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Edmonds Airomatic

Low Energy Ventilation System


CSR Edmonds Airomatic Ventilation System

Airomatic is a powered roof ventilator from CSR Edmonds. Unlike Odyssey which offers both wind-driven and powered operation, Airomatic relies entirely on a power supply to function. So it comes with an energy footprint although it has been designed to offer optimal ventilation while consuming minimum energy.

A single Airomatic unit can deliver performance equivalent to the operation of around 6 wind-driven vents. To make sure the energy consumption of the ventilator keeps to a minimum, Edmonds has incorporated its Air iQ technology as well as humidity and temperature sensors in this vent.

Thanks to this technology, Airomatic is able to detect the heat and moisture in the roof space in real-time. When it discerns that the heat or moisture levels are above normal, it starts ventilating to bring them down to normal.

In contrast to the wind-driven ventilators, Airomatic stands apart in that it does not have to rely on wind energy. Instead, the ventilator can be turned on at any time and you can enjoy instant ventilation of your home anytime you want.

Another unique feature of Airomatic is its clear domed head. The clear-dome design allows natural light to enter the vent space and illuminate the roof area. So the vent head essentially doubles as a skylight and eliminates the need to light the roof space of your home.

Although Airomatic itself is meant to be installed at a rooftop, it can be connected to smaller areas of your home such as the bathroom or the laundry. This can be accomplished by using a ceiling grille and ducting.

If you don’t want to rely on wind energy to ventilate your home but still want the ventilation unit to consume minimum energy, the Airomatic vent from CSR Edmonds is the way to go.


  • Powered rooftop ventilator
  • 250mm throat size
  • Edmonds Air iQ technology
  • Smart heat and moisture sensors
  • Optimal operation with minimum energy consumption
  • Durable polymer construction
  • Available in 4 colour options

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