commercial industrial roof ventilation australia

Commercial Industrial Roof Vents

Finding the right roof turbine vent sizes is extremely crucial when you are about to ventilate an industrial warehouse. You have to sure enough about the exact requirements so that you don’t invest in something unsuitable and powerless ventilation system. Around 300mm to 900mm roof turbine vent sizes are available for industrial warehouses.

Roof turbine vents run on wind power and hence there are no operational costs because of them. The ventilations is very economical and it can be fitted on industrial sheeting. Roof turbine vents are mainly used to exhaust out the bad fumes from the warehouse. This article gives you an insight into the roof turbines for industrial usage.

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How many roof turbine vents do you need for your industrial warehouse?

This is one of the frequently asked questions for any kind of commercial ventilation buildings. When you possess a sizeable amount of smaller buildings or a large-sized building, and you have to install some roof ventilation system, make sure you have some idea about how many units you are going after.

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You must know about the roof space and the accurate size of the warehouse itself before you install those units. The main purpose of the commercial ventilation system is to remove the warm stale air from the roof spaces and cool it down.

This way, when more air is replaced in the space, the more successful and better would be the ventilation in the entire building. Hence, it is very important to find the right size of the roof vents so as to achieve the desired results.

Without finding the accurate dimensions and figures, it is not recommended to purchase the device that doesn’t meet your airflow requirements. You have to get a better unit for your commercial ventilation solution to have the area ventilated in a proper way.

commercial industrial roof ventilation australia

How can you calculate the number of roof turbines for an industrial warehouse?

When you are out in the market for buying roof turbines vents for warehouse ventilation or factory ventilation, doing proper research and understanding your needs ensures you are making the right decision about purchasing the best exhaust fans. The higher the capacity of these fans, the less unit it will require.

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The first thing you need to find out is the air changes per hour in your warehouse. Different types of warehouses or factories have different amounts of heat-producing processes and fumes. Therefore, try to calculate the air changes per hour to get a better idea about the vent sizes for your specific needs.

Next, you have to find out the volume of the factory or warehouse. To find out the volume of the premises where ventilation needs to be done, gather the measurements required for calculating. For this, you need the height, length, and width of the premises in meters.

To determine the exact number of roof turbine vent size for your industrial warehouse, you have to make calculations relating to the stack height, wind speed, and temperatures. These three things are referred to as exhaust capacity CLS rating. For a commercial building or warehouse, it is recommended to install 610mm, 533mm, and 410mm sized ventilators.

Keep in mind that the bigger the vent size, the fewer vents are required. Using this figure and the calculations from the first and second steps, you’ll be able to find out the number of vents. Here is the equation. The number of vents = air change per hour x volume ÷ exhaust capacity x 3.6.

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The result would give you the exact number of roof turbine vents for your industrial warehouse needs. Try out this method a few times to find a suitable vent size for your premises.

commercial industrial roof ventilation australia

What is the need to ventilate a commercial or industrial warehouse?

A roof turbine ventilation system can be fitted in warehouses, factories, or other commercial premises to extract smoke, foul smell, etc. and to provide a fresh and comfortable working environment. Here are some reasons why you should ventilate your commercial premises.

Lowers the internal heat temperature – A building that has a strong and well-ventilated system can help to lower the formation of trapped heat. This way, it helps the place to become more efficient in temperature control. Also, it keeps the workplace clean and aids in increasing productivity.

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The warm stale air generated throughout the day is sucked out and replaced with cooler, fresh air that gets trapped in the high thermal structures of the concrete slabs. The following day, the extent of hot air gets reduced in the building by the impact of cooled air.

Removes moisture and condensation – Some industrial warehouses emits pollutants that tend to disrupt the fresh and clean airflow in commercial premises, especially in factories. Natural ventilation is the need of the hour for such places.

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A good ventilation solution helps to eliminate the buildup of moisture and condensation and replace it with fresh and clean air. This way, it helps in reducing the corrosion of buildings and their structures. As a result, it keeps the environment clean for all its occupants.

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Reduction in energy consumption – It has been found out that ventilated buildings tend to have 4 degrees lower temperatures compared to a non-ventilated building premise throughout the day. Because of this, there is less use of air conditioner and subsequently takes the pressure off your energy utility bills.

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Not only there would be running costs by making use of roof turbine vents for commercial places, but on hot windy days, it is a great way alternative. There would be plenty of ventilation inside the warehouse, which becomes more necessary by midday.

Helps to release smoke – Many industrial warehouses require you to install smoke release vents. They have controlled hatches that open in the event of smoke buildup or high temperatures. But, they are quite expensive. Whereas the turbine vents cost less and perform better.

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The roof turbine vent sizes depend on the size of the building, and other factors. Having the right number of vents provides the premises with a balanced and effective ventilation system.