All You Need To Know About Ampelite Fibreglass

Roofs along with the foundation of homes are the most important constructions. Roofs in particular have to be extremely strong and should be able to withstand the elements of nature for many years and perhaps even decades.

It is normal for homeowners to spend money on quality roofing materials and also ensuring that it has the best of workmanship behind it. There are different types of roofing materials and each one of them have their own uniqueness and specialties. In this article we will be having a look at Ampelite fiberglass.

This is considered to be a technologically advanced roofing material and it comes with a number of features and benefits.

It might be interesting for those who are looking for some special roofing material that combines low cost, high performance, safety and various other features. Without wasting too much time, let us straightaway look at some interesting information about ampelite as a roofing choice.

What Makes Them Special

These are classified as Industrial Grade Fibreglass and they are made from glass reinforced polyester. They are preferred over conventional roofing solutions because they have low thermal expansion.

Therefore it allows the users to go in for individual lengths even up to 12.2 mm. Further, these ampelite roofing products are made locally in Australia and therefore they conform to the local weather and climatic conditions.

There are some special grades of roofing materials like Ampelite warrant series. They are specially designed and manufactured to withstand strong winds exceeding 90 km per hour. They are suitable also for commercial applications and they are also available in a wide variety of profiles.


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What Makes The Manufacturer Different

There are many manufacturers of different types of roofing materials. It is quite obvious that prospective customers and information seekers may have many doubts about the quality of these products and how they are different from others.

To begin with Ampelite is without doubt the most experienced and largest manufacturers of different types of fiberglass products. They also are the largest supplier of polycarbonate roof sheet distributor and manufacturer.

They cater to markets in New Zealand, Asia and Australia. The company was set up in the year 1969 and over the years it has grown in size and stature. It has warehouses and offices in almost all the mains state of Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, China and Malaysia.

Why These Products Are So Very Popular

With so many options available, it is important to understand why these ampelite profiles are so very popular among large sections of people. There are many brands and types of ampelite products available. Wonderglas GC or those roofing materials with gel coated surfaces is one of the best available in the market today.

This is because it is feature rich and is made of a high quality UV protected material known as GRP or Glass Reinforced Polyester. There are a few more things that go in making these products so uniquely different from others. The gel coat for example forms an integral part of the sheet. This makes it sure that there is no de-lamination at all.

Surface erosion is also totally ruled out. This is also because of the gel coated sheet. It creates a barrier that is almost impossible to penetrate. It also reduces surface erosion. The loss of light because of the gel technology is also not very significant.

The good thing is that the GC roofing sheet is able to retain the overall flexibility and strength. Unlike many other roofing materials, you also can be sure that you will not be losing the tensile strength. The roof will not become brittle or weather down as it often happens.

These are obviously some of the main reasons why this and various other types of ampelite fiberglass GC roofing set have become an instant hit among thousands of homeowners and builders across New Zealand and Australia.

We also are listing down a few more reasons as to why it makes sense to go in for these fibreglass roofing materials.

ampelite fibreglass roof panels sydney

Lightweight & Durable – Most of these roofing materials made with the help of Ampelite technology are known for the durability apart from being extremely lightweight. When you compare this roofing material with conventional steel roofing material, it is almost 80% lightweight.

When compared to aluminum roofing materials this option is almost 30% lighter in weight. This makes it quite easy to install and even homeowners can do it without having to struggle and spend too much of energy. Additionally these roofing materials are extremely durable.

They last for years even in hostile and difficult weather and climatic conditions. In fact many users and even experts are of the opinion that it can offer much better protection compared to steel and aluminum and are also stronger.

Anti-Corrosive & Anti-Rust Properties

Because of the special nature of Ampelite fibreglass roofing is totally rust and corrosion free. Hence, even when they are exposed to rain, snow and ice, they will not corrode or rust.

They are also resistant to bugs, mold, lichens and other microorganisms and therefore this will go a long way in increasing their overall life and durability.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The demand for these fibreglass roofing solutions is growing quite rapidly because of one more reason. They are known for their low maintenance costs.

This is because they are totally free from corrosion and rusting and therefore preventive maintenance can be avoided almost totally. They are easy to wash and clean unlike other conventional roofing materials.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the biggest benefits of Ampelite range of products it that, as the end user you have the full control over the aesthetic appeal of the roofing system that you would like to put in place.

There are many homeowners who claim that the overall resale value of their homes has gone up by a few thousand dollars just because they have moved over the Ampelite roofing systems.

Other Products

The above is just one example of Ampelite range of products. They have quite a big list of products and a few of them are listed below:

  • Industrial Fibreglass
  • Cool-Lite GC
  • SR76 Smoke Reduced
  • Range of Domestic Fibreglass solutions.


We are sure that the above information would have given our readers a reasonably good knowledge and insight about Ampelite range of products.

They are excellent replacements for conventional roofing options and they do offer very good value for money. They are also not so expensive and they certainly make very good and intelligent investment as far as homes are concerned.

ampelite fibreglass roof panels sydney