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Choosing the right roofing material is not an easy job. At the same time, we cannot afford to be lackadaisical about it. This is because our roofs need to be strong at all points in time. They bear the brunt of the elements of nature.

They are also open to the risk of storm damage, damage due to excess rains and other such natural happenings.

Corrosion and rusting are also common problems with roofing materials. You also have the problem of damage to roofing caused by microorganisms like moss, lichens and other such things.

While regular maintenance and upkeep is the best way forward, the actual solution perhaps lies in making the right choice of roof materials.

However, this is not an easy job because there are dozens of roofing solutions available in the market today. However, in this article we will spend some time looking at ampelite fibreglass roofing material.

Over the years, they have become extremely popular because of some advantages associated with them. We will be looking at the reasons why many homeowners are moving towards ampelite roofing.

We also will try and draw comparisons between certain other roofing materials and then find out as to why ampelite could be one of the best choices for roofing materials.

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A Few Common Alternatives & How They Compare With Ampelite

There are many types of roofing solutions and it may not be possible to cover each and every one of them. However, we will look at a few of them and find out how they compare with ampelite.

The most commonly used alternatives are Asphalt Shingles, metal roofing options, stone-coated steel, rubber slate, slate, concrete & clay tiles, green roofs, built-up roofing, etc. Each one of the above roofing material is unique and special in its own way.

However, what we need to find out how these materials compare with various ampelite solutions that are gaining popularity across Australia and New Zealand and also in many other countries of the world.

Ampelite is Stronger

One of the biggest reasons why more numbers of users are getting hooked to various Ampelite profiles is perhaps because these roofing materials are much stronger.

They are highly robust and they can withstand high velocity and force. They are also virtually unbreakable. This is the reason they also find use in areas other than roofing solutions.

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Light Weight

Roofing is a big headache for builders and also homeowners because of the heavy weight of most of the roofing materials.

However, this is not the case as far as ampelite is concerned.

According to some experts and of course end users, this particular roof material is known for its light weight.

This makes it easy for roof builders and other building professionals.

They need not have to struggle too much in moving the roofing material to big heights and have them installed.

They are Corrosion And Rust Free

This is again of the main reasons why these roofing materials are breaking all record in terms of demand.

The biggest challenge with certain roofing materials like iron & steel and also aluminum is the problem of corrosion and rust.

They have the reputation or even the notoriety of getting rusted and corroded with the passage of time. The elements of nature like rain, wind, exposure to sun and other such things could lead to corrosion of the roofing system.

This reduces the overall life span. This however, is not the case with Ampelite roofing solutions.

Because of the basic nature of the raw materials that are used here, the risk of corrosion and rusting can almost be ruled out.

Easy for DIY Purposes

There are many homeowners who would not mind spending their weekends making changes to their existing roofing structure.

Even some new home builders often build new roofing using the DIY skills. For such groups of customers, it has been proven time and again that Ampelite roofing could be the right choice.

While some bit of learning is required, there is no denying the fact that compared to heavy roofing material choices, the installation process of Ampelite can be learned much faster and much easier.

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Easy to Maintain

There is one more reason why there is a growing demand for this type of roofing material. Ampelite is a brand name that has won the confidence and trust of thousands of customers across Australia and New Zealand because it is easy to maintain.

It requires very little upkeep and maintenance. Therefore it does go a long way in offering the best value for money.

A Look At Their Domestic Fibreglass

There are some positive takeaways as far as Ampelite range of fibreglass sheeting products are concerned. They are available in different profiles including the highly popular 5-rib (Trimdek) profiles.

The cost is reasonable and therefore customers can expect the best value for money. If you want a roofing solutions that offer the best of natural lighting these fiberglass solutions could be the right answer. As is the case with other types of roofing products from Ampelite, these 5-rib profiles are sturdy, tough, unbreakable and most importantly lightweight.

It could go a long way in providing a complete and lasting protection from the sun and at the same time will not stop light from getting into the homes. It also will add to the overall looks and aesthetics of the homes. As mentioned above, they are one of the best when it comes to DIY installation.

Let us look at some of the technical specifications in brief. They corrugated roofing sheets come with 1.5 overlaps along with 5 rib sheets and with 1 overlap. When installing there are a few things that one should bear in mind.

To begin with the overlaps must face in the opposite direction of the prevailing wind. Further proper pre-drilling of the sheets to around 2 mm diameter is also extremely vital. The manufacturer ensures that all accessories in the form of tapes, strips, and screws are easily and readily available.

The products also come with a 5 year limited warranty. The details are fully available when you buy the product and further details can also be obtained from the local offices of Ampelite.


When we take all the above things into account, there are a few obvious things that come to our mind. The track record and performance of Ampelite fiberglass has been extremely encouraging.

It has stood the test of time and it also is reasonably priced, thereby offering the customers the best value for money.

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