Commercial Roofing Contractors Sydney

1. Sydney Roof   2. RVA Roofing.  3. Sydney Roof Construction Pty. Ltd.  4. All Roofing Services Pty. Ltd  5. Sydney Gutter and Roof Restoration   6. Roofing Sydney- Commercial and Residential   7. Southwest Roofing   8. Sydney Wide Roofing Company   9. Vertec Roofing Sydney

It is a known fact that our roofing is one of the most important constructions as far as our home is concerned. It bears the elements of nature on a continuous and ongoing basis. Commercial companies in particular need to give special attention to roofing because even small damage could create a lot of problems.

Regular upkeep, repair and maintenance, and perhaps even relaying the roofing work may become necessary. It would be impossible for commercial companies to do the roofing repair work on their own. They will have to take the help and assistance of professional commercial roofing companies in Sydney.

However, this is not possible given the fact that there are dozens of such roofing companies in and around Sydney. There are quite a few points that one must bear in mind when there is a need to choose the right commercial roofing Sydney professionals.

We are listing down a few of the most important points to bear in mind while choosing commercial roofing contractors Sydney professionals. Once we have completed this, we will be listing down the names of the top 9 commercial roofing companies Sydney professionals.

We are sure it will help the readers to have a reasonably good idea about the top roofing repair and renovation companies in Sydney and other surrounding areas.


Tips for Identifying the Right Commercial Roofing Company

Insurance & License

This is the first quality that you should be on the lookout for when you are in the process of choosing a commercial roofing contractor. Unless they have valid licenses and insurance it would be better to stay away from such companies and service providers. Insurance is important because if there is any mishap involving the workers of the roofing companies, the burden of treating the worker and meeting the expenses will fall on the customers. Make sure that they have the right type of comprehensive and complete insurance coverage before you actually hire them.

Roofing contractors may also require licenses and this varies from one region to another. Hence, before hiring them for any roofing work, make sure that they have a valid license if it is mandated by the law.

Experience and History

When you are planning to hire a roofing contractor, always pay importance to their overall experience and history. In a competitive and demanding industry, only the best can survive and grow. Hence, if you come across any roofing contract company that has been around for at least eight to ten years, you can reasonably be sure that they are competent and will be in a position to handle all types of roofing works.

Always bear in mind that commercial roofing tasks are not uniform across the board. They vary in levels of difficulty, technology, and other such things. Therefore, when you hire a reasonably experienced roofing contract company with the right track record, you can be sure that they will be able to handle different types of jobs. Looks for areas of specialisation because, as a customer, you may need a service provider who can handle commercial roofing areas that run into thousands of square meters. There could also be other complications and they should be able to handle the same.


When you are hiring a roofing contractor, always insist that they should provide references from previous and satisfied customers. In case a contractor is not willing to part with references of his customers, or he does not have any references worth the name, think twice before you actually get involved with them. When you choose any professional roofing contractor, he should not hesitate in sharing references of past customers. Ensure that the references are genuine and do not shy away from asking a few important questions. You can be sure if the customers are satisfied or not. Look for some testimonials and some reviews and we are sure it will come in handy and help you in your decision making.

Memberships of Some Associations

There is one more quality that sets apart quality commercial roofing companies in Sydney from the not-so-professional ones. Good roofing companies will certainly like to be members of some reputed and prestigious commercial roofing associations in Sydney and surrounding areas. Sydney also has a list of roofing associations that are known locally, nationally, or nationally. Being a member of quality roofing associations makes your job as a customer easy. You can be sure that they do boast of high-quality professional services and their standards of services will be the highest. This is a simple but effective way that could help you in short-listing a good commercial roofing company in Sydney.

Always go for Written Proposals

Look for commercial roofing companies and service providers who are ready to offer written proposals, before the work is taken up. The contractors should be experienced and honest enough to come out with a reasonably accurate estimate as far as the costs and other expenses. They will always try to hold on to the prices and will not revise their costs midway when the work is happening. Professional commercial companies will also be able to give a reasonably accurate timeline about the work that they are ready to offer to their clients.

The above are the most important points to be considered before you hire a commercial roofing company in Sydney and surrounding areas. The mantra for selecting the right service provider is to always take it slow and never rush things through. If you need the services of a commercial roofing company, make sure that you get the identification and due-diligence process started at least a month or two before, if possible.

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The Top 10 Commercial Roofing Companies in Sydney

Let us now spend some time having a look at the top 10 roofing companies for commercial companies in and around Sydney

1. Sydney Roof

If you are looking for a professional, proven, and dependable roofing company then you have many reasons to choose Sydney Roof. They have been commercial roofing customers for almost 30 years now and have been able to make their presence felt quite strongly. They have been servicing customers in and around the Sydney Metropolitan area to the complete satisfaction of their clients.

They offer a wide range of services and therefore it would not be out of place to mention here that they are versatile and they know the various aspects and various types of commercial roofing-related jobs.

They are capable of working on different types of roofing materials and are in a position to restore an old roof completely. They also take care of asbestos roof removal, remedial work, and new skylight installation amongst a host of other such jobs.

Kinds of Services Offered

Sydney Roof offers a wide range of commercial roofing services and this is perhaps the reason they are often referred to as the one-stop solution for almost every type of commercial roofing related work. It may not be possible to list down each and every service that is offered by this company. We are sharing some information about metal roofing and other forms of roofing such as zinc roofing as well as copper roofing. Copper roofing has been there for generations and is considered to be a good option because it is durable and long-lasting. Hence, if any customers would like to have their roofing turned into copper roofing Sydney Roofing should be able to do a good job of it.

The above is just a small example of the various types of roofing services that are offered by Sydney Roof. There are a number of other services that are also offered by this service provider. Customers have trusted them for decades whenever there is a need for metal re-roofing, purlins, gutters & downpipes, and other types of roof repair services. If you want to remove your old roofing material and have it replaced with something more modern or better, you need not go anywhere. All you have to do is to place a call to Sydney Roof and they will be able to offer the best of services taking into account your specific needs and requirements.

Reviews and Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is the best barometer for identifying a good service provider from the not-so-good one. The same applies to commercial roofing companies. Sydney Roof over the past few years has been able to win the trust and confidence of dozens of customers through their quality services and value-for-money propositions that they offer to their clients. You will be able to come across many positive client reviews and feedback and this certainly is a big testimony to the quality of services that are offered by Sydney Roof.

They also are known for prompt delivery and their after-sales services also are of the highest standards. If there is any shortcoming in the quality of the materials or the workmanship or other standards, you can rest assured that they will have it rectified without asking any question. At the end of the day, their only focus is 100% customer satisfaction and customer delight and they are ready to do what it takes to ensure

They are contactable over mail or over the phone. They have offices at Kingsford, Crow’s Nest, and Padstow Heights. All you have to do is contact them through any of the above methods of communication. They will be willing to offer you a written quotation, taking into account your specific needs and requirements. If there is a need, they also will visit your place and then offer the quote.

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2. RVA Roofing

RVA Roofing is a well-known roofing company that has been around for many years and has the privilege of serving scores of commercial, domestic, and also solar vent needs of customers in and around Sydney. They have been able to win the trust and confidence of many customers because of their quality services, and their ability to offer the best value for money to their clients.

Further, it would also be pertinent to mention here that they offer warranty and guarantee for the services that they provide to their clients. Therefore, if you are looking for a complete and single-stop roofing repair company, there are reasons to believe that RVA Roofing could be one of the best choices. Let us try and have a look at the kind of services that they offer as a reputed and trust-worthy roofing company.

Three Categories of Services

As mentioned earlier, RVA Roofing has split its services into three major categories and they are Commercial, Solar Vent, and Residential. Let us briefly have a look at each one of them and find out as to why they are considered to be one of the best in the industry especially in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Commercial Roofing Services

This is the major service offered by RVA Roofing. They offer roof replacement, roof repairs, skylight roofing, roof vents, and other related services. Therefore it would not be out of place to mention here that RVA Roofing is the one-stop solution for anything related to commercial roofing services, in Sydney and other surrounding areas.

Skylight Roofing

There is no doubt that skylight roofing is one of the most trendy and popular requirements of many customers in and around Sydney. Skylight roofing allows light to move through roofs and reach the rooms of domestic customers and also the offices and other such places as far as commercial customers are concerned. Therefore, if you are looking for the best of customized or readymade skylight roofing services it makes a lot of sense to contact RVA Roofing. They have the experience and expertise to make this possible and therefore you can be sure that you will get 100% satisfaction when you opt for these services. They also can offer modern skylight roofing solutions that are comparable to the best in the western world.

Portfolio of the Services Offered

There are a few reasons that make RVA Roofing stand out from the rest of the crowd. They perhaps have one of the largest and most versatile portfolios of services to offer to their clients. It would be interesting to have a brief look at some of the major roofing services that they offer.

Warehouse Reroofing

This is perhaps one of the most important portfolios of services that are offered by RVA Roofing. They have rich experience in this area and have done dozens of warehouse reroofing jobs to the total and complete satisfaction of their clients. They are in a position to offer both readymade as well as customized warehouse reroofing services taking into account the exact needs and requirements of their clients.

Other Services

There are other services that are also offered by RVA Roofing. These include Pan Civil, Chillex, Hanlon, and a host of other services.

If you have any type of domestic or commercial roofing requirements in Sydney, there are many reasons to contact RVA Roofing. They are reachable over phone, Email, and other modes of services. You can therefore be sure that you will get a favourable quote that is in line with your pocket and also your end requirements. You can rest assured that RVA Roofing will ensure timely completion, use of best materials, and also the best of workmanship.

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3. Sydney Roof Construction Pty. Ltd

Whenever the industry and customers talk about quality roofing services for both commercial and domestic customers, there are many reasons to perhaps choose Sydney Roof Construction Pty. Ltd. They are experienced and also have the expertise along with the right infrastructure for handling different types of commercial as well as domestic roofing works. They have a good track record and have many customers both from the domestic and commercial segments. They are contactable over the phone, email, and other forms of communication. It would not be wrong to call them a one-stop solution for all types of roof construction, repair, and renovation.

4. All Roofing Services Pty. Ltd

All Roofing Services Pty. Ltd is also a reasonably well-known roofing repair, renovation, and reconstruction company in Sydney. They have a good track record and offer almost all types of roofing works that are offered by other big companies in Sydney and surrounding areas. Their rates are competitive but customers believe that they do not compromise on the quality of services because of affordable rates.

5. Sydney Gutter and Roof Restoration

If you are looking for a gutter specialist apart from having the right experience and expertise in other types of roof maintenance and restoration, you may have a few genuine reasons to try out Sydney Gutter and Roof Restoration. Whether it is skylight roofing, laying new gutters, and repairing existing ones, you can trust this service provider from Sydney. They have been around for many years now and therefore when it comes to experience and expertise they are as good as the best.

6. Roofing Sydney- Commercial and Residential

This is a roofing company from Sydney that has won many positive reviews from customers over the past many years. This is because they have been able to meet the changing and demanding needs of their clients over the years. They have the right people and the right infrastructure and expertise to ensure that they offer the best possible services to their clients. They visit the homes of the clients or the commercial establishments and have a look at the entire roofing work. Only after that do they offer a quotation. Their rates are competitive but they do not believe in compromising on quality. In view of the above facts, it is worthwhile contacting them for any roofing related works.

7. Southwest Roofing

This is a popular and well-known roofing company that has won the confidence of scores of customers over the past few years. You can contact them for various types of minor as well as major roofing repairs, renovations, relaying of roofs, or even for completely new roofing solutions. Their strength lies in their versatility and their being in a position to offer highly customised as well as readymade roofing services. Their costs are also competitive and they have one of the best delivery schedules because they believe in adhering to the timelines that have been promised to the customers when they sign the contracts. It is worth trying them out.

8. Sydney Wide Roofing Company

Your search for a good, reliable, and proven commercial or domestic roofing company could have ended if you wish to spend some time getting to know more about Sydney Wide Roofing Company. It is a roofing company that has stood the test of time and has won the trust and confidence of many domestic and commercial roofing customers. They focus on quality, innovation, and offer versatile solutions for their customers. They take into account the exact needs of the customers before they offer their solutions. They have the right combination of men, material, and expertise and this helps them to offer a complete and total roofing solutions that are comparable to the best in the city.

9. Vertec Roofing Sydney

Vertec Roofing Sydney is a reasonably popular roofing services provider in the city of Sydney and its suburbs. They have been around for quite a few years now and therefore they know the requirements of their customers whether they are from the domestic segment or the commercial segment. They are capable and experienced enough to offer different types of readymade and customized roofing solutions. Please do contact them in case you have such requirements.


The above would have given our readers some interesting and useful insight about the importance of roofing services. The tips for selecting the right roofing companies may also be worth mentioning. Though there are many roofing companies in Sydney, a few names stand out. The two such names are Sydney Roof and RVA Roofing. 

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