Benefits of Roof Vents

Conventional ventilation solutions cost a tidy sum. They also come with significant installation costs and require a power source, such as electricity, to operate. This means that they have ongoing operational costs.

Wind-driven roof vents, in contrast, are far more effective in ventilating both domestic and industrial structures. These vents, also known as whirlybirds, offer a huge range of benefits which makes them far superior to other ventilation systems. Following are some of the key benefits offered by roof vents.

Better Air Quality: A wide range of ventilation solutions exist. Most of them, however, recycle the same air within a hall, room or building instead of replacing it. Roof vents, on the other hand, replace the stale air with fresh air in real-time. This enables them to maintain better and healthier air quality at your home or at industrial and commercial facilities.

Energy Efficiency: Roof vents can be used to ventilate the attic and ceiling space of homes, factories, warehouses, industrial units, and other buildings. The hot air during summers gets trapped near the ceiling of a building. If not ventilated, it raises the indoor temperature and causes the air-conditioning to overwork, resulting in more energy consumption. Roof vents remove the trapped hot air and replace it cool air from outdoors. This helps maintain cooler interiors and improves the energy efficiency of your home by taking the load off the air-conditioning.

Optimal Performance: Industrial and commercial environments may contain fumes, toxic gases, grease-laden air, corrosive vapors, moisture and more. The roof vents we offer are constructed to withstand all of these without incurring any damage. These vents can effectively remove all these elements from the air and replace the stale air with fresh air. They are equally effective in domestic settings as well as smaller spaces such as the kitchens and laundries.

Eco-friendly: Whirly bird roof vents are wind driven turbo units. These units harness the power of the wind at rooftops to exhaust stale air from indoors and replace it with fresh air. So they consume absolutely no energy whatsoever. This makes them perfectly green and eco-friendly products.

Durable and long-lasting: Quality roof vents, such as the Ampelite products we offer, come with a solid operational warranty of 10 to 15 years. In most cases, they will last you significantly longer. Wind-driven roof vents are durably constructed and some Ampelite models feature fireproof mesh which makes them suitable for bushfire-prone areas. These long-lasting vents offer excellent return-on-value and make for a very sound investment.

Quick and easy installation: Roof vents are typically sturdy yet light-weight. This makes it easier to have them carried to rooftops for installation. They are also quick and easy to install. You can take a DIY approach or ask our professionals to do the job for you. The installation costs are minimal and related products such as direct vent kits offer flexible installation solutions depending on your exact ventilation needs.

No maintenance: One of the best things about roof vents is that they require little to no maintenance once installed. These vents are designed to withstand the weather conditions and outdoor elements fairly well. So they need very little intervention on your part during their long operational life.

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