Why Roof Vents “Whirlybirds” Are Essential to Your Homes Health

With the increasing power usage throughout the globe and geometrically decreasing natural resources, it really is a need of ours to increase the number of devices which don’t consume power at all or at least consume less than the currently used ones. Many attempts have been made to minimize the power consumption. Today, the competition is not all about efficiency, as eco-friendliness and being economical also count for the adequacy of the product.

Background of Ventilation:

Ventilation of the buildings and houses has been an important area of interest for the production industries, during the past few decades. It really is important to recycle the air within the buildings with the fresher one, especially in summer, in many areas of the globe. In our houses and buildings, the air continuously gets warmer and more polluted as we breathe out. Many other ways, like the air from the kitchen, play a vital part in polluting and warming the inner air. This warmed and polluted air produces a thermal discomfort. It needs to be replaced regularly in order to maintain the quality of air. There are three categorical ventilation types which are pretty common in our rural life.

• Infiltration: The spontaneous filtering of air through the cracks, joints openings etc.
• Natural Ventilation: Natural escape of air through windows and doors.
• Mechanical/Forced Ventilation: Driven escape of thermally non-optimum air with the assistance of exhaust fans, air handling systems, and many other ways.

Among all three, mechanical ventilation is the most effective way and is largely used in hotter regions of the globe.

Introduction of Wind Powered Whirlybirds:

Mechanical ventilation has been used for many years but, as it has many setbacks and also consumes a lot of power, the ventilation method needs to be revived. With the introduction of Wind Powered Whirlybirds, many objectives have been achieved. Whirlybirds are not only effective but also better than the previous all systems, in many aspects. Whirlybirds are cylindrical dome-like devices, having fins and perform a circular motion in order to recycle the ambient air, stuck in the attic or in the house, with the fresher one. The most important feature of a whirlybird is that it doesn’t consume any power. The whirlybirds are completely wind-driven and don’t require any type of wiring systems. Companies like Choose Colorado, Whirlybird Bunning Warehouse etc. produce these devices on a large scale.

These smart devices work quite efficiently and prominently decrease the inner temperature (up to 10-15 degrees). In a breeze, happening at 10 miles per hour, they can consume 7000 cubic centimeters of air and it really is a large quantity.

The workings of a wind-powered whirlybird from bunnings is quite simple. It creates a vacuum and forces the warm air to escape by sucking it up through the roof cavity. The escape of air produces vacancy for the outer air to come inside and this whole process maintains a comforting temperature and environment in the building. These devices make it possible for the people to stay comfortably in the buildings.

Basic Features of Wind Powered Whirlybirds

Why use a whirlybird? The answer is simple. They are worth it. Here you can learn some of the many benefits of whirlybirds over other devices. They are literally the new sensation in the ventilation industry.

• No electricity/wiring

• The fanciest feature of a whirlybird is its wind-driven working. Whirlybird Bunnings require ‘NO’ power for their functioning. This way of working reduces the power consumption bills and eventually make the whirlybird much economical than all of its competitor devices. No power consumption means, saving natural resources and playing a little part in making this world a better place.

• Eco-friendly

Consuming no power means, no pollutant to the environment. Using a whirlybird makes it sure that we don’t make our eco-system impure, by introducing the pollutants like smoke and other alien matter to the natural habitat.

• Effectiveness

As discussed earlier, these whirlybird bunnings are very efficient in maintaining the inner temperature. They work quite significantly even in a slow breeze. At a breeze of 10 miles per hour, they can replace about 7000 cubic centimeters of air.

• Weatherproof

They are weatherproof. No matter how harsh the weather is, they can work at their best. Even rain doesn’t affect them as they are completely waterproof. There is no chance of rusting or corrosion as they are made of stainless steel and aluminum.

• A little maintenance required

The maintenance required for their working is very little. They just need greasing, that too after a course of 6 months. Greasing doesn’t cause any large expense as we just have to oil the joints and other parts of a whirlybird. They don’t cause any regular expense.

• Whirlybird installation is easy

Their whirlybird installation is quite easy and doesn’t need any extraordinary skills. They can be installed easily and quickly. They are light-weighted and very easy to handle.

• Inexpensive

Prices of whirlybirds are quite considerable. A whirlybird almost costs about $100-140 (for instance, Whirlybird Bunning Warehouse sales at $120). Considering other devices, their price is very affordable.

• Suitable for most roofs

Whirlybirds are compatible with most of the roofs. They can be installed at metal roofs, tile roofs etc. They are made in a way that they can be adjusted accordingly.

Having read all the advantages of whirlybirds, we can easily claim them as the best alternative to the mechanical ventilation system. Ventilation through old methods really cause too much of the electricity bills and here whirlybirds are purely wind driven which is the biggest plus point of these devices.

The usage of any sort of ventilation system is a must nowadays as most of the appliances today release warm air, pollutants and the human beings too exhale warm air. Upgrading our air controlling systems with the wind-driven whirlybirds can really boost up the whole process. Whirlybirds really play the ‘A’ game. Whirlybird installation will provide you with amazing benefits and comfort. All these things add up to make these devices better than any of the currently used gadgets. Go for any manufacturing company like Whirlybird Bunning or any other, but these gadgets are there in the marker for you. The only setback of these gadgets is that, if not greased properly, can make whistle sounds. However, this can be easily solved by greasing the part after about 6 months. In short, whirlybirds are really the trump card now, in this age.