Direct Venting Kits

Roof space ventilation is an excellent way of keeping your home cooler and drier. But you may need targeted ventilation in the case of smaller areas such as the laundry, toilet or the kitchen. Ventilating these areas through traditional methods is usually ineffective and expensive.

Direct venting kits offer a very affordable and incredibly efficient solution. These kits are specifically designed to offer direct ventilation for the kitchen, laundry, toilet, and bathroom space of your home.

Direct vent kits come with a duct that connects a suitably placed roof vent with the kitchen or bathroom. This duct is flexible, so it can easily bend through the timbers and other structures without requiring any disruption. The diameter of the duct is the same as the roof vent, so it can ventilate large volume of air in real-time and keeps the ventilated area dry, cool and fresh.



Kitchen: Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment in your kitchen. Ventilation not only prevents the accumulation of carbon monoxide, but it also removes heat and odors. Direct venting kits offer an excellent ventilation solution for the kitchen space. These kits use wind driven turbo ventilators which consume no energy at all. At the same time, they keep the kitchen fresh and cool, reducing your energy costs.

Bathroom: A lack of ventilation of the bathroom space can result in odors, bacterial growth as well as stale and unhealthy air. Damp bathroom interiors can cause other problems as well such as the growth of mould and mildew. Direct venting kits offer real-time ventilation for the bathroom space. These kits use a bathroom extractor roof vent to replace stale air with fresh air from outdoors while removing odors and keeping the bathroom space dry.

Laundry: The laundry room at your home accumulates a lot of humidity, especially when you use hot water for washing. The dryer also soaks up the water from the clothes and leaves it as vapors in the air. Proper ventilation through a direct vent kit brings free-flow air to your laundry area. This effectively prevents humidity or dampness in the area, keeping the laundry dry and clean.


Targeted Ventilation: Standard attic or roof vents may not properly ventilate smaller areas of your home such as the kitchen or laundry. Direct vent kits allow targeted ventilation of these areas to keep them cool and fresh.

Energy Conservation: Accumulation of heat in the kitchen or humidity in the laundry or bathroom may cause your home’s air-conditioning to exert more. This can drive up the energy costs significantly in the long-run. Direct vent kits help you avoid this by removing the heat and humidity in real-time. This takes the load off the air-conditioning unit which consumes less energy and improves the energy efficiency of your home.

Flexible Installation: Conventional ventilation methods require significant disruption to your property. This is particularly true if you want to ventilate the kitchen, bathroom or laundry space. Direct vent kits, on the other hand, use flexible ducts which can bend and flex through your home’s structure. So they require little to no disruption during installation.

Zero Operational Cost: Direct venting kits use a wind driven turbo ventilator. This ventilator consumes absolutely no energy and requires no power source. It simply harnesses the wind to exhaust stale air from your kitchen, bathroom, toilet or laundry and replace it with cooler air.

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Ampelair Direct Vent Kit: Direct vent kit with a flexible duct, ceiling register with damper, and transition piece. Compatible with Ampelair Superflow vent head which is available separately.

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