel on the top with a hard plastic layer below it. This layer goes under the roof resting the solar panel to direct sunlight. There are screws on the layer below which needs to be fixed for firm hold.

Remove exact size roof to fit panel

The first step involves sliding the roof in case it’s a roof tile and cutting off the roof if it’s a corrugated one. Also remove nearby roofs to make sure the ventilator roof fits properly from all corners. Make sure the roof is cut to the exact size letting no leakage encouraging penetration of water and other materials. Use a cut of the wheel to get better edges on all corners.

Fit the solar roof ventilator

Once the roof is cut or removed as per requirement slide the solar ventilator inside. After making necessary arrangements put the roller foam all across the ventilator to prohibit any water coming into the fan. Make sure all edges are treated well with the foam to keep the whole ventilator intact with the roof.

solar tube whirlybird
solar roof vents bunnings

Screw all corners

Once it is ascertained that the ventilator is completely placed within the roofs it’s time to screw the entire ventilator throughout. There are many screw points designed perfectly to be screwed to keep the ventilator intact. Using the screwing machine creates holes on the roof that exactly open up to the holes in the ventilator. This process requires a lot of attention as minimum error can create unnecessary holes on the roof. Once the holes are created and are exactly as per requirements one should go ahead screwing it.

Make sure every hole of the ventilator is screwed and fitted with foam to block passage of water or any material affecting the fan.

These three simple steps will set up the complete installation of Solar King Roof Ventilators. These ventilators once installed start performing with minimum requirements of maintenance. They have a wide frame on all sides which rest the solar panel facing the sunlight directly.

Not all solar panels have efficiency like Solar King Roof Ventilation. These roof ventilators outperform all ventilators and are the new tools to fight summers in Australia. Gone are days when consumers had to worry about maintenance and cost. Once these roof ventilators are installed they start performing immediately and last a lifetime.

Solar is the new energy and to bring this to life there are certain points that bring out the advantage of these high end ventilators.

Cost effective

As there is no need for electricity these ventilators outshine all others. Solar ventilators are maintenance free providing a sound sleep to all its owners for several years. There if so any malfunctions consumers can rely on the excellent service provided by technicians. These technicians attend customers round the clock.


Solar Power Roof Ventilators are very similar to the size of any ventilators found in our home. They are very small and can be installed with minimum effort. solar powered equipment has no extra cords tangling neither there is any heavy machinery attached to it. This reason makes it a very popular product in every home in Australia.

Cheap ventilation

As compared to other traditional ventilators Solar King Roof Ventilators are quite cheap. They save owners a huge amount of money from having to pay electricity bills and maintenance fees. These ventilators work on the basic principle of nature where they take in direct sunlight as power to perform. Once installed the ventilation process minimizes any human interference or technical supports. This in return leaves no rot for expenditures for a very long time.

Low noise operation

Solar King Roof Ventilators have fans which work when the solar panel comes in touch to sunlight. The fans work very silently as compared to any traditional ventilators. Fans of these ventilators even under huge pressure during extreme summers perform silently.


Solar power ventilators are the future of ventilation seeing so many features and advantages outperforming any other traditional ventilation system. Solar power ventilators work under the simple principle of energy from the sun. This energy is readily available throughout the day. Having a lithium battery gives it an upper hand to perform even when there is no sunlight. Every bit of technology is so simplified to fit in these ventilators making it a true winner. To conclude Solar King Roof Ventilation is the future of ventilating solutions providing minimum hassle and maximum output for several years together.