Various Options of Commercial Metal Roofing in Australia

There are endless options for roofing systems in Australia. However, building owners must remember that roofing systems are not the same, and thus the need to consider various factors in order to make informed decisions. Material is one of the major aspects to consider when purchasing a roofing system for a building. Metal roofing, for instance, is a cheap and durable option that has been popular among constructors and building owners since decades ago.

While metal roofing is a good choice due to the country’s climate, it can be a daunting task to make the right selection due to the various types of metal roofing available in the Australian market. This makes it vital to familiarise yourself with all the available choices in order to determine the most suitable option for your commercial or industrial property.

That said, below are various types of metal roofing systems that you are likely to find in the Australian market today:

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1. Steel Sheet Roofing

Steel roofs are the vast majority of metal roofs being installed in most Australian commercial and industrial buildings these days. This is mostly because steel is a versatile material that is associated with great features such as affordability, durability and strength. Even better, steel that is used in modern roofs can be treated and painted with various finishes to improve its performance.

Steel roofing can be treated, coloured and shaped to accommodate various types of thermal properties and styles. Therefore, steel roofing systems can be used in various types of properties and climates across Australia. Besides being used in new constructions, steel roofs can also be used for both commercial and industrial roofing repairs. Below are reasons to settle for steel roofs as your roofing option:


Longevity is one of the main advantages that steel roofs have over all the other metal roofing materials. Steel is the roofing material to go for if you do not intend to change your roofing system in about twenty years. While steel is prone to rust, property owners can galvanise their steel roofing with maybe zinc or aluminium coating to protect it against rusting. If taken great care of, steel roofs can last for even up to 100 years.


Steel is a naturally hard substance, popularly known for its durability. The material is highly impact-resistant, making it a perfect roofing material for properties located in hail-prone areas such as South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Steel is also wind-resistant and thus can be used in hurricane-prone areas such as the coastal regions of Western Australia. Not to forget that steel is fire-resistant and therefore can be used to protect properties against bush fire attacks that are becoming a common thing in the South East Region of Australia.

Energy Efficiency

Most roofing materials are known to absorb heat energy into a building. Radiant heat cannot go through steel roofing; it bounces off, something that plays a significant role in keeping a building cool despite the scorching sun. This means reduced energy bills as you will not need to rely on HVAC to keep your commercial or industrial property in friendly temperatures.


As mentioned earlier, steel roofs can last for almost a lifetime. After serving its long and useful life, steel can still be recycled and re-purposed. Not only that, but steel is a non-toxic material that can be disposed of in landfills without causing any negative impacts on the environment.

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2. Corrugated Tin Sheet Roofing

A tin roof is perhaps one of the distinctive features of an Australian building. It was not until in the 1880s that Australians adopted corrugated roofing, which later on became a cultural identity and an iconic building material. While Australians have multiple metal roofing options at their disposal, many people choose to use the corrugated tin for commercial roofing repairs as well as new building constructions. This is because corrugated tin roofs are associated with various benefits, such as the following:


Tin roofing might be an old versioned roofing style, but many Australian property owners do not mind that since it is an affordable roofing option compared to other metal roofing systems. This roofing system is therefore ideal for the building owners looking to carry out cost-effective industrial or commercial roofing repairs. Despite being a cheap option, tin roofing systems can last for about sixty years if well-maintained.

Easy Maintenance

It is very easy to repair and maintain tin roofs. After installation, gently scrub your commercial tin roofing at least once a year to get rid of the debris that might have accumulated. Also, you can apply a protective coating after every five years to keep your tin roof looking sharp and to protect it from harsh weather elements such as exposure to sun and rain.

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3. Aluminium Sheet Roofing

Aluminium roofing systems are becoming popular among Australian contractors and property owners. Besides being a versatile roofing material that can suit a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings, aluminium is easy to work with and can be used even in DIY projects. Home offices can also benefit from installing aluminium roofs as opposed to the traditional roofing materials. This is due to the various benefits that this roofing options can bring to a building. Some of the benefits include the following:

Easy Installation

As a property owner, choosing aluminium roofs as your commercial roofing system will help you to save some money on installation costs. This is because installing aluminium roofs is very easy. All that is required is cutting aluminium roof sheets into desired sizes and fastening them to the roof trusses. This will save not only money but also time and energy.


Aluminium roofs are incredibly light when compared to other metal roofing systems such as steel. Therefore, aluminium roof sheets should be your ideal roofing material if you are looking for a roofing system that will not add much weight to your overall building structure. Also, transporting aluminium roof sheets will be much cheaper due to their light weight.

Corrosion Resistant

Most metals are known to be corrosive, but not aluminium. Aluminium is highly corrosive resistant, making it an ideal roofing material for buildings in highly industrial and corrosive areas. For that reason, you should consider aluminium roofing systems in your next industrial roofing repairs.

Energy Saving

Aluminium roofs are perfect when it comes to reflecting the sun rays. That is a good thing, especially with the hot Australian climate. Besides keeping buildings cool during hot seasons, aluminium roofing systems are also great at keeping buildings warm during cold seasons. Therefore, you should choose an aluminium roofing if you are looking for ways to cut energy bills in your commercial building.


Aluminium roofing sheets are non-flammable and non-combustible. This means that they have a high resistance to denting as compared to other types of metal roofing. With aluminium roofing, you can rest assured that your commercial property is protected against fire and any falling objects.

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4. Zinc Sheet Roofing

Zinc makes an excellent roofing material that is almost maintenance-free and durable if installed correctly. Proper installation is not only based on fixing the zinc roofing but also using the right design and supporting structures. Zinc has great properties, something that is making Australians turn to Zinc roofs as a roofing choice for both industrial and commercial buildings. Below are some of the benefits that property owners enjoy for choosing to use zinc roofing systems:


Zinc is a non-corrosive material. This means that your zinc roofs will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. Ironically, zinc benefits from weathering and aging. Therefore, zinc roofs would be a great commercial roofing choice for businesses located in the Australian areas that are prone to harsh elements such as bush fires, hurricanes and heavy rainfalls.


Like mentioned above, zinc roofing requires little to no maintenance. This is because the material has the ability to heal itself. For instance, in the occurrence of a scratch on your zinc roofing, the material will replenish itself such that the blemish magically disappears.

Great Environmental Value

Zinc is eco-friendly due to the fact that it takes less energy to produce it compared to other metals and alloys. Also, zinc has negligible toxicity levels, meaning it causes no negative impact on the environment. Just like most metal roofs, zinc roofs can be recycled.

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5. Copper Sheet Roofing

Cooper has been used in Australia as a roofing material since the prehistoric times. From commercial to industrial roofing, copper has proved to be one of the best options in the market due to its favourable characteristics. Below are reasons for property owners to opt for copper roofing systems instead of other metal roofing options in the market:

Longevity and Durability

No metal roofing material can beat copper when it comes to longevity and durability. This is because just like zinc, copper gets better as it ages. Copper roofing can literally last for hundreds of years. This makes copper roofing systems a great choice for those not looking forward to carrying out commercial roofing repairs any time soon.

Aesthetic Appeal

Most metal roofing options will require a touch of new paint after every year to maintain the appealing look. The opposite is true with copper roofs as they get better and improve on their appearance as they age. Repainting expenses will, therefore, be eliminated from your overall maintenance costs. However, you can always paint your copper roofing if you do not like a particular look.


Global warming is to be blamed for the bush fire outbreaks that have become a common thing in the Australian land. That is just an example of the many negative effects that global warming is causing worldwide. Recycling materials is one of the most effective strategies that can be used to fight global warming. Copper is a highly recyclable and non-toxic material. Therefore, choosing copper roofs will go a long way to saving not just Australia but the entire world from the wrath of global warming.

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6. Metal Shingle Roofing

Metal shingles is another metal roofing type that is gaining popularity among Australians who prefer a shingle look. Well, this is an expensive option, but the cost is totally worth it compared to the appearance that metal shingles give a property. If you have been thinking of installing metal shingles on your properties, below are more reasons to go ahead and do so:

Resistant to Corrosion

The steel used in the making of metal shingles usually has a zinc or zinc and aluminium coating. The zinc or zinc and aluminium coating play a crucial role in protecting the steel from rusting to increase the longevity of the shingles. Sometimes aluminium or copper can be used to make metal shingles, which is even a better option since the two metals are rust-free.


Metal shingles can also be made from high-quality zinc that is alloyed with titanium and copper to make it stronger, harder and increase its resistance as well. Shingles made from zinc can last up to eighty years since they continue to develop a protective layer as they age. Zinc shingles repair themselves continuously from any scratches and marks throughout their life.


Steel metal shingles that meet the Australian manufacturing standards can last up to 50 years. The metal shingles have been designed to give great design versatility and also to adapt in a wide range of environments within Australia. Steel shingles are normally strong as per the Australian standards.

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7. Metal Roof Tiles

Thanks to the advancing technology, the invention of metal roof tiles came as a solution to the downsides of other metal roofing types. For instance, raw corrugated steel sheets will eventually rust not to forget that they are heavy. Below are ways in which metal tiles come in handy in the construction industry:

Protecting Metal Sheets

Metal tiles can be used to prevent rusting in steel sheets. – The tiles are overlapped on sheets; thus sealing them from water, which is a major cause of rusting in steel materials. Also, metal tiles can be combined with lightweight steel to come up with attractive and more durable roofing materials.

Reducing Air-Conditioning Costs

Metal tiles help to reduce air conditioning costs by reflecting the sun’s rays away from a building. The metal tile profile can also be used to keep buildings warm during cold seasons without having to rely on an HVAC.

Reduced Construction Costs

Metal tiles are lightweight. Therefore, constructors do not have to come up with well thought out supporting structures like they would be required when using metal roofing materials such as steel. Also, if installed correctly, metal tiles will rarely subject you to water leak-related problems.

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8. Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofing is gaining popularity in Austria due to its weather-tight qualities, sleek look and durability. You can rely on a standing seam system to give your commercial or residential building a modern roof profile. One of the major selling points for standing seam metal roofing is the variety of options available to the consumers. The choices available vary in different aspects such as width, length, profile, shape, and thickness, among many others. Below are more reasons to consider this metal roofing option for your next commercial roofing repairs:

No Exposed Fasteners

One of the biggest advantages of using standing seam metal roofs is that there are no fasteners exposed to the surface. This means that the fasters are least exposed to elements such as UV rays, moisture or wind, which would otherwise cause them to wear and tear over time. Also, there will be no need to put holes on the supporting structures when installing standing seam metal systems. This will play a significant role in increasing the longevity of the supporting structures.

Tested to Perform in Extreme Weathers

Standing seam metal roofing systems are engineered systems proven to perform well in areas with harsh conditions. –Reputable manufacturers subject their standing seam metal roofing systems to various tests to ensure that the materials meet all the standards set by the industry. Therefore, standing seam metal roofs would be a perfect metal roofing choice for building in hurricane and high-wind prone areas.

Not Affected by Thermal Movement

Metal panels with limited room for thermal expansion and contraction are more likely to run into problems such as fastener withdrawal, oil canning, increased noise and various other issues. The panels in standing seam metal roofs are not pinned, meaning they can expand and contract without any limitation.


Standing seam metal roofing system is long-lasting and low maintenance when compared to other metal roofing options such as sheets, shingles and tiles. When dealing with standing seam systems, the fasteners do not go through the metal surfaces. Therefore, there will be no need for carrying out frequent inspections to look out for any loosening or damaged fasteners. Well, maintenance will still be needed from time to time, but they will mostly need to be conducted by a professional maintenance expert.

Bottom Line

It is evident that there is a wide range of metal roofing systems for Australians to choose from. Understanding the needs of your building will help you to chose the best metal roofing system for your commercial or industrial property.


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