Ampelite Natural Light Roof Panels

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All kinds of Ampelite Fibreglass colours are made in Australia. Although there is a variety of color profiles available at Ampelite, the most popular of them are the Haze Green, Opal, and clear. You can make use of the different kinds of fibreglass found at Ampelite in many ways. Also, the cost is moderate compared to other brands.

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If you want lots of light, a great home feature, and lasting protection from the sunlight, start drawing a simple plan of incorporating Ampelite Fibreglass in your house. Ampelite sheeting is easy to handle, convenient to install, and lightweight. Continue reading the article to find out more about these wonderful glass sheets.

ampelite fibreglass colours australia

Domestic and Commercial Fibreglass from Ampelite:

One of the experienced producers of fibreglass in Australia is none other than Ampelite, who produces fibreglass sheeting both for commercial and domestic purposes. Ampelite Australia makes use of the latest resin technology and raw materials in manufacturing different variants of Ampelite fibreglass sheeting.

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The company follows processing that uses automation. Ampelite Australia makes sure that each stage of the manufacturing process remains efficient so as to deliver consistent products batch after batch. Every product from this company is produced strictly in guidance with the government regulations.

The sheets provided by this company can be specific from 2400g per meter square to 4880g per meter square. So far as color variety depends, you can have different color codes. But, the most popular are the Opal (white), Haze Green, and the clear one.

Other colours may include Emerald Green, Brown, Stale Grey, and Ice Clear. The grey filled fibreglass sheets are manufactured by the company to cool cladding and tower louvers.

More Information About the Ampelite Australia Fibreglass Sheeting:

Fibre-reinforced polyester or fibreglass roof sheeting is a tried and tested roofing product perfect for houses with outdoor spaces. The Ampelite’s variety of fibreglass roof sheeting features a one of a kind polyester resin specially formulated with an intuitive UV surface protection layer.

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The product is of the highest quality and therefore backed by the 25-year product warranty of Ampelite Australia. With a diverse range of profiles and colours available for your specific needs, these fibreglasses are the perfect choice for your roofs and walls. The company has been making fibreglass sheeting for many years.

These sheets provide you with the natural light that you want to come into your patios and verandahs without the interference of the weather. Their super-tough product, exciting color palette, and a good reputation gives you a range of inspirational options. Also, the fibreglass is made available for industrial and domestic applications.

The domestic fibreglass sheets are available in 5-rib (Trimdek) and corrugated profiles. The minimum suggested roof pitch is about 5 degrees. When you buy domestic grade fibreglass, they provide you with the protection of about 99.9% of the harmful UV rays.

Commercial fibreglass provides a cost-effective solution to all your needs through light transmission, excellent spanning, and low thermal expansion. You can avail of industrial fibreglass in almost every current and superseded roofing profiles.

Ampelite is regarded as one of the largest and experienced manufacturers of industrial fibreglass sheeting in Australia. The company produces Standard grade type SC, Cool-lite Heat Reduction, Special Purpose Sheeting Fire Retardant, gel-coated premium grade, and Woven Mat reinforced.


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Standout features of Ampelite Fibreglass:

  • Translucent fibreglass sheeting equipped with modern technology and properties
  • Superior anti-solar transmission and light transmission
  • Reduces costs associated with air conditioning and artificial lighting
  • Helps reducing monthly electricity bills
  • Perfect for homes, factories, retail locations, stadiums, warehouses, and other commercial places
  • Available in a variety of color profiles

What Are the Reasons That Influence People to Buy Ampelite Fibreglass?

Ampelite fibreglass sheeting provides durability along with protection. Their product represents a breakthrough technology over normal fibreglass from other brands. Here are some reasons that make Ampelite the best in its class.

Cuts over 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays – Now you can take advantage of the outdoors without worrying about the sunlight. The fibreglass provided by Ampelite Australia has reinforced polyester sheeting, which protects against the adverse effects of the harmful UV rays from the sunlight. Staying under this fibreglass is like staying under the sun but without any kind of sunburn.

The product is Australian made – Ampelite Fibreglass sheeting is specifically developed to stand up to the tough and harsh Australian climatic conditions from the Cradle Mountain to Cairns. When you choose to install Ampelite fibreglass sheeting to your domestic or commercial premise, you can rest assured that it is built out of the highest quality materials present using the latest resin technology. The company’s manufacturing processes ensure that every phase of its production remains consistent and the same is reflected in each and every batch.

The surface is protected by a polyester film – The surface of the Ampelite’s fibreglass sheeting is protected by a tough film that tends to protect the sheet. In fact, the film is an integral part of the sheet because it increases the life of the fibreglass for a prolonged time. On top of that, the fibreglass is fitted with anti-solar transmission properties. Also, it prevents the reinforced fibres from becoming exposed right on the surface of sheets. As a result, the longevity of the fibreglass increases, and you get to enjoy the benefits for a longer time.

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Available with mesmerizing colours palettes – Colours are what make everything live. And fibreglass is no exception. When you buy sheets from Ampelite, you get to choose from a variety of colours available with the company. The colours include Stale Grey. Ice Colour, Opal (white), Emerald Green (or, dark green), Brown, and Haze Green. Non-translucent colours have the capability to impact light transmission.

A variety of accessories available – Ampelite Australia consists of a variety of accessories available to help you make the installation of the fibreglass sheeting look fast and professional. The accessories may include a diverse range of drilling screws that aids to oversize the holes as they pass through the glass, filler strips, self-adhesive tapes.


Ampelite fibreglass combines heat-resistant capabilities along with translucent sheeting. Available in a variety of color profiles, Ampelite fibreglass matches perfectly with any kind of metal sheet profiles.

ampelite fibreglass colours australia