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Roof Ventilation

Installer – RVA Roofing Solutions

Product – Ampelair 600mm – 1200mm Vent

Manufacturers Warranty – 10 Years

Installers Warranty – 5 Years

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Industrial buildings require proper roof ventilation to maintain a good air quality indoors. This is because industrial processes usually produce smoke, fumes, toxic gases, water vapour and other byproducts.

Without proper roof ventilation systems, these byproducts linger in the air and deteriorate the air quality. A poor air quality is hazardous to workers as well as the machinery and equipment in the workplace. It can also make a business liable to legal action.

Traditional air-conditioning systems are often used to handle industrial ventilation. However such systems can incur huge energy costs. They are also limited in their performance in that they recycle the same air over and over again.

In contrast, wind powered roof ventilators offer a far better solution. Such vents are able to replace stale air with fresh air in real-time.

They are also wind-driven, so they consume no energy and significantly improve the energy efficiency of a building.

The Ampelair Straight Vane Industrial ventilators are designed to achieve heavy-duty industrial roof ventilation.

These roof vents are wind driven and feature unique vent design which allows them to make the most of wind energy.

The Ampelair SV products come constructed from aluminium, which makes them durable and resistant to any damage from industrial byproducts.

They are available in a variety of sizes, colours and types.

You can choose one that is specifically suited to the size, ventilation requirements and air volume of a building or a commercial building.

Product Features

Wind driven turbo ventilators for heavy-duty ventilation
Suitable for all kinds of industrial and commercial facilities
Available in multiple sizes and types
Vent throat sizes ranging from 150mm to 1200mm

Zero operational costs
Quick and easy installation with minimal installation expense
No maintenance required after installation
High capacity per vent for superior ventilation

Available as heads only or heads with base units
Reliable operation and durability with aluminium construction


RVA installs display impeccable workmanship and attention to detail uncommon in the industry.


Technical Details

Aluminium construction for the vent head.

Variable pitch also comes constructed from aluminium.

Vent base is available in square or round shapes and is made from Zincalume.


Throat sizes ranging from 150mm to 950mm.

Ventilator head width ranges from 320mm to 1130mm.


A number of base models available for use with vent heads.

Base models available in square to round shapes.

Base width ranges from 210mm to 1110mm.


ampelair 600mm industrial roof vent

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