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Solar Vents Gaining Popularity

Remember the hot summers, especially when the temperature rises to a triple-digit? When the temperature rises, you do not want to be in a stuffy hot attic! A hot closed-off box in a house cannot be anything good both for your cooling as well as heating, can it? So, would it not be a great idea if you can have that air vent out of your house altogether?

Here is the best solution – Solar roof vent. The solar roof ventilators are designed to keep attics cool and lower your overall energy costs. There are a lot of amazing things about solar roof vents that you will know in this post and, most importantly – which solar roof vent is best for your roof! Let us start with the basics.

How does a solar roof vent work?

The solar roof vent is not home cooling systems, but its goal is similar to an attic fan – ventilate the attic, lower consumption of energy, and keep the house cool. A solar roof vent, instead of cooling the entire house, exhausts humid and hot air from the attic. When the hot and humid air is expelled out, cool outdoor air will fill the home through the soffit vents.

A thermometer is attached to the ventilation system, and that operates the fan by turning it on and off based on the attic temperature. In simple terms, a solar roof vent expels out the hot air from inside the house and lets in cool air, and that helps in cooling a house. The best part of the solar roof vents is that they are powered by clean and natural energy.

How does a solar roof vent, as compared to a static vent or simple attic fan, can help in solving the energy imbalance and in creating an ideal airflow?

A solar roof vent has a number of advantages, and the biggest one is its ability to save energy simply for the fact that it is a solar-powered solution for cooling your house. It means that where an air conditioner and other options need electricity to do that, which will only add up to your electric bill, a solar roof vent can do that without utilising any electricity.

Another biggest advantage is that it won’t let moisture build-up that can damage any interior construction component, like wood.

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How to choose the best solar roof vent?

Now that you are convinced about the solar roof vent and its benefits, you might want to get one for your home. However, there are ranges in them too, and based on your house, its structure, and many other factors, you will have to choose the best option. Here are a few factors that you have to keep in mind while getting a solar roof vent, and these factors will also help you in choosing the best one. Have a look.

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The cost

This is undoubtedly the most important factor: how much should a solar roof vent cost? While the manufacturing costs of solar panels are reducing, the solar panel and quality motor are still the most costly components.

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There are standard solar roof vents that are priced in the range of $80 to $350. You should consider a few factors before purchasing and deciding if you are paying a reasonable amount, like does it come with a fan blade? What can help improve the extraction of hot air? What is the product’s diameter?

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You might come across a number of claims of performance by various similar products in the market, such as wind vents. But there is a substantial difference between a solar roof vent and wind vents. So, what do you need to review when you are buying a solar roof vent?

You should consider the solar panel’s wattage and the extraction fan’s diameter and use these factors to compare one product with the other. Although there are various other factors, these two can offer you with the easiest and simplest comparison of performance.

For a domestic house, the recommended diameter is 250-350 mm.

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While the standard warranty period of a solar roof vent is 10 to 15 years, make sure that you go through the fine print. There are many products that exclude the components, which means they offer one to three years on their motors.

solar roof vents sydney

How can it reduce the house’s room temperature?

While getting the solar roof vent, keep in mind various factors of your house like the roof material, insulation, and tiles with or without sarking, among other factors. For instance, tiles without sarking offer better cross-flow ventilation, and the roof material will determine how hot it can get during summer. These factors will help you ask the right questions and ultimately make the best choice.

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Can it work at night?

As the name suggests, a solar roof vent is designed to work with the sun. There are options that include battery backup or energy storage options. However, be mindful of the extra cost and other factors such as the warranty and efficiency of the batteries and if the charging utilises more solar energy that could affect the ventilation.

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There are many products that are imported from overseas and need specialised staff for the installation. Make sure that you understand the installation process before finalising a product.

Overcast, cloudy or rainy days

This is a factor you should not worry too much about because a standard solar roof vent will continue operating enough that will ensure that your roof cavity is moisture-free, but it doesn’t have to run at its maximum capacity on the rainy days.

These are the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a solar roof vent for your house. Make sure that you understand your house well so that you can identify the right option for your house.


When you are looking for the right product, be ready to spend a little extra to make sure that you do not compromise with the quality of the product. There are budget solar roof vents at low costs, but they come with substandard solar panels and poor quality motors.

However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t try to save money! With all the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to choose the right solar roof vents without making a hole in your pockets.

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