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Ampelite Australia

What Products Do They Offer?

Ampelite Australia is a long-time experienced producer of fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheeting for industrial and domestic applications. They also feature products such as ventilators, roomlites & accessories: Ampelite spinaway, services such as roofing, and cladding: Ampelite roofing, and more. Providing these top-quality services and products throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

How Did Ampelite Australia Begin

Where Are They Now?

Ampelite started from humble beginnings and commenced production back in 1969 in Melbourne, Australia. Now they have offices and warehouses that operate in all mainland states of Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and China.

Owned and operated by joint managing directors, Mr. Henk Verhagen and Mr. Ed Verhagen, both having over 90 years of experience in the development and production of natural ventilation products and plastic roof sheeting.

How are Products Made?

Ampelite Australia utilizes raw materials and the latest resin technology (making use of PVC materials such as PVC resin, compounds, and other additives), in manufacturing their products such as Ampelite fibreglass sheeting.

They make use of automatic processing that is controlled to ensure that every phase of the manufacture is high quality and is completely consistent from batch to batch.

The roof sheeting provided by them can be specified from 2400 grams per square meter to 4880 grams per square meter, there is an array of colours they offer that consists of clear, and haze green, white, and opal.

Their range of premium industrial grade sheeting is strictly produced under AS or NZS 4256 parts 1 and 3:1994.

What Are The Different Fibreglass Products Does Ampelite Australia Offer?

Roofing And Cladding Products

All Ampelite fibreglass sheeting and Ampelite roofing is Australian made.

ampelite roofing australia profiles

Domestic Fibreglass

Available in 5-rib (Trimdek) and corrugated profiles and is used for domestic applications.

• Domestic fibreglass roofing is modestly priced and is versatile both with the Corri-glas and Trim-glas, and it is available in a variety of colours.

• This cuts off 99% of harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays giving consumers plenty of light while still getting protection from the sun because Ampelite glass is reinforced with polyester sheeting.

• Ampelite sheeting is easy to handle and install with its lightweight.

• Fiberglass sheeting is made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions from Cradle Mountain to Cairns.

• All compliment accessories needed in installing these sheets are included in the purchase, these accessories included are screws, tapes, and profile end closure strips.

Before partaking in any projects regarding this Ampelite roofing, make sure to check that the proposed work, complies with local Australian council by-laws.

clear roof panels skylights sydney nsw australia

Industrial and Commercial Fiberglass

A top-quality general-purpose glass that is reinforced with polyester sheet and is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, made in accordance with the current and superseded roofing used in Australia and New Zealand.

• Used to allow natural diffused daylight into a wide array of applications from warehouses, large establishments, and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.

• It can be used for both domestic and commercial applications.

• It provides low thermal expansions, allowing individual lengths to rack up to 12 meters (13 yards).

• It can withstand Australia’s harsh climate and can block up to 99.99% of UV lights since it is reinforced with polyester sheets that can block harmful sun rays.

• Available in a variety of profiles from Corrugated, Trimdek (5-Rib), 700 Decking, and superseded profiles are available.

All Ampelite fiberglass sheeting is manufactured and supplied in Australia, Ampelite Australis warrants a series of 2400 and above standard grade in industrial fiberglass sheeting against damages that can reach up to 20mm (millimeter) in diameter and winds up to 100 km/hr. (kilometers per hour).

Making industrial and commercial fiberglass roof sheeting a durable material that ensures the safety and protection of both domestic and industrial applications. It is strictly manufactured to AS/NZS 4256.3: 2006.

Where Can You Use These Industrial And Commercial Fibreglass?

Industrial Fibreglass can be used in a wide array of applications, and it ranges from vertical glazing sheets, and rooflight, offering ideal daylighting solutions. It is constructed to match over 500 fibre and metal cement roofing profiles.

Here are some applications in construction where commercial fibreglass can be used:

• Factories

• Warehouses

• Retail stores

• Leisure and sport facilities

• Roads

• Airport Terminals

• Stadia canopies

Ampelite Australia encourages the proper use of daylight, they bring in the right level of daylight to help in producing healthier and diseases free and resistant livestock and crops for better working environments for farmworkers.

Ampelite Industrial Fibreglass offers top-quality light transmission in addition to safety levels, making this cost-effective and helps in agricultural applications such as:

• Equine centres

• Propagation sheds

• Greenhouses

• Storage sheds

• Barns

fibreglass roofing panels sydney

Additional Information About Ampelite

Australia’s Fibreglass Products

• Delivery and Handling – Ampelite’s fibreglass products are typically delivered in packs, facilitating handling, and unloading. When using a forklift to carry the pack, extra care is advised to avoid damages and the use of a separate support sheet is necessary.

• Storage – Rooflights should not be exposed to the weather before installing it, it is recommended to store these fibreglass products indoors or covered to prevent damage from the sun or rain. Stored on flat ground on 100mm battens that are free from debris and tied down to secure them against the wind.

• Maintenance – Ampelite Australia’s products should be cleaned and inspected every 12 to 18 months, the inspection includes the security of the fixings, the sealants, and the general condition of the Fibreglass Rooflights.

• Cutting – Fibreglass sheets can be cut with power tools or handheld tools, hand saws that have fine-toothed blades such as metal cutting blades is suitable in cutting the product.

• Drilling – When fixing a hole, they should not be punched through the fibreglass sheets, power, and hand drills are suitable. Holes for fixings should be 50mm from the end of the sheet, but the use of Fibreglass Tek Screws that has a self-oversizing hole cutter is the best solution in holes for fixing.

For more information about Ampelite Australia’s Industrial and Commercial Fibreglass roof sheeting and domestic fibreglass products, visit their website at

Wonderglas GC (GC – Gel Coated Surface)

Ampelite promotes its premium fibreglass product as “Wonderglas GC” offering a longer life span with negligible loss of light transmission. Ampelite Australia only uses the best materials and the latest resin technology to manufacture Ampelite fibreglass sheeting.

• Wonderglas GC is a UV protected glass reinforced polyester sheeting product.

• This sheet has a 100 μm (micron) thick gel coat that is chemically cross bonded with the sheet to avoid delamination (when material fractures into layers).

• In addition to its fibreglass components, the gel that coats the sheet makes the surface almost impenetrable and reduces surface erosion and loss of light transmission.

• All profiles are available just like Ampelite’s Industrial and Commercial Fibreglass.

One of Ampelite Australia’s most popular products and has proven to be used in thousands of installations throughout New Zealand, Australia, and Asian regions.

What Are The Benefits Of Wonderglas GC?

• It provides stable light transmission.

• It has a 100-micron thick gel coating that aids in the protection against UV rays.

• This sheet is resistant to hail and other harsh weather conditions.

• This fibreglass product cuts off 99% of UV transmission.

• Because of its gel coating, the surface of this sheet has low surface erosion.

• This product is chemical resistant.

• SL, SR76 Fire Retardant.

Wonderglas GCP

Used for domestic applications. Wonderglas GC’s counterpart that is specifically made for domestic and residential use.

• UV resistant, it provides the same performance to Ampelite’s premium industrial grades that are used in many major projects throughout Australia.

• Like with most Ampelite roofing, it is designed to withstand harsh environments.

• This provides loss of light transmission over a long period that can last up to 10 to 12 years.

• This product is available in Corrugated and 5 Rib profiles in a wide array of colours, coloured sheets transmit less heat and provide softer light.

• Perfect for home improvement projects that revolve around light protection since it eliminates 99.99% of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

What Are The Benefits Of Wonderglas GCP?

• It provides a soft and natural light.

• This sheet provides 99% protection against harmful UV rays.

• Because of its gel coat, it only shows minimal surface erosion (fibre showing).

• Because of its high shade factors, less heat is transmitted.


ampelite roofing

What Is Gel Coat?

Even though fibreglass has been used in Australia for more than 50 years as a cost-effective skylight material. This product has been overlooked in many applications because of perceptions of surface erosion, poor translucency, and more.

Ampelite Australia’s solution to that is their own Ampelite gel coating that is known to be a superior method of fibreglass protection, intended to eliminate the problems associated with fibreglass sheeting.

Ampelite Australia – Gel coat range:

• Wonderglas GC

• Cool-lite GC

• Dual Roof

• Webglas GC

• Clearslide

Now with Ampelite’s gel-coated sheeting, fibreglass is increasingly being used and viewed as a cost-effective Fibreglass Roofing and Cladding material with excellent physical properties. Expanding the use of fibreglass from industrial applications to residential use.

To acquire more information regarding Ampelite’s wonderglas GC (gel coated surface) products, including wonderglas GCP for domestic use visit them at

Now that we have established the most popular fibreglass products offered by Ampelite Australia, let us look at some of the other Ampelite roofing they have in store.

skylight roofing panels clear translucent sydney nsw

FS FireCheck

Ampelite Australia’s newest fibreglass roofing that is fire resistant, adding FS FireCheck as an optional benefit to all their fibreglass products.

• Uses an intumescent impregnated glass tissue that is manufactured alongside Ampelite sheeting.

• This product is free from toxic bromine fire retardant chemicals.

• It can resist burning in a time span of 30 minutes.

• Available in all roofing profiles and all ampelite premium fibreglass products.

• It forms a carbon char which does not support burning and will insulate against all heat sources, making smoke development and flame spread non-existent.

What Are The Benefits Of FS FireCheck?

• This product does not contain Bromine, making it non-toxic.

• It provides non-toxic burn qualities.

• This roof sheet is fire resistant.

• This sheet can withstand harsh weather such as hailstorms.

• It provides stable light transmission.

• This product is also coated with a gel that is UV stable which cuts %99 of UV transmission.

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Cool-lite GC

This product provides diffused light alongside low heat transmissions, that are most used for factories, warehouses, shopping centres, schools, sports stadiums, supermarkets, gymnasiums, and more. Since heat reduction sheeting are beneficial in these buildings because of the copious amount of people it holds.

• Cool-lite GC fibreglass sheet provides natural and diffused light, replacing or supplementing high energy consumption electric illumination.

• If an existing fibreglass sheet is replaced with this product, transmitted temperatures throughout the building and glares are reduced, making air-conditioning efficiency, improved.

• Cool-lite GC is coated with gel on its surface as its protection, the same with Wonderglas GC premium grading sheet.

What Are The Benefits Of Cool-lite GC Roofing?

• This product has no width or profile restrictions.

• Cool-lite GC greatly reduces heat in larger establishments.

• This sheet provides natural diffused light, preventing negligible low light transmission.

translucent panels commercial sydney

Clearslide GC

It provides an easier installation that has a unique profile fibreglass sheet clip system that is screw-free and has leakproof side laps on both the edges of steel decking.

• Uses the combination of metal roll form decking and fibreglass skylight over long periods.

• Watertight making it leakproof and aesthetically pleasing.

• The Clearslide clip system allows the fibreglass to “float” above the steel decking, making the contraction and expansion of the metal decking and fibreglass independent.

• Clearslide GC’s profile matches all existing 700 decking profiles.

But because of its unique shape, end lapping onto a metal decking is not possible, individuals need to specify Clearslide GC for complete roof runs from the ridges to the gutter.

What Are The Other Fibreglass Products Does Ampelite Australia Offer?

And those are just some of Ampelite Australia’s Fibreglass Roofing and Cladding options, they still offer many other fibreglass products such as SR76 Smoke Reduced Ampelite Roofing, Dual Roof Anti-Condensation, and skylights such as EEFAS (Energy Efficient Factory Assembled Skylight), and Thermal Skylight. For more information about these products visit

Ampelite does not only offer fibreglass products and roofing, but they also offer Ventilators, Roomlites & Accessories, including their infamous Ampelite spinaway, read on to find out more about these products.

ampelite roof vents australia

Ampelite Spinaway

Ampelite Australia own twist on domestic and residential ventilators. Effective all year round in removing hot and moisture-laden air from roof spaces and effectively replacing it with fresh outside air, greatly improving the interior comfort of a household.

• It used to exhaust hot air trapped in the roof cavities, thus lowering the temperature inside of a house.

• It provides natural ventilation of the roof cavity, keeping interiors fresh.

• When used in bathroom ventilation, it prevents damp conditions that cause mildew and mold.

• Ampelite spinaway uses the free energy of the wind daily.

• Maintenance is not needed.

• Available in a variety of colours and in Colorbond colours tailored to the customer’s needs.

• Made of ampelair fireproof vent mesh (300 mm), uses grade 304 stainless steel woven wire that complies with the requirements of S3959: 2009, the Australian Standard for Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas.

This product can effectively ventilate the roof cavities of an average-sized home, however, for large homes, a second ventilator is needed, two for homes that is around 160 to 180 square meters, and three for homes around 220 to 270 square meters.

ampelite roof vents sydney

Ampelair Ventilator (150mm)

Intended for bathroom use and is guaranteed to fit a standard bathroom ventilation system with a flue size of 150 millimetres.

• Proven to effectively remove dampness, stale air, and unwanted odour in bathrooms when compared to static ventilators.

• Easy installation, remove existing flue cap, and secure the ventilator in place with its self-tapping screws.

• An energy-efficient product since it utilizes the wind for its energy source.

Ampelite Australia ensures that this spinaway greatly improves bathroom and toilet ventilation in any home.

Ampelite Superflow Ventilator

What makes this different from the standard Ampelite spinaway is that it has a unique internal fan, effectively exhausting the hot air that gets trapped in between the roof’s cavities or spaces, preventing heat radiation in the interior of the household.

• This product is made with Ampelite’s signature fibreglass that is reinforced with nylon chassis that ensures for silent operations and sealed with dual bearing housings for a longer life span.

• A superflow lowers the greenhouse emissions of homes because it reduces the electrical energy needed for cooling.

• This is also made to withstand harsh environments such as bushfire prone areas, Superflow’s Ampelair Fireproof Vent Mesh complies with all Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL).

This ventilator was tested to a 200 KPH AS2428 (cyclonic regions), proving itself to be strong and non-corrosive, it has a 300 mm throat that is adjustable, effectively ventilating an average-sized home. Just like an Ampelite spinaway, larger homes need a second ventilator for better results.

mini vent sydney

Industrial And Commercial Rotary Ventilators

Wind-driven ventilators that are specifically designed for large establishments and in industrial and commercial use, these ventilators are used throughout the world because of its low capital, adaptability, reliability, high capacity per vent, and low installation cost.

• The vent hood gets rotated by the wind, resulting in the stale air inside the establishment get exhausted through the vanes and the natural inward draw of outside air is boosted.

• These ventilators are available in throat sizes that range from 150mm to 950mm.

• Ampelite provides specific calculations on the size, type, and quantity required for any industrial and commercial ventilation application.

Ampelite Australia offers an Ampelair a wider range of ventilators with different types and sizes to suit new installations or replacements for any establishment.

What Makes An Industrial Ventilator Different From A Domestic Ampelite Spinaway?

Though domestic ventilators harbour the same principles with an industrial ventilator, there are some functions that these commercial ventilators offer that residential ventilators cannot offer

• Industrial ventilators can exhaust toxic substances such as sulfur dioxide, methane, pit gases, and more.

• These ventilators minimize the condensation under metal roofs that cover water reservoirs or storage tanks.

• This product can remove chlorine fumes above, emitted by enclosed swimming pools.

• Commercial ventilators can ventilate even in gritty environments where airborne particles can clog an exposed bottom bearing.

• These ventilators are used when higher standards matter.

These are the different types of ventilators that Ampelite Australia offer, in addition to these products, they also offer accessories such as roomlites and direct vent kits, read on to find more about these accessories.

ampelite rooflite sydney nsw

What Is A Direct Vent Kit?

Ampelite Australia also offers direct vent kits that provide targeted direct ventilation of any household or office. These kits are installed on ventilators such as superflow and ampelite spinaway, to direct the airflow or exhausting to a specific place in a building.

• An ampelite spinaway or superflow ventilator is connected to a ceiling vent grill by a duct of the same diameter as the specified ventilator’s head.

• These ducts are flexible and can bend to avoid or prevent roof timbers, these ducts are light, making it easier to handle.

• This product offers an effective direct ventilation solution with no additional running costs.

Ventilators are used to extract heated air from the space between the ceilings or roofs, but they can also be used as an alternative to electric powered ceiling fans, Ampelite’s direct vent kit has been made to direct ventilation towards toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms to the outside air rather than the ceiling cavity.

Ampelite Roomlites

This accessory is a cost-effective solution to lighten any household, and it is universal to suit the requirements of steel or tiled roofs and is ideal for residential and domestic situations.

• The RM300 roomlite model provides targeted natural light that suits any room or office inside a household, and can also be used in bathrooms, walk-in closets, hallways, and more.

• The larger RM360 and RM500 roomlite models are ideal for larger areas in the home such as living rooms, bedrooms, studies, kitchens, and more.

• RM360 and RM500 allow vented or non-vented fitting, adding ventilation to its functions.

These roomlites are tough acrylic domes that are reinforced with flexible ducts that are pre-assembled. This product features a flexible light-transmitting duct that makes installation easier and can be completed without having to cut ceiling timbers.

For more information about the Ventilators, Roomlites, and Accessories that Ampelite offers, visit them at to get a better insight on the wide array of products they offer.

Ampelite is the largest and most experienced company in Australia that produces top-quality fibreglass sheets, ventilators, and more. Making them well known throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

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