Ampelite Australias Legacy

Ampelite is a leading fiberglass and polycarbonate roof sheets manufacturer and distributor in Australia, Asia, and New Zealand. This company has its humble begging in 1969 in Melbourne. Currently, it has warehouses and offices in Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The company owns Alsynite, which is a trademark in Australia. For years, the company has dominated several markets with authentic products, including plastic roofing sheets and natural ventilation products.

Among them are 72Ampelite fibreglass profiles. Clients can also order customer profiles for practicable quantities. Let’s look at the different types of transparent fibreglass roofing panels.

1. Thermal Skylight

Thermal Skylight sheeting adheres to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards for Class 2-9 Buildings. These sheets are easy to install since they are not limited to roof length or sheet profile. They are ideal for any insulation thickness and roofing profiles. Thermal Skylight sheeting is energy efficient and allows maximum natural light. They also allow for flexible designs thus can be installed in industrial and commercial properties.

2. Domestic Fibreglass

The domestic fibreglass comes in both the 5-rib (Trimdek) and corrugated profiles. These sheets are the best option for your home if you are looking for lasting protection from sunlight. Besides, they are lightweight, easy to install and moderately affordable. They are also an ideal solution for your outdoor living areas.

When ordering these sheets, it’s essential to confirm they comply with the by-laws in your local council. The 5-Rib sheets should have one overlap while the corrugated ones 1.5 overlaps. These overlaps should be facing the opposite direction from strong winds.

Compliment accessories to the panels are readily available; they include screws, closure strips and tapes. The domestic fibreglass attracts a limited warranty of 5 years.

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3. Wonderglas GCP – Domestic

This Wonderglas GCP are at per with the Ampelite’s premium industrial grades that are used in most significant projects across Australia. They feature extremely high UV resistance protection. Even in the most extreme climates, these fibreglass sheets will offer unrivalled performance when compared to other domestic translucent or transparent roofing sheets.

Their loss of light is about 10% in 10to 12 years when compared to the typical sheets with 35%. The manufacturing process guarantees consistency in each batch. Wonderglas GCP panels come in both 5-Rib and corrugated profiles and also in different colours.

The coloured sheets offer a softer light while transmitting less heat. They also feature minimal expansion and contractions thus no need for an anti-noise tape under the sheets. They are easy to drill, hailstone-resistant and install, and resistant to scratching.

4. Industrial Fibreglass

The Ampelite industrial fibreglass offers incredibly low thermal expansion and comes in lengths of up to 12.2m. They are available in varying profiles including Trimdek (5-Rib), corrugated and the 700 deckings. The sheets supplied I Australia are manufactured in the country. This sheets of up to 20mm are resistant to hail accompanying winds of a maximum of 100km/hr. The heavier grades need extra spanning for more designs.

5. Wonderglas GC

This is a UV treated GRP (glass reinforced polyester). It features a micron 100 gel-coated surface (GC). This gel coating is strong enough to minimize loss of light transmission and surface erosion. The Wonderglas GC maintains its flexibility and strength for years.

The UV resistant gel is a significant improvement to the initial 20 microns. The panels are available in various profiles including the 70 decking, 5- Rib and corrugated. The Wonderglas GC sheets have been widely used in many projects across Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries.

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6. Webglas GC & GC+

The Webglas GC provides unrivalled skylight strength. The sheets weight 3660 grams per square meter and feature a heavy gauge woven glass mat. These sheets can stand corrosive and aggressive environments that damage metals. Webglas GC is low maintenance roofing. They are manufactured via an exclusive resin technology to guarantee a UV resistant surface coating. This technology is used in the manufacture of Ampelites’ premium-grade Wonderglas GC. These panels maintain their original appearance over the years, even with regular cleaning.

7. Cool-lite GC

These sheets offer diffused natural light and low heat transmission. They are ideal in buildings that require heat reduction, such as in schools, supermarkets, factories, sports gymnasiums, etc. Cool-lite GC sheeting minimizes glare and improves air-conditioning. These sheets are available in several profiles without width restrictions.

Ampelite uses unique colouring agents and resins to guarantee high quality and durable products. Cool-lite sheets are scratch and discolouration resistant. The panels also feature the fire retardant characteristics of Ampelite SR76 and the gel coat surface used in Wonderglas GC premium grade sheets.

8. FS FireCheck

FS FireCheck is one of the latest products by Ampelite. It’s a fire-resistant and cladding roofing product. These sheets feature an intumescent infused in glass tissue. They are also free from toxic bromide fire retardant chemicals and are superior to any previous versions in the same category.

FS FireCheck sheeting can resist burning for more than 30 minutes. Besides they are available in all Ampelite profiles. They are hail-resistant and will not change colour upon UV exposure.

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9. SR76 Smoke Reduced

Ampelite SR76 sheeting combines the technologies used for Cool-Lite GC and Wonderglas GC panels. Thus the sheets are gel coated and heat resistant. They feature high-quality resins that meet the AS1530.3 2006 standards. Ampelite SR76 smoke reduced sheeting is available in several profiles.

10. Clearslide GC

These sheets are easy and fast to install and feature a unique fibreglass sheet clip system. Contraction and expansion of the fibreglass and metal decking are independent of each other. The ClearSlide decking is a variation of the Wonderglas GC sheeting and comes along with its unique features. Due to its distinctive shape, it’s not possible to achieve metal decking in ClearSlide profile. This profile can match any of the present 700 Decking profiles.

11. Dual Roof

Ampelite’s Dual Roof System offers excellently diffused natural light, minimizes heat transmission and eradicates condensations. If you’re looking for an affordable and environmentally-friendly roofing system, then the dual roof will meet your need. These sheets are popular in multi-purpose halls, sports stadiums where condensation develops on the panels due to movement of moist air to the cold skylight surface. It’s also effective for thermal insulation.

12. Energy-Efficient Factory Assembled Skylight (EEFAS)

These panels are designed to meet standards on insulated steel panels manufactured by many sandwich panel manufacturers. They are ideal for thermal insulation and conforms to Building Code of Australia (BCA) conditions for Class 2 -9 buildings. The EEFAS factors in environmental freedom in the designs due to an insulated skylight.