Domestic Roof Vents – Why Bother?

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment at a home. Ventilation ensures the replacement of stale air with fresh air frequently. This also improves the energy efficiency of your home while extending the structural life of the house.

Roof vents are an excellent way of achieving optimal ventilation for a home of any size. As the name suggests, these ventilators effectively sit at the top of the roof or ceiling. This strategic placement is very important. The best of the roof vents are wind-driven and use requires no electricity or another power source.

During summers, the sun shines down on the roof and heats the air on the inside of the ceiling. This hot air rises up and stays near the ceiling. At the same time, it increases the overall temperature indoors, causing your air-conditioning to exert more.

This is where wind-powered roof ventilators play a vital role. Also known as whirlybirds, these vents remove hot air from the ceiling and replace it with cooler air. As a result, your home stays cooler and your energy consumption is reduced.

In winters, the whirlybird vents remove moist air from the ceiling and prevent ice dams, moisture build-up or mildew growth.


Attic Ventilation: Hot air tends to rise up. This is why hot air during the summers and winters rises up and gathers towards the ceiling or attic of a house. A strategically placed roof air vent can remove this hot air very effectively. At the same time, the roof whirlybird replaces the hot air with fresh air from outdoors. This keeps the indoor environment healthy and fresh. It also helps your air-conditioning or heating systems to maintain the indoor temperature by consuming less amount of energy.

Bathroom and Kitchen Ventilation: Congested areas within your home, such as the kitchen, the laundry or the bathroom, require good ventilation. As opposed to static ventilation, turbo roof vents offer dynamic ventilation. As a result, they are far more effective in maintaining good air quality in these areas.

Benefits of Roof Vents

Flexible Installation: Unlike many other types of home vents, roof vents offer flexible installation. They can be installed on flat or angled surfaces and come with base units that are tailored to different types of roofs. These vents are also quick and easy to install, incurring minimal installation costs for homeowners.

Durability: Whirlybird roof vents are incredibly long-lasting and durable. Many of them come with a 15-year operational warranty, although they may last you considerably longer. This makes them an excellent and sound investment for your home.

Zero Energy Consumption: Wind-driven roof vents do not require any other power source such as electricity. They simply harness the power of the wind to rotate and replace stale air with fresh air indoors. This essentially means that they consume absolutely no energy. In fact, by reducing the load on your air-conditioning system, they actually help you conserve energy.

Our Products

Ampelair Ventilator 150mm: Stainless steel wind driven whirlybird ventilator with a 150mm flue size. Perfectly suited for bathroom and toilet ventilation at homes. Incredibly quick and easy installation.

Ampelair Spinaway Domestic Ventilator: Corrosion-resistant aluminium construction with a 300mm throat size. Fireproof vent mesh to protect from bushfire. Very effective for roof space ventilation at homes in bushfire-prone areas.

Ampelite Superflow Ventilator: Aluminium ventilator with stainless steel ball bearings and fibreglass reinforced nylon chassis for silent operation. Single unit sufficient for an average sized home. Available with adjustable pitch base to suit roofs at various angles.

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