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Why Eave Vents are Essential

Sometimes Australia has harsh weather patterns that often find many people unprepared. especially Bad weather tends to adversely affect those with faulty roofing ventilation systems. The cost of having a faulty roofing system can be quite high but installing great ventilation is not that expensive.

A good ventilation system ensures that your roof gives you a longer period of service. It also prevents condensation and gives your house cool temperatures even during hot summers. A good ventilation system should ensure there is a balance between intake and exhaust vents.

Installing a roofing ventilation system might be a bit complicated because it’s hard to balance the number of eave vents and whirlybird roof vents. Here is a look at how a roof ventilation system can have the right amount of eave vents and whirlybird roof vents.

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Balancing Your Roof Ventilation System

Before choosing a roof ventilation system, it is important to consider certain factors such as;

  • The number of whirlybirds roof vents needed by the house
  • The amount of air intake
  • The number of gable vents or eave vents
  • Whether or not the house as an attic insulation
  • The topography of the surrounding areas

Balancing a roofing ventilation system ensures that there is an adequate exchange of air between the outdoors and the inside of the house. A balanced approach to roof ventilation is better and more effective because it allows you to combine the benefits of the pressure of the wind and buoyancy to improve the exchange of air.

Using under eave vents is also a common roofing system employed by most homeowners. However, it is not very efficient because it does not reduce the temperature of the attic as much as the balanced approach.

How to Balance A Roof Ventilation System

Before choosing a roofing ventilation system, consult a professional and determine what your house needs. The main ratio that is required for good ventilation is 1:300, which means that 1 square foot of ventilation is enough for 300 feet of attic space.

Installing a balanced roofing system can be quite hard but it is certainly a do-it-yourself project if you are up to the task. The first thing you should do is ensure that the number of intake vents is more than the exhaust roof vents.

This means that the number of eave vents Australia should be more or equal to the number of whirlybird roof vents. The main reason for this is that whirlybird roof vents remove hot or warm air out of the house. Thus, having the right amount of eave vents allows the intake of cooler air.

Ensure that you have an unobstructed airflow in the attic. This means that if your attic has any insulation, it will have to be pulled back to allow the eave vents to work properly. You should also position your eave vents Australia, on the farthest side of the rafter tail. This will optimize the intake of air.

You should also make sure that your eave vents have correctly-sized holes. This will help optimize the net free area of the eave vent. You should also ensure that there are no blockages or debris on the eave vents.

You should also ensure that the number of eave vents double or is more than the whirlybird roof vents. Your exhaust venting system should also be installed at the ridge and the opening should half the opening of the intake eaves.

You should also note that all under eave vents must be closed off before installing a ridge ventilation system.

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Disadvantages of too Many Intake Eave Vents

Having excess intake vents is almost impossible. This is because having too much eave vents will mean that a side of the house has become the leeward side. The windward side of the house will have more pressure which will make the intake vents of the leeward side to work as exhaust vents.

This is one of the reasons many houses have less intake rather than too much. An un-balanced roofing ventilation system will mean more cooling and heating costs. One of the main reasons for this is that more exhaust venting will allow warmer air to escape and more air will be drawn from the house into the attic which will cause the house to have higher temperatures.

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The Best Location to Install Whirlybird Roof Vents

Installing whirlybird roof vents should be done on the highest point of the roof. This allows for a more efficient outflow of warmer air from the attic of the house. Whirlybird roof vents come with wind turbines that are turned by the wind to allow for the exhaustion of air.

Apart from the highest point of the house, whirlybird roof vents can also be installed near the ridge of the roof. Installing a whirlybird roof vent is very easy and it can be done by the whirlybird roof vent dealer.

Gable Louvre Vents

The main differentiating feature between gable louvre vents and whirlybird roof vents is that they do not need wind or electricity. Their turbines run from the point of installation. This makes them relatively easier to use than whirlybird roof vents.


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Power Attic Ventilators

These ventilators need either electric power or solar to ventilate the house. These ventilators are relatively more expensive than naturally powered ventilators. Their main advantage is that they are very quiet and can work for a longer period.

Enjoy Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation allows you to protect your roof in different weather conditions throughout the year. During cold weather, a good ventilation system helps keep the attic air cold which protects the roof by ensuring that ice or snow does not melt on the roof. This helps in preventing water from leaking back to your house.

During hot weather, a good ventilation system helps protect the attic from excess moisture which might condense if there is no airflow. The accumulation of moisture may lead to the growth of mold or mildew which might compromise the integrity of the roof. Hence, it is important to ensure that your house has great ventilation during both hot and cold seasons.