Ampelite Fibreglass Roofing Products

Ampelite Australia is at the top of the industry of fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheeting for industrial and domestic applications. Producing products such as Fibreglass Roofing and Cladding, ventilators, roomlites, and accessories. Providing these high-quality products throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

In this post, we have highlighted their new and revolutionary dual roof system that has answered the people’s problem in condensation regarding their roof sheeting, especially in big establishments.

Ampelite Fibreglass Product

Ampelite prides themselves in using the best quality raw materials and the use of the latest resin technology in manufacturing their products, such as their dual roof sheet that comes with an anti-condensation system, making use of automatic processing that is monitored and controlled to ensure every product they manufacture is consistent from batch to batch.  Profiles PDF Download Here

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Dual Roof System With An Anti-Condensation System

Ampelite Addresses The Environment’s Current Conditions

Conservation of the environment is vital nowadays, an increase in demand for environmentally friendly products is seen in today’s markets, in all industries. People are getting more aware and conscious about their surroundings; thus, more people are wanting products that are good for the environment, and that can conserve and reduce energy consumptions to lessen pollution.

Though these environmentally friendly products tend to be expensive, Ampelite has once again proved themselves why they are leading at the fibreglass manufacturing industry.

Producing The Best Cost-effective Fibreglass Products

Because their wide array of ampelite fibreglass products are known to be effective and cost-effective, leaving their consumers happy and contented, continuously supplying natural daylight to various recreational facilities, homes, workplaces, stadiums, and more.

This ampelite roofing product maximise these natural lights at a fraction of the cost with their new product the Ampelite Dual Roof System, effectively providing good and evenly diffused natural daylight, successfully eliminating condensation and reducing transmitted heat.

How Does This Ampelite Fibreglass Roofing Work?

The dual roof system makes use of double glazing that is fabricated and improved to withstand the harsh conditions in Australia.

Simplicity and ease of installation are this product’s greatest features, though not unique in theory, Ampelite provides consumers with long term cost savings and additional benefits for both their consumers and the environment with the use of this ampelite roofing.

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Ideal For Larger Establishments

This Ampelite fibreglass product is versatile and may be used anywhere, but Ampelite manufactured this dual roof system to address the problems in condensation in larger buildings or establishments, such as sports stadiums and recreational facilities because condensation in these buildings quickly forms on the skylight panels because of the internal warm moist air meeting with the colder skylight surface.

Why Is Ampelite’s Dual Roof System Ideal For Larger Establishments?

The humidity (the amount of water that vaporises in the surrounding atmosphere) inside a bigger establishment such as sports stadiums changes fast because of the large number of occupants it holds or visitors that visit the facility.

Why Is Condensation A Problem Among These Facilities?

Because of the humidity rapidly forming in these establishments, condensation can quickly form since it can form on any surface that has a temperature below the dew point temperature.

Condensation Factors That Affect These Facilities

• A body of air absorbs moisture from the patrons or occupants of the facility at a rate of 50 to 60g per person/hour.

• The moisture content present in the establishment may exceed the external air by 2g per kg of dry air.

• Since these facilities have cooler surfaces, the risk of condensation forming increases, with the addition of the previous factors.

Ampelite has developed a solution through its innovative dual roof system with anti-condensation systems making this ampelite roofing withstand these tough conditions, they are proved to display superior thermal properties when compared to other traditional single sheet skylight systems, making their dual roof system better and provide better insulation.

What Are The Benefits Of Ampelite’s Dual Roof System?

• Ampelite fibreglass products are known to be top-quality and cost-effective, making it convenient for all consumers, making their brand the most favored in the fibreglass manufacturing industry throughout Australia.

• Another benefit regarding the dual roof system’s ability to diffuse natural light is successfully eliminating condensation.

• The dual roof system provides big energy savings for their consumers since this Ampelite roofing product effectively diffuses natural daylight, providing light without the need of paying for electricity bills in both industrial and domestic applications.

• This ampelite roofing comes in all available ampelite profiles, giving people various options for the roofing’s profile such as Corrugated, 5 rib, 700 decking, Clearslide, and more profiles.

• It provides effective insulation because of its feature of effectively diffusing natural light from the outside which in turn reduces transmitted heat smoothly.

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Comparison Of Ampelite’s Dual Roof System To Their Other Fibreglass Products

• Domestic Fibreglass – This Ampelite roofing product is proven to be effective against harmful UV rays from the sun, though this is only recommended for domestic and residential use, whereas the dual roof system can be used in larger commercial establishments.

• Wonderglas GC – This roofing product is gel coated and reinforced with polyester for maximum protection against ultraviolet rays, Ampelite’s dual roof systems provide this protection, boasting double glazing on its sheet.

• Webglas GC – This ampelite fibreglass product is reinforced with heavy gauge weaved glass mat, making it significantly heavier than the dual roof system, making it harder to install in contrast to the dual roof’s easy installation set.

• Clearslide GC – This gel coated roof sheet is easier to install when compared to Ampelite’s dual roof system since it no pre-drilling is required, although its durability is weaker in contrast to the dual roof system since it is reinforced with double glazing.

Specifications Of The Ampelite Dual Roof System With Anti-Condensation System

1. Weight: 2400 g/m2, produced to conform to the selected roofing profile and colour.

2. The standard colour for all ampelite roofing products is white (opal) for the top sheet and natural clear for its base sheet.

3. This ampelite fibreglass product is suitable for all ampelite profiles, making it versatile, and it is double layered with 20 millimetres air gap.

4. It has the same gel coated exterior sheet as the Ampelite “Wonderglas GC” and the same base sheet as the Ampelite SR76.


Ampelite Australis is globally renowned is one of the leading companies in the industry for roofing products, known to produce top-quality ampelite fibreglass products that have become the number one choice for roofing products for people throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Providing over 700 different ampelite profiles, they assure that ampelite roofing is made for everyone, literally. They aim to continuously produce revolutionary roofing products like their dual roof system with anti-condensation systems to provide solutions to common problems in roofing such as condensation.

For more information about Ampelite Australia’s products, visit them at

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