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Our Industrial and commercial roofing services cover warehouses, factories, apartment complexes, schools, shopping complexes just to mention a few.

RVA Roofing offers a Sydney-wide, one-stop commercial roofing service for all Industrial and commercial roofing services and installations.

We specialise in commercial roofs both large and small and offer our expertise and extensive experience to ensure your project comes in safely, on budget, and on time. 

All of our roofing services are in-house.

We are also a supplier and distributor of all roofing products Australia-wide.

RVA has over 30 years of experience in commercial roofing and understands the specifics of commercial projects to any scale.

We recognize that the safety of personnel and minimal disruption to ongoing businesses are important considerations of any commercial roofing project.

Here at RVA, we follow all safety guidelines, all work is completed in accordance with Australian building codes, we are fully insured, and we take everyone’s safety seriously.

Our services extend to roof removal, replacement, repair, and all associated roofing services for your industrial and commercial premises.



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A roof leak in a commercial building is more than a structural problem, it can cause electrical problems as well as allow water to damage stock and machinery within the building.

Even a small leak can be the cause of a lot of problems if not found and resolved.

Stains on ceilings, mould, and bad odours can all be indicators of a leaking roof.

It is imperative that you engage a professional and experienced company to investigate and suggest the right solutions to repair your commercial roof leaks.

Not all leaks come from the roofing itself, sometimes it will be drainage problems that are causing the water to ingress.

You need to engage a company with experience in finding the real cause of the water leaking.

At RVA Roofing solutions we have had over 30 years of experience with detecting commercial roof leaks.

Our qualified roofers can find the leak and provide you with a solution that will fix that leak once and for all.

Our roof reports are comprehensive and give you a real insight into the condition of your roof and suggestions on what maintenance your roof requires.

Contact RVA today to arrange an inspection and quote for your commercial building.



RVA Roofings’ range of industrial and Commercial roofing services also includes the replacement of your roof.

We have a team of dedicated roofing professionals who will remove your commercial roof and if required reinstate your new roof. 

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Deciding when to replace rather than repair your Commercial roof is dependent on a number of issues.

  • How old is the roof?
  • Is the roof insulated?
  • Is the roof damaged and if so how bad is it damaged?
  • Is the roof leaking?
  • Is the roof sagging?
  • Is the roof rusting?
  • Are there any visible loose sheets?

The answer to these questions can help you decide if it is time to replace the roof or if you are able to repair it.

If the building is unoccupied, it is easier and cheaper to have your roof placed before you have new tenants rather than repair or replace it once it is occupied.

What’s involved in a commercial roof replacement?

Our roofing contractors will remove all the old roofing. If there is safety wire this will remain. If there is no safety wire, we will install it as part of the roof replacement. Insulation will then be installed over the whole area to be re-roofed. The new roofing will now be installed and will be fixed using screws. All flashings will be bespoke in nature and will be specific to each job.

RVA Roofing only uses approved Australian standard roofing and components. If we are installing fibreglass panels for lighting, these are installed as part of the new roofing component. We may also be installing commercial whirlybirds for extra ventilation, and these will also be installed at this point in the re-roofing process.

RVA Roofing Solutions can help you with a commercial roof inspection and a no-obligation re-roof quote. Our qualified quoter will discuss lighting solutions and extra ventilation requirements during the visit to your commercial premises.


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Replace Skylight Roof Panels

You can literally turn your lights off . . .

When you replace old skylight roofing panels that have stopped transmitting natural light into your warehouse.  The savings on expensive power bills far outweigh the initial installation cost.

It’s cheaper than you think!

We have the perfect cost-effective solution for you!

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Industrial Roofing

Commercial and industrial buildings typically need roofing over a large area. Roofing solutions in commercial buildings also need to be able to withstand weather, wind, rain, fumes, dust, smoke and other elements more effectively.

This is because even a minor problem such as a water leak in a commercial building’s roofing can damage stock or electronics, or otherwise halt the routine of work. For this reason, it is important to make the right decision when choosing the products, services and companies for commercial and industrial roofing in Sydney and NSW.

In this article, we have brought together a comprehensive list of the most tried and tested roofing products and companies for commercial and industrial buildings. Using this article, you will be able to make an informed decision when undertaking a commercial or industrial roofing project in Sydney or anywhere in NSW.

Roof Maintenance

Industrial and commercial roofs are particularly prone to damage over the years. Being exposed to smoke, fumes, dust or even weather conditions can create problems such as discolouration, water leakage, rust, damaged flashings and more. This is why it is vital to seek roof restoration and maintenance for such structures on a routine basis.

Typically, roof restoration comprises of a thorough inspection of the roof by a qualified contractor. The contractor will identify any damage and other problems with the roof. Once these are known, the contractor will then proceed to replace or repair the damaged areas. Roof restoration can be done with minimum disruption to the workplace, so much so that it can be performed on any work day in many cases.

A variety of maintenance activities are also performed to restore the outlook of a roof. These include high-pressure cleaning to remove mould, dirt and grime from a roof’s surface. Removing such layers minimises the chances of rust or other damage to the roof. It also prolongs the life of the roof.

Gutters and downpipes are a particularly problematic area when it comes to industrial roofs. Clogs and malfunctions in gutters can cause rust over time which ultimately results in leakage. If the damage to the gutters and downpipes is manageable, they will need to be restored. If the damage is more extensive, you may need to have them replaced altogether.

Roof Leak Detection

Roof leaks are one of the more urgent problems. Leaks in industrial or commercial roofs can become a serious hazard quickly. If the water drips down to electrical circuits or electrical machinery, it can cause expensive damage while also creating the risk for an accidental fire. Water pooling down into the workplace can cause other hazards such as the risk of slipping and falling. It can also damage other property on premises such as furniture and carpets.

This is why roof leaks need to be managed on a priority basis. Typically gutters and downpipes are where rust and leaks set in. Roof and gutter repairs resolve these problems. Leaks can also occur due to incorrect handling of metal roofing which creates dents in the metal roofing sheets.

A qualified contractor will quickly identify the source of the leak and take care of it. If it’s caused by a dent, the sheet will be reformed into its original shape. If it is the result of something else such as poor fasteners or damaged fixtures, they will need to be replaced. Timely leak repairs help you save money and time down the road.

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Roof Replacement

Re-roofing is often needed when an industrial or commercial roof suffers from inefficiency. It may also be needed when the roof is damaged, outdated, or no longer able to effectively cover and care for an area. Many older commercial and industrial roofs begin to suffer from water leakage and other problems over time. Older roofs are also typically poor in preserving heat which makes them an inefficient roofing solution for today’s business and industrial needs.

As more modern roofing products have become available, commercial and industrial buildings choose re-roofing as an effective solution. For many businesses, re-roofing is the perfect choice. When done by a qualified contractor, a 3,000 metre square roof can be replaced in as little as a single day. This is particularly convenient for businesses who don’t want to shut down and halt their schedule for the re-roofing. In many cases, re-roofing can be done over a single weekend to minimize disruption to the workplace.

If a warehouse, factory, production facility or another industrial or commercial structure has an outdated roof, it is important to have it replaced at the earliest. Re-roofing also removes the risks and hazards posed by an older roof.

Asbestos Roof Removal

Asbestos has traditionally been used in roofing products in the past. More recently, however, studies and research have shown that asbestos can cause lung cancer and other serious diseases. This is why the use of asbestos containing products is now banned. What’s more, you are responsible for the management of any existing asbestos in a building as an owner, occupant or employer. In short, if the building is under your management and responsibility, you must take suitable asbestos management measures.

For most industrial and commercial buildings, it makes sense to have the asbestos roofing removed altogether. This offers the best return-on-investment. You can also have a contractor do re-roofing at the same time, effectively saving you time and inconvenience.

A number of companies offer asbestos roof removal in Sydney. When you are looking at asbestos removal, it is important to hire a contractor that is qualified to do the job. Asbestos removal must be done under strictly controlled conditions and while wearing high-quality safety equipment. Not only that, but the stripped asbestos sheets or products must also be disposed of in a suitable way. If you are not sure what contractor to hire, we have provided a long list of reliable and reputable contractors for asbestos roof removal in Sydney in the next section.

Asbestos Roof Abatement Removal Sydney

Commercial & Industrial Metal Roofing Products


TrimDek is a metal rib-and-pan roofing product which is ideal for commercial and industrial buildings. It features trapezoid shaped ribs and pans with gentle fluting which gives it good durability and a very neat finish. Constructed from high strength steel, TrimDek is able to weather the elements quite well and will quickly recover from any deformations.

TrimDek has a relatively low profile which helps in creating neat roof lines along a large length with ease. Builders will often use TrimDek together with the TRIM-KLIP system which ensures that the sheets are perfectly installed and makes allowances for weather-related expansion. TrimDek is fairly lightweight yet strong. This makes it versatile enough to be used as an excellent roofing material on a variety of structures.

Material choices for TrimDek include 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT Colorbond steel as well as Colorbond steel Matt, 0.48 BMT Colorbond Metallic steel, 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT Colorbond Coolmax steel, 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT Colorbond Ultra steel, 0.42 BMT Colorbond Stainless steel, 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT Zincalume steel and 0.42 BMT Galvanised.

In all, you can choose from 44 colours when it comes to TrimDek. These include double-sided roofing colour options as well.

Product Summary

  • Rib-and-pan roofing made from high-strength steel
  • Trapezoid-shaped ribs and slightly fluted pans
  • Perfect for creating long and neat roof lines with excellent durability
  • Good recovery from any deformation
  • Typically used with TRIM-KLIP system for perfect installation and weather allowances

Trimdek PDF Download – Click Here

TrimDek Bluescope Australia


KlipLok is a roofing product that features narrow-cover cladding with prominent ribs. The ribs are at larger intervals which gives KlipLok its iconic look. When used for commercial and industrial roofing, it is allows sunlight to get through and adds to the aesthetics compared to many other ribbed cladding options.

KlipLok comes with concealed cladding which allows its use on a variety of roof types and buildings. With no fasteners exposed on the outside, it results in a very clean and neat finish. It comes in a nominal cover width of 406mm. The minimum slope requirement for roofing when using KlipLok is 1°.

Constructed from high-quality steel, KlipLok offers good durability and long-term reliability. You can choose from a variety of standard colours when using KlipLok. It is also available in unpainted Zincalume steel.

Product Summary

  • Long-length and narrow-cover roofing with ribs
  • Constructed from high-quality steel
  • More prominent, allowing light to transfer through
  • Neat and clean finish with concealed fasteners
  • Available in nominal cover width of 406mm
  • Minimum slope requirement of 1°

Kip-Lok PDF Download – Click Here

Klip Lok Lysaht Australia

Klip-Lok 700

KlipLok 700 is an enhancement of the original KlipLok roofing. Compared to standard KlipLok, it comes with a ribbed profile with wider ribs and a relatively flat pan. This gives KlipLok 700 a neater look and finish with the ribs being more prominent. The long and straight lines of the KlipLok 700 roofing covers also enable you to achieve a more crisp finish with your industrial or commercial roof.

Compared to standard KlipLok, KlipLok 700 comes with more strength and better durability. It is particularly well-suited for low-pitched roofs.

KlipLok 700 is available in a variety of material and gauge options. These include 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT in Colorbond steel, 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT in Colorbond steel Matt, 0.48 BMT in Colorbond Metallic steel, 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT in Colorbond Coolmax steel, 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT in Colorbond Ultra steel, 0.42 BMT in Colorbond Stainless steel, and 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT in Zincalume steel.

KlipLok 700 is available in coverage size of 700mm with a minimum roof slope requirement of 1°. You can use it in combination with the LOK-KLIP system that ensures a perfect installation and also allows for expansion due to weather conditions.

KlipLok 700 is available in a huge range of colour options. You can choose from 22 Standard colours, 6 Ultra colours, 5 Matt colour options and 6 metallic colours, or you can go with the unpainted Zincalume if that better suits the overall aesthetics of the building.

Product Summary

  • Enhanced KlipLok with better durability and wider ribs
  • Flat pans and strong ribs for a visually prominent outlook
  • Long and straight profile lines for a neat finish
  • Available in 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT gauges
  • 700mm cover width for better coverage
  • Minimum roof slope requirement of 1°
  • Available in a huge range of standard Colorbond, Matt, Ultra and Metallic colours

Kip-Lok 700 PDF Download – Click Here

Klip Lok 700 Lysaht Australia

Custom Orb

Custom Orb is a popular commercial and industrial roofing product used across Australia. It features a corrugated cladding profile which makes it perfect for roofing purposes in warehouses, factories, public facilities, museums and other structures. Given its excellent durability as well as its sleek looks, Custom Orb is an equally great choice for both traditional and modern architectural styles.

It is relatively lightweight which makes installation easy and less labor-intensive. Custom Orb comes with a nominal cover width of 762mm. For roofing purposes, it requires a minimum slope gradient of 5° for best results. It features a decent degree of flexibility which means that you can use it as a flat panel or have it curved which particularly suits more modern roofs.

Custom Orb is available in a huge range of colours. The standard colour range has nearly 22 options including Paperbark, Woodland Grey, Manor Red, and Ironstone. You can also choose different colour options from metallic range, matt range, double-sided roofing range and unpainted steel range. With such sheer variety of colour options and styles, it is easy to find a Custom Orb style that perfectly matches the architecture, aesthetics and preferences of the homeowners and builders.

Product Summary

  • Corrugated roof sheets with excellent strength
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Suitable for modern and traditional architecture
  • Available in a huge variety of colours and colour types
  • Nominal cover width of 762mm with a minimum roof gradient requirement of 5°

Custom Orb PDF Download – Click Here

Custom Orb Lysaht Sydney Australia

Custom Blue Orb

In contrast to Custom Orb, the Custom Blue Orb roofing features a larger amount of steel in its composition. This adds a greater degree of ductility to the corrugated sheets, making Custom Blue Orb perfect for curved roof designs.

Custom Blue Orb sheets can be curved into both concave and convex shapes, depending on your exact roofing requirements. It is available in standard gauge sizes of 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT. You can also choose other material choices for Custom Blue Orb including 0.80 BMT Galvanised steel, 0.60 BMT Colorbond steel, 0.60 BMT Zincalume steel and 0.60 BMT Zincform steel.

As with standard Custom Orb, the Custom Blue Orb roofing is available with nominal cover width of 762mm and a minimum roof slope requirement of 5°. You can choose from a variety of colour options. The Colorbond Thermatech colour range features 16 colours. Another 6 colours are available in the Colorbond Pearlescent range while the Colorbond Ultra Matt range offers 4 colours.

If you are looking for a metal roofing product that has a corrugated profile but will cover curved areas perfectly, Custom Blue Orb is a great choice.

Product Summary

  • Corrugated sheet roofing with ductility
  • Suitable for curved roofs
  • Can be shaped into convex or concave styles
  • Material choices include Galvanised steel, Colorbond steel, Zincalume steel and Zincform steel
  • Available in 762mm nominal cover width
  • Minimum roof slope requirement of 5°

Custom Blue Orb PDF Download – Click Here

Custom Blue Orb Lysaht Sydney Australia

Custom Orb Accent 35

Custom Orb Accent 35 stands in contrast to the other Custom Orb roofing products from Lysaht. It has an extra deep corrugated profile which gives it a strikingly prominent look when applied as a roofing material. It is also able to bear more pressure and impact while sustaining minimum damage.

Compared to most other corrugated roofs, Custom Orb Accent 35 has nearly 120% deeper and 50% wider profile. It is perfect for use on large commercial and industrial roof areas. Custom Orb Accent 35 also offers superior water carrying capacity. This makes it a great choice even for roofs with pitches as low as only 2 degrees.

Custom Orb Accent 35 is available in Sydney and the NSW. It comes in a nominal cover width of 724mm. Lysaht manufactures Accent 35 from high-strength steel in 0.48 BMT gauge. You can choose from standard and matte colour ranges when using Accent 35. Standard colour range options include Basalt, Monument, Shale Grey, Windspray, Surfmist and Woodland Grey. Matt colour range offers a single option, namely Monument. Alternatively, you can go with the unpainted Zincalume steel version as well.

If you are looking to achieve a bolder roof line on a large commercial or industrial roof, Accent 35 is a great choice.

Product Summary

  • Extra deep corrugated profile
  • 120% deeper and 50% wider profile
  • Prominent ribs with a bolder roof line
  • Greater water carrying capacity
  • Suitable for roof pitches as low as 2 degrees
  • Available in multiple standard and matt colours
  • Comes in a nominal cover width of 724mm

Custom Orb Accent PDF Download – Click Here

Custom Orb Accent 35 Lysaht Sydney Australia

Speed Deck Ultra

Speed Deck Ultra is another metal roofing solution for commercial and industrial structures in Sydney and NSW. It stands apart from many other roofing profiles in that it has a specially-designed rib. An evolution of the trapezoidal rib, the rib in Speed Deck Ultra features a two-step trapezoidal style. This enables it to bear wind pressure a lot better and perform as an excellent weather-resistant roofing solution.

Speed Deck Ultra is available in gauge sizes of 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT. It comes with a very good water carrying capacity and is suitable for roofs with pitches as low as 1 degrees.

Speed Deck is typically available in nominal cover width of 700 mm. It is available in a huge range of Colorbond colour options including multiple shades of grey, green, blue and pearl.

Product Summary

  • Metal roofing with a double trapezoidal rib
  • Excellent weather-resistant capacity
  • Able to bear wind pressure better than most other metal roofing profiles
  • Available in nominal cover width of 700 mm
  • Suitable for roofs with pitches as low as 1 degree
  • Available in 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT gauges

Speed Deck Ultra PDF Download – Click Here

Stramit Speed Deck Ultra Sydney Australia


SpanDek is another roofing product from the leading manufacturer, Lysaht. SpanDek incorporates features of both Custom Orb and TrimDek roofing. It has a corrugated profile with more pronounced trapezoidal ribs. This adds strength to its profile while minimizing water pooling between the ribs.

SpanDek comes constructed with 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT steel. You can choose from various options including Galvanised steel, Colorbond steel and Zincalume. It comes with a nominal cover width of 700mm. Compared to Custom Orb, SpanDek also has a more forgiving roof slope requirement. It can work with a minimum slope of 2°.

SpanDek is a more economic roofing choice which combines greater strength and impact resistance. It is available in a huge range of colour options. When you choose Colorbond metallic SpanDek roofing, you can choose from 6 colour options. Colorbond Matt range is available in 5 colours while you can also choose from 4 colours when you go with double-sided colour range.

If you are looking for a commercial and industrial roofing product that combines modern looks with affordability, good durability and a more prominent profile, SpanDek is a great choice.

Product Summary

  • Corrugated roofing with more prominent trapezoidal ribs
  • Constructed from high-strength 0.42 BMT and 0.48 BMT steel
  • Available in nominal cover width of 700mm
  • Minimum roof slope requirement of 2°
  • Available in a huge range of Standard, Matt, Ultra, Metallic and Double-sided colours

SpanDek PDF Download – Click Here

Spandek Sydney Australia

Lysaht Long Line

Longline features high and prominent ribs with minimum width together with broad and flat pans. This gives Longline a very clear and dramatic outlook. If you are looking to add roofing to an industrial or commercial building which will also make an aesthetic statement, Longline is the perfect choice.

You can choose from fluted or plain pans when using LongLine. It is also possible to have the ribbed panels tapered for a more fan-like effect when using over roofs which are not exactly linear. This allows LongLine to be used as a customised roofing solution for all industrial and commercial applications.

Lysaht offers LongLine in 305mm cover width. It comes with a minimum roof pitch requirement of 1°. LongLine is available in Colorbond steel, Colorbond steel matt, Colorbond Metallic steel, Colorbond Ultra steel, Colorbond Stainless steel and Zincalume steel. In each category, you can choose from multiple colour options to exactly match or complement the outlook, architecture and aesthetics of the building.

Of all the roofing types available for industrial and commercial roofing in Sydney and NSW, LongLine has the crispest profile. This makes it an excellent choice for commercial structures seeking to incorporate modern looks in their choice of roofing material.

Product Summary

  • High ribs with broad and flat pans
  • Prominent and dramatic outlook
  • Panels can be tapered for fan-like effect
  • Usable on curvilinear roofs as well
  • Available in 305mm nominal cover width
  • Minimum slope requirement of 1°

Lysaht Long Line PDF Download – Click Here

Lysaht Long Line Sydney Australia

Commercial Industrial Roofing Companies Sydney

Sydney Roof 

Sydney Roof is a progressive roofing company that has been in the industry for 30+ years. It focuses on commercial and industrial roof maintenance and repairs. They offer new, commercial and industrial roofing, remedial roofing, skylight replacement and installation in factories, warehouses and other commercial buildings, along with supplying many other industrial products and repairs.

Stand Out Features

  • Licensed and insured, family-owned and operated business for 30+ years
  • Commercial & industrial roof installation, repair and replacement services
  • New, remedial work, commercial skylight replacement and installation
  • Warehouse roofing solutions
  • Excellent reputation – quality workmanship
  • 10 year guarantee on all new work performed

Roof Leak Repair Sydney Australia

Lidoran Roofing

Lidoran Roofing is one of the leading commercial and industrial roofing contractors in Sydney. It operates not only in Sydney but in the greater region of North South Wales. With offices based in both Sydney and Brisbane, the company delivers a wide range of services including re roofing, roofing repairs, asbestos removal, roofing replacement and roof restoration in Sydney.

Lidoran Roofing takes pride in being able to handle even the largest commercial and industrial roofing jobs. In fact, the company holds the world record of replacing a 3800-metre square roofing in a mere 10 hours. At the same time, Lidoran Roofing claims to be able to replace, repair or restore most commercial and industrial roofs with minimum disruption.

The company carries an ISO 9001 accreditation for the quality of its services and products. It is also Environment ISO 14001 and Health & Safety ISO 4801 accredited. Being properly insured, certified and accredited, Lidoran Roofing is one of the most reliable and reputable roofing contractors in NSW.

Stand-Out Features

  • World record for fastest replacement of a 3800 m2 roof in 10 hours
  • Licensed, accredited and insured
  • In business for 25 years
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 4801 accredited
  • Certified for high quality of services and compliance with safety standards

HITEC Metal Roofing

HITEC Metal Roofing is a company based in South-Western Sydney region. The company was established back in 1975 as a family business. It has since evolved to become a major player in the metal roofing industry in the NSW area.

HITEC offers a huge range of metal roofing products, flashings and related accessories. It also offers a price guarantee by claiming to beat other prices on the products it offers by 10%. Within Sydney Metro area, the company offers express delivery of roofing products.

Stand-Out Features

  • In business for nearly 45 years
  • Offers a wide range of roofing products and accessories
  • Express delivery in the Sydney Metro area
  • Price comparison guarantee by matching and discounting 10% on competition

Black Cat Roofing

Black Cat Roofing in Sydney handles commercial and industrial roofing projects of all types and sizes. The company offers a comprehensive range of services including new roofing, re roofing, roofing repairs and replacement, asbestos removal and roof coating, gutter and other roofing repair, and cleaning as well as the application of heat reflective coatings. The company also handles warehouse roofing and its associated problems.

Unlike many other contractors in NSW, the services offered by Black Cat Roofing in Sydney include many coating options for roofs with damage. Some of these coatings can even be used to cover the hazardous asbestos in existing roofs. This makes Black Cat Roofing distinguished among the roofing specialists in Sydney.

Black Cat Roofing is family owned and based in Sydney. It is licensed and bonded with a focus on complying with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations when undertaking any roofing projects. In doing so, it ensures the safety of the tradesmen, the workplace, the property and the people present on site.

The company has been in business for nearly 33 years and continues to enjoy a good reputation among the NSW roofing companies. On all new work undertaken by the company, it provides a 7-year guarantee.

Stand-out Features

  • Family owned local business based in Sydney
  • In operation since 1987
  • Offers a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial roofing services
  • Offers coating options for existing roofing
  • Offers warehouse roofing services
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Compliant with Occupational Health and Safety regulations
  • 7-year guarantee on all new work performed

    DJ Daisley & Sons Roofing

    DJ Daisley & Sons Roofing is one of the oldest roofing companies operating in Sydney and NSW. The company traces its history back to 1912. It has been in business for more than 100 years and is a family-owned business that has come down from generation to generation.

    DJ Daisley & Sons offers a number of roofing services. Originally a company offering only roofing repairs, it now also offers new roof installation, gutter and downpipe repair and replacement and more. In addition to Sydney, Paisley & Sons also covers a number of other areas including Inner West, Canterbury, North Suburbs, North Shore, and Eastern Suburbs.

    You can seek a free no-obligation quote from the company on any industrial or commercial roofing project. Whether the roof needs repair, replacement, new installation or restoration in any other way, DJ Paisley & Sons provides you a preliminary quote. This helps you create a budget for the job and plan the costs ahead of time.

    Stand-Out Features

    • The oldest roofing business in Sydney and NSW
    • Established in 1912
    • Family-owned generation after generation
    • Excellent reputation in the Inner West region
    • Offers roof installation, repair and replacement
    • Also handles gutter and downpipe repairs or replacements
    • Free and no-obligation preliminary quote

      Red 8 Roofing

      Red 8 Roofing is the largest metal roofing company in Australia. The company operates primarily in Sydney while also servicing others areas such as Queensland and Western NSW. Red 8 Roofing has been in business for over 25 years and specialises in combining the available roofing products with innovative ideas to create tailored roofing. In doing so, the company offers customised services and solutions for commercial roofing in Sydney.

      Red 8 Roofing is the winner of Excellence in Roofing Awards for 12 continuous years. The company is one of the most highly regarded roofing companies in Sydney. Roofing services offered by the company cover various aspects including flashings, guttering and downpipes. It also offers roofing restoration in Sydney and other NSW areas.

      Red 8 Roofing is known for working with the contemporary roofing styles and trends, achieving a modern outlook by using metal roofing products. The company’s work is seen in a number of public structures such as the Green Square Library and the Macarthur Square.

      Stand-Out Features

          • Largest metal roofing company in Australia
          • Operations in Sydney, Queensland and Western NSW
          • Been in business for over 25 years
          • Regarded as one of the best roofing companies in Australia
          • Winner of Excellence in Roofing Awards for 12 consecutive years
          • Known for working with contemporary roofing styles and trends 

      K & M Roofing

      K & M Roofing specializes in metal roofing for commercial and industrial buildings in Sydney and the neighbouring regions. The company has been in business for over 12 years and offers a broad range of roofing services. These include installation of TrimDek roofing, iron roofing, Klip-Lok roofing, zinc and copper roofing as well as maintenance and repair of the roofing and related components. In addition, the company also offers asbestos removal for older roofs and roof restoration in Sydney.

      KM Roofing has the resources to handle roofs of all shapes and sizes. The company is able to work on roofs over 20,000 m2 in size. The company also offers emergency metal roofing services for scenarios where you may need to have a damaged roof repaired or replaced on an urgent basis.

      KM Roofing offers its services in Sydney as well as other areas. These include Eastern Suburbs, Blue Mountains, Gosford and Wollongong. The company also provides cost estimates and project plans ahead of a roofing job. If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Sydney and NSW that specialises in industrial and commercial metal roofing, K & M Roofing is the answer.

      Stand-Out Features

      • Specialist in metal roofing for industrial and commercial buildings
      • Been in business for over 12 years
      • Offers installation of TrimDek, Klip-Lok and Iron roofing
      • Also offers asbestos removal and management services
      • Able to handle roofs 20,000 m2 and more in size
      • Offer emergency roof repair and maintenance services
      • Operates in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Gosford, Wollongong and Easter Suburbs

      Metal Deck Roofing

      Metal Deck is a Sydney-based roofing company that has been in business since 1985. The company is family owned since its inception and specialises in a wide range of roofing services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings including roof repairs in Sydney. Metal Deck has a number of major industrial and commercial projects to its name. These include the Audi Centre, Zetland, Norwest Private Hospital, Sydney International Airport, and the Queen Victoria Building.

      The company also supplies metal roofing products including standard roofing sheets, insulated roofing panels, gutters and downpipes, flashings and other accessories. Metal Deck offers a 7-year warranty on the workmanship performed by its installers. It also offers up to 20 years warranty on products that make use of BlueScope steel.

      In addition to the standard metal roofing materials such as Zincalume or Colorbond steel, the company also specializes in creating tailored roofing solutions using other metals such as aluminium and copper.

      Stand-Out Features

      • Sydney-based roofing company
      • Been in business since 1985
      • Offers roofing services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
      • Also supplies roofing products including sheets, panels, downpipes, gutters and flashings
      • Up to 7 year warranty on workmanship
      • Up to 20 year warranty on BlueScope steel roofing products

      J Phillips Roofing

      J Phillips Roofing focuses on commercial and industrial roofing across the New South Wales region. The company has been in business for over 15 years and offers a wide range of commercial roof installation, repair and replacement services.

      J Phillips Roofing works with most leading roofing product brands. These include popular roofing products such as those from Kingspan, Lysaht and Katzip. Before undertaking a roofing project, specialists from the company conduct a preliminary inspection and then propose a tailored plan.

      In addition to the standard roofing services, the company offers routine roof maintenance for industrial roofing as well. You can also hire the company to perform safety checks and mitigate the risk factor associated with a metal roof. If a commercial or industrial building has older roofing with asbestos, the company also has the equipment and resources to safely handle asbestos roof removal in Sydney and other regions.

      Stand-Out Features

      • Commercial and industrial roofing services provider in NSW
      • Been in business for over 15 years
      • Works with leading roofing product brands including Kingspan
      • Provides preliminary inspection and tailored roofing solutions
      • Also offers routine roofing maintenance and asbestos removal


        about us

        We have been in business for over 30 years as a commercial & residential roofing company. RVA is the sister company of Sydneyroof.  At RVA we are focused on Industrial & Domestic roof ventilation, fibreglass skylight panels, and roofing utilities. We believe these areas of the roofing industry have been largely marginalised.  We however, are focused on taking this part of the industry and creating a service-oriented response to our customer's needs.

        Why Us?

        Competitive Prices

        Our pricing is transparent and highly competitive. We do our best to take the guesswork out of the final cost at the beginning.


        We take pride in our workmanship and are proud to warranty our workmanship for 5 years, in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.

        Over 30 Years Experience

        Nothing says commitment like longevity! We are proud of our commitment to our craft and our customers.