Applications of Roof Vents

Roof vents offer a very effective ventilation solution for homes, factories, warehouses, retail locations and virtually any other commercial, domestic and industrial structures.

Industrial & Commercial Applications

Manufacturing Plants: Industrial manufacturing processes often produce smoke, toxic gases and other fumes. If these are not removed in a timely way, they can pose a serious workplace hazard. Air-conditioning can be used to exhaust these fumes but it incurs hefty energy bills. Roof vents, on the other air, are able to remove the fumes and smoke in real-time while consuming no energy at all.

Warehouses: Large quantities of products are stored at warehouses where the indoor environment needs to be carefully maintained. Excessive heat or moisture at a warehouse can damage the products. Roof vents provide a zero-cost operation in keeping a warehouse’s interior cool and dry. The vents remove the heat near the ceiling as well as the moisture, also taking the load off the air-conditioning unit.

Industrial Facilities: Most industrial facilities house heavy machinery which needs to be well-maintained for smooth operation. At the same time, industrial processes may create moisture and release water vapours into the air. This creates a humid indoor environment that can lead to the degeneration and corrosion of the machinery. Roof vents replace the humid indoor air with fresh and dry air from the outdoors throughout the day and night. This prevents moisture build-up inside an industrial facility.

Retail and commercial locations typically require round-the-clock air-conditioning. This leads to heavy energy consumption and huge energy bills. Roof vents help retail and commercial buildings reduce their energy usage and improve energy efficiency. These vents remove hot and moist air trapped near the ceiling, replacing it with cool air. The cool air keeps the indoor temperature down and decreases the load on the air-conditioning.

Healthcare Industry: Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and care centres need to maintain a healthy environment. Such an environment is needed so that patients may heal and recover effectively. Air-conditioning units may maintain a stable temperature at these facilities but these units essentially recycle the same air over and over again. This stale air can then become detrimental to patient health. Roof vents, on the other hand, achieve cool indoors by using fresh air from outdoors. The regular flow of fresh air keeps the environment healthy and promotes better patient recovery.

Residential / Domestic Applications

Attic or ceiling ventilation: Proper attic ventilation is essential for a home. During summers, hot air gets trapped near the attic of your house. This air stays trapped, causing your air-conditioning unit to exert more and raise energy costs. During winters, moisture is added to this trapped air which can also damage the roof structure while causing ice dams. Roof air vents for houses offer an excellent solution to the problem. They remove the trapped air in summers and winters alike, reducing your energy costs in summers and keeping the indoor environment dry during winters. Wind driven whirlybird vents consume no energy, so they also improve the environment-friendliness of your house.

Kitchen Ventilation: The kitchen at your home generates significant heat, smoke and fumes during cooking. If the kitchen air is not ventilated regularly, it can increase the indoor temperature at your home. Roof vents keep your kitchen fresh, dry and cool by offering round-the-clock ventilation. You can use smaller vents or a direct vent kits to ventilate the smaller kitchen space more effectively.

Bathroom Ventilation: Quality ventilation of the bathrooms at your home is essential to keep them dry and odour-free. If left without ventilation, mould and mildew problems may occur due to the damp interiors. Roof whirlybird vents provide effective ventilation and prevent these problems while also keeping the bathroom space fresh and odour-free.

Laundry Ventilation: Washing clothes at your home laundry generates heat and moisture. This combination creates ripe conditions for the growth of mould and mildew. It may also damage the wooden frames and other structures over time. Roof vents provide direct ventilation to the laundry space and remove the heat as well as moisture. These vents incur zero operational costs and help maintain excellent air quality.


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