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Maestro BAL Vent

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CSR Edmonds Maestro BAL Review

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Unlike the wind-driven ventilators highlighted above, Maestro BAL is a mechanically-driven ventilator that makes use of electric power. It smartly detects when the amount of heat or humidity is above normal and then uses a suitable ventilation speed to take care of it.

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Maestro BAL features a sturdy aluminium make which means that it can easily withstand outdoor weather conditions. Although it runs on electric power, it has an exceptionally quite motor for a noise-free operation.

It comes with four speed settings: low, medium, high and automatic. You can select a pre-set speed or you can put the ventilator on automatic. When you choose automatic speed, the ventilator detects the damp and heat in the roof space – depending on this detection, it then uses a speed that most effectively maintains a safe and healthy indoor air while utilizing minimum electric energy.

Even the small amount of energy Maestro BAL consumes is offset by its efficiency – a single Maestro BAL can match 6 wind-driven whirlybirds in terms of performance. At high settings, a single unit can ventilate 81m2 of roof space easily.

Another useful feature of Maestro BAL is the stainless steel ember guard. Together with its unique design, the steel guard ensures that the whirlybird can withstand bushfire-related hazards. This is precisely why Edmonds recommends this ventilator for bushfire-prone areas.

Maestro BAL offers excellent ventilation year-round. During summers, it removes hot and damp air from roof space – in winters, it prevents the build-up of condensed and moist air by equalizing exterior and roof void air temperatures. You can install it on a rooftop, much like wind-driven ventilators; or you can connect the vent with ducting and a ceiling grille to ventilate any room or smaller area.

Although Maestro BAL delivers an excellent performance, it does incur an ongoing energy cost. This is in contrast to fully wind-driven turbo ventilators which may deliver a less effective performance but do not have any ongoing energy costs.

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Maestro BAL Specifications:

  • Electric-powered mechanical ventilator
  • Four speed options
  • Edmonds Air iQ technology for automatic speed adjustment
  • Optimal operation with minimum energy consumption
  • Available in 8 colour options
  • Steel ember guard to protect against bushfires
  • Suitable for bushfire-prone areas
  • Maestro Warranty

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