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Windmaster 300

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CSR Edmonds Windmaster Review

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Windmaster is another wind-driven whirlybird model from Edmonds. This roof-mounted ventilator differs from Edmonds Supavent in that it has a classic aluminium make. At the same time, it has high-tech modern features to effectively exhaust stale air, moisture and heat from the roof space.

Windmaster relies entirely on wind power for its operation. The light-weight and nifty aluminium construction ensures that this turbo vent delivers an excellent performance even in light wind conditions. It has a larger throat sized at 300mm while weighting the same as Supavent at a mere 1.9kg.

Inside the vent, Edmonds has used high-quality carbon chromium steel ball bearings. Windmaster can exhaust the indoor air year-round and comes with a 15-year warranty. This ensures that you receive an excellent return-on-investment when you choose this whirlybird.

Like Supavent, Windmaster relies exclusively on wind energy, so it has no ongoing costs. It also requires little to no maintenance. However, the aluminium make may incur some damage if it comes into regular contact with sea spray. In such a case, the main body of the ventilator may need to be repainted or treated on a regular basis. Such a problem is not found in Supavent which features a main head made from polymer materials

Windmaster is equally suitable for metal and tiles roofs.

It is available in 28 colours, so you can easily find a colour that goes well with the type, outlook and style of your roof.

It is light-weight and simple enough to allow a DIY installation at most homes. However, to ensure correct installation, you may want to hire the services of a professional contractor.

Windmaster Specifications

  • Aluminium-based construction
  • Light-weight profile at 1.9kg
  • 300mm throat
  • Available in 28 Colorbond™ colour options
  • Completely wind-driven turbo ventilator
  • Zero ongoing energy costs
  • Effective in low wind speeds
  • 15-year operational warranty

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