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Twista Industrial Commercial Roof Vent

RVA does not install Twista Vents – This article is for Information purposes only

Twista Industrial is a heavy-duty whirlybird ventilator meant for commercial and industrial use. This huge ventilator is completely wind-driven and comes with a throat size of 750mm. The extra-large head makes it especially suitable for ventilation of larger areas such as warehouses, factories and industrial facilities.

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Twista Industrial is designed to withstand all weather conditions and last a long time. It has a very sturdy all-metal construction with 32 dual-ribbed vacuum blades on the outside. Inside, the domed head is supported by 12 upper and lower support arms. The support arms keep the whirlybird balanced and stable during extreme weather conditions, such as against high wind speeds.

The shaft used inside Twista Industrial has a solid 16mm profile. Twista has used high-quality dual steel bearings in this whirlybird which last a very long time and require no maintenance or replacement.

Compared to most other brands, Twista offers rather conservative estimates for the performance of its whirlybirds. In the case of Twista Industrial, the company recommends using a single 750mm unit to ventilate 100m2 of space.

 This ventilator is suitable for use in all commercial and industrial settings. It can effectively ventilate hot and damp air, toxic and corrosive fumes, stale air and odours. It operates entirely on wind energy, so you don’t need to connect it to any power supply.

Twista Industrial is available in mill finish and various Colorbond options. In fact, the company offers to paint the ventilator to match any roof style.

Like Twista Grande, the downside to Twista Industrial is that it is available in a single size. So you don’t have any options if you want an industrial ventilator that is smaller or larger than 750mm.

  • Sturdy, all-metal construction
  • Dual-ribbed vacuum blades
  • Upper and lower supports arm for the head
  • Solid 16mm shaft
  • Twin steel bearings housing for long-term durability
  • Weather-proof construction and design
  • Offered with custom colour options


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