Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer

We all know how important it is to maintain a nice indoor temperature inside our homes. This is especially true in environments where outside temperatures can vary widely during the year, or even in a very short period of time. Hot humid, long summers can certainly make any home uncomfortable and unbearable, if not properly ventilated.

This is where roof ventilation comes in. Not only for keeping your indoors air fresh and cool, but roof ventilation systems also serve to guarantee a higher quality of air – since they are constantly recycling the air, replacing the hotter air inside with cooler air from the outside. Therefore, they not only act to create a more pleasurable (and liveable) home for you and your family but they also are an effective means of maintaining a healthier air quality overall.

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Key Benefits

Another key benefit with roof vents is that they help extend the structural life of your home, by avoiding any dampness or accumulation of staleness, all the while greatly reducing energy costs, by avoiding the need for expensive and energy-consuming air conditioning installations or machines.

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Roof vents serve to maintain a home of any size optimally fresh during even the hottest summer days, simply by regularly bringing in cool air from the outside, in a way that is totally seamless and effective. Roof ventilation systems (as the name suggests) are ventilation mechanisms that are placed right at the top of your roof and placed in such a way as to get the best possible access to quality air with maximal efficiency. It is important how they are placed, and in what spot – since this will largely determine the quality of the results, and thus have a huge impact on the air temperature indoors. There is a wide range of different roof ventilation systems available on the market and many types from which to choose for your home. However,

it should be noted that the best of these systems, by far, are roof ventilation systems that run completely by themselves, without any need for electricity or other energy sources. The reasons are fairly obvious: not only will this save you a great deal of trouble, and energy bills… but also it is much more beneficial for the environment since it completely bypasses the need for any electrical power or engines.

Powered or Wind Driven

An optimal type of roof vent system would one that runs on wind power alone, without any further installation or energy source.

Among these, the so-called “whirlybird” roof vents – that is, roof vents that function by spinning a wind turbine, powered by the force of the wind.

These ventilation systems are particularly effective for cooling the air indoors in summer since hot air tends to accumulate near and around the top of the ceiling – from where it then radiates down to the rest of the home, causing overall temperatures inside to rapidly rise.

However, a good “whirlybird” roof vent solution will cause this hot air to rise up, above the ceiling and outside the home, while drawing in new cooler air from the surrounding area. The best part about this solution is that, while you’re getting a much cooler home, you’re also greatly reducing your energy consumption, which is excellent news both for your wallet and for your health – not to mention, the environment. Therefore, it is hard to argue with how powerful and useful a properly maintained and updated roof ventilation system can be.

whirlybird roof ventilation
whirlybird roof vents Sydney

Update an Old Ineffective System

For sure, if you don´t yet have a roof ventilation system installed – or you have one that is obsolete – then it is of paramount importance to get yours updated with a proper solution. The benefits are many and varied, but one thing is for sure: it will be worth the effort to get a proper solution installed as soon as possible, both for you and your family´s comfort and for ensuring a long and healthy life for your roof (which will indeed benefit from the improved air quality and ventilation around it, one of the major typical issues affecting roofs and attics).

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But it’s not only about keeping cool in summer – although this issue by itself would also certainly make a roof ventilation system a no-brainer in any region with long hot summers – but there is another major issue, that is often ignored but which has a tremendous impact on the quality of any indoor environment, whether in summer or winter: the moisture and dampness in the air. A good ventilation system, that operates constantly and all-year-around, will make sure that any humidity that is building up in the air or structures of your home are being properly ventilated, and replaced with fresh clean air from the outside. This will have huge benefits on health since air quality is one of the most important and vital aspects of a healthy living environment, and it will also give your home a much greater chance of remaining structurally sound and safe for a very long time.

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Is Your Home Healthy Without Whirlybirds?

So, what are some of the main applications of “whirlybird” roof ventilation systems?

Besides keeping the overall air quality and temperature of your home at a comfortable and healthy level, there are two particular applications for which a good properly installed roof vent can be vital – and both of which can severely damage your home, if left unattended.

Firstly, there is the obvious issue of attic ventilation. Attics are a great space to have, but we all know how they tend to get extremely hot, dusty, damp, moist and generally unpleasant. A lot of this is due to the fact that it is a space so directly linked to the roof, which – as previously mentioned – by its very nature tends to build up an accumulation of hotter air around and under itself, thereby turning any attic space quickly into an unpleasant, and ultimately unusable, living space.

This has to do with the fact that hot air always tends to rise up, toward the ceiling and roof areas of your home. Therefore, any indoor spaces located in the immediate vicinity of this area need to be especially well ventilated, in order to ensure a smooth temperature with respect to the rest of the home and to avoid any unhealthy cases of “stuck” air.

A great solution for making sure that your attic spaces remain habitable and usable at all times is by using some strategically-placed roof ventilation systems. These will not only guarantee a nice cool atmosphere inside the attic areas, but also keep the entire airflow throughout your home clean and fresh. This is a truly vital element in a balanced and healthy living space.

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Whirlybirds Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Also, it should be noted that if you do already use any number of air conditioning or heating systems (or both) at various times of the year, having a proper roof ventilation system in addition to those will also be a good choice, since they will help your cooling and/or heating systems deliver their results with a significantly lesser amount of energy, thus making your entire home more energy-efficient.

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Secondly, there are certain areas in any home that are inherently problematic, as far as air quality and purity is concerned. These would include the kitchen, the bathroom, and the laundry room. These spaces tend to be, by their very nature, very reduced in size, isolated structurally, and they are often in the immediate proximity of water vapour, smoke, grease, etc. This can easily cause a rather nasty build-up of moisture, which will quickly transfer not only to the rest of the rooms, but also into the very structure of the home, thereby damaging its safety and habitability.

In order to keep this kind of space properly ventilated, a good roof ventilation system is of utmost importance. Especially, a dynamic ventilation system will serve to keep these environments properly fresh, dry and clean much better than a simple static ventilation system.

Commercial Wind Driven Roof Vents

Now, what are some of the key benefits associated with proper roof ventilation systems? 

  • They are clean, and they do not consume any energy. By relying solely on the natural power of the wind, “whirlybird” roof ventilation systems will save you a significant amount of energy, and at the same time even help you conserve energy better for your home since it requires no external power source in order to function.
  • They are much easier to install, in comparison to most traditional ventilation systems, and require very little effort in order to function properly. Also, they are very flexible as far as installation is concerned, since they can be installed both on flat surfaces or angled surfaces and in a wide variety of different positions and locations, to best suit the needs of your particular home and its structure.
  • They have an extremely long durability, often including an operational guarantee for up to fifteen years! However, they may well end up working for much longer than that, too. They are built from extremely sturdy and reliable materials, and therefore are likely to last you a very long time in optimal condition, ensuring your peace of mind for many years, or even decades, to come.

Whirlybird roof ventilation systems also work very well together with roof insulation products, since they complement each other perfectly: while the insulation keeps the heat outside of your home, the ventilation system for its part makes sure that any excess heat accumulating in and around your ceiling gets cycled away and replaced with cool fresh air. It is, in essence, a perfect combination.

Roof vents work by creating a vacuum effect, which occurs every time the wind causes the turbine to start spinning. This, in turn, creates a motion resulting in hot air getting sucked upwards, and outside. At the same time, it replaces that air with fresh new air from outdoors, thus keeping a constant motion and flow.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of whirlybird roof ventilation systems: active and passive ones. The active ones are permanently powered by a turbine, while passive ones are those which function purely on the wind, and therefore are subject to the amount and frequency of wind existing outside your home. However, while active roof vents do keep functioning at all times, they do create an issue with noise, as well as a high level of energy consumption, in order to keep functioning in the constant and uninterrupted manner in which they do. Whereas, a passive whirlybird, while being subject to the movement of the wind outside, will create none of these issues, and indeed will save you much energy, and money, in the long run.

whirlybird roofing vents
roof ventilation vent

How Many Whirlybirds Do I Need for the Size of My Home?

It is always important to carefully consider the positioning of the roof vent, both with respect to the home itself and in relation to the outdoor surroundings. A properly placed, strategically located roof ventilation system will provide the optimal amount of ventilation for the most delicate and problematic areas of the home, while taking advantage of the architecture and natural surroundings, in order to get the most out of the wind and air currents surrounding itself.

Another key factor is the size and structure of your home. The bigger the inside area is, the greater the need for ventilation. This will certainly have an effect on what the optimal number and type of ventilation systems in the house will be. Any problem areas will have to be considered as well, both by themselves and also with respect to the house as a whole. It is important to think of your homes indoor air like a complete environment, rather than simply a collection of rooms. Taking these factors into consideration when making a choice on roof ventilation systems will ensure the optimal results, creating the best type of living space you could desire for yourself and your family.

Whirlybird roof ventilation systems are a great way of installing a simple system, which does not require great technical knowledge or complicated procedures and getting fast results inside your home. By frequently and effectively circulating the air inside your home, and replacing the hot, moist or dusty air with fresh cool air from outside, you are giving your home many more years of safe and healthy living, while making sure you breathe the best air possible, at a comfortable temperature even during the hottest summer, and all the while managing the conserve energy, and save in your expenses.

It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to keep your roof vent systems properly up-to-date, functioning and energy-efficient. This will have a tremendous impact on your health and your economy, and it will make your home more structurally secure and durable.

As far as roof ventilation systems are concerned, the whirlybird wind-powered passive turbine system is the most effective, most efficient, and most simple solution – guaranteeing excellent results, with a very minimal amount of effort and maintenance required.

The overall temperature inside your home, particularly during the hot time of year, has a direct and powerful influence on the quality of life of those living inside your home. Traditional ventilation systems require cumbersome installation, expensive and frequent maintenance, and consume a large amount of energy, such as electricity, which is inconvenient and expensive. Moreover, they can easily malfunction, and cannot be adapted flexibly to fit the specific needs of your living space.

However, whirlybird roof ventilation systems bypass all of these problems: they manage to keep your living space cool and fresh during the summer, and well-circulated and dry during the winter; they can be easily installed by anyone, with no complicated operations involved; they are extremely simple to maintain, requiring little to no maintenance; they consume no energy whatsoever, saving you a huge amount of electricity and money, while also being highly friendly to the natural environment; they are reliable and durable; and they can be flexibly installed and adapted to both flat or angular surfaces, to make sure that you can place them in the most necessary spots of your home, regardless of its structure and architecture

Roof life can be significantly prolonged by using a properly effective roof ventilation system. By avoiding the heat that naturally rises toward the ceiling in any home, you will be giving your ceiling and roof (and attic space) much longer durability, thus making your home safer and more reliable for many years to come.

In recent years, concerns about the environment and ecology have also become a paramount issue for many people. More and more households are keen on opting for solutions that not only save them money and trouble, but that also contribute toward protecting nature and the surrounding ecosystems around their home. For this purpose, a whirlybird roof ventilation system is optimal, since it has absolutely no negative impact on the environment whatsoever since it requires no electrical energy – or any other type of energy – in order to function. It is literally just harnessing the power of nature itself, in order to give you and your family the best possible air to breathe, and temperature to live in, without placing any burden on natural resources or nature.

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