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Manufacturers Warranty – 10 Years

Installation Warranty – 5 Years

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Ducted Direct Ventilation System

Standard roof vents may not be very practical when it comes to ventilating smaller areas such as the kitchen, laundry or bathroom space at your home. This is especially true if these areas do not have direct access to the ceiling.

The Ampelair Direct Vent Kit offers targeted ventilation of these areas.  The kit uses a flexible duct which directly connects the bathroom or kitchen to the Ampelair Superflow roof vent.  The duct is the same size as the head of the vent, so it offers excellent ventilation.

It is also flexible and incredibly light which enables easy installation through roof timbers and other structures with minimum disruption.  The Direct Vent Kit ventilates your kitchen or bathroom exhaust directly.  

This means that unlike conventional ventilation systems, it does not ventilate them to the roof void. Once installed, the direct vent kit helps ventilate your kitchen or bathroom space with zero energy consumption.


The kit connects with a whirlybird roof vent

This unit comes with a variable pitch collar to allow installation on roof angles ranging from 0 to 45 degrees.   It keeps these spaces clean, fresh and dry by removing moisture, odours and stale air.  It also requires little to no maintenance over time. So you can enjoy hassle-free ventilation for years.

Standout Features

• Direct ventilation kit for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry spaces

• Comes with a flexible duct and ceiling register

• Perfect for ventilating moisture, odours and stale air

• Flexible duct for customized installation with minimum disruption

• Compatible with Ampelair ventilator heads

• Easy DIY installation with detailed instructions

Kit Accessories

3-metre duct together with a duct ring; register-to-duct transition piece; one ceiling register. The vent head has to be purchased separately and the kit is compatible with a number of Ampelair domestic vent heads.

For the handyman, it’s an easy DIY installation with screws provided with the kit. For the rest of us, it can be installed by a professional. RVA will install this unit for you with manufacturer’s warranty and our own installation warranty.

Completely wind-driven with zero electricity or energy costs.

Colour Options
Available in translucent varieties in Opal and Ice Clear colours. Also available in opaque formulation.

Installation and Warranty Details
We have been among the leading suppliers and installers of direct venting kits in Sydney Australia for many years. We supply and install Ampelair Direct Vent Kit for homes all over greater Sydney Area.

Our installers are trained and licensed experts who take care of the entire installation process, from start to finish. We also offer an upfront price estimate so that you know the costs beforehand.

We back all the direct vent kits we supply and install with a solid warranty. We offer the manufacturer’s 15-year performance warranty on the Superflow vent heads used with the direct vent kit. RVA offers a 5-year installation warranty.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation price estimate and other details.


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