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The ventilation system is an important and crucial element within a household since a good airflow is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Many people prefer choosing the type of ventilation they would want within their houses, and therefore, architects the entire system all over the house. Turbine roof vents have become one of the most common ventilation system found in the houses or commercial buildings in Australia, owing to the climate and weather conditions. Moreover, while considering or opting for turning roof vents within houses and other commercial buildings, aluminium roof vents seem to be particularly in demand.

What are Turbine Roof Vents?

Many of us might have come across roof vents over particular houses or industries which stands on top of the building and resembles closely to the shape of a mushroom, with a rotating top. It is not uncommon if someone does not figure out what exactly turbine roof vents are simply by its name since initially, it has been widely used for industrial purposes. Today, turbine roof vents are a common type of ventilation system which is quite prevalent in houses as well as other commercial buildings, especially in regions which are most likely to be hot and humid.

To be specific, turbine roof vents are special ventilation vents that are fixed over the top of the houses or the roof, which sucks out the hot air from any closed space. This turbine works with the aid of wind power which spins its vanes and lets the air to pass through. This particular roof vent is considered to be the most effective ventilation system which keeps maximum airflow within closed or confined spaces, like that of an attic in the house or even commercial buildings which are airtight for effective air conditioning.

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roof vent whirlybird sydney

Advantages of Aluminium Turbine Roof Vents

Given that the central advantage of an aluminium turbine roof vents is to make the air circulation within a building better, below are some of the common advantages of turbine roof vents in detail.

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a. Better Ventilation System

It is a given fact that aluminium turbine roof vents are used or installed to effectively increase the ventilation system within a building – be it a house or a commercial space. Since it is a turbine, this particular ventilation system sucks out the hot and suffocating air from within a closed confined space. Compared to other types of ventilation systems which depend on the free-flow circulation of air within the building, the turbine vents does not depend on the free-flow of air but constantly keeps circulating the outdoor air inside the house. The vanes of the turbine moves with the aid of wind power or wind speed, therefore, the effective ventilation is completely dependent on a natural process.

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b. Rust-free Material

The use of aluminium material for a turbine roof vent is one of the most advantageous factors of this ventilation system. Aluminium is considered to be light in weight and also rust-free, therefore, the entire turbine material is light in weight and one doesn’t have to worry about the sturdiness of their roofs to consider installing it; and on the other hand, since aluminium is rust-free and incurs less damage due to environmental factors like wind, the heat of the sun, and rainwater, one does not have to worry about the long-term life or maintenance of the turbines. Moreover, its weightlessness gives the turbine the advantage to move at a faster rate, making the ventilation and circulation of air much better.

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c. Environmental Sustainability

Aluminium turbine roof vents are completely environmentally friendly and sustainable in nature since it does not use any type of electrical or non-renewable sources of energy to make the top vanes rotate. These turbine vanes use wind energy as their main source of power, which is not just renewable, but also powerful in keeping the air circulation and ventilation proper within a house or commercial buildings. This environmental sustainability also comes as an advantage for its users since one doesn’t have to incur any kind of extra bills or maintenance costs for it to keep running automatically, all round the year.

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d. Zero Noise Pollution

When it comes to turbines or turbine roof vents, one of the common things that generally comes in the mind of people who are considering installing this ventilation system is of noise. Our general understanding forces us to think that like any other turbines – which is known to make a great amount of noise – a turbine over the roof of the house would also create a noise which is completely unpleasant for every single person. But, on the brighter side, aluminium turbine roof vents do not create any type of noise or sound when it rotates. Moreover, these turbines work on wind power, the absence of a motor or any kind of conductor for mechanically rotating the vanes makes it completely noiseless and quiet.

roof vent whirlybird sydney

e. Effectiveness

An aluminium turbine roof vent is extremely effective in nature compared to any other vent or ventilation system. Given that it runs of wind power, several people might doubt its effectiveness. Since our lives have been so intertwined with technological advances and machinery, it forces us to consider the effectiveness of anything which is not mechanically run through the use of a mechanical system. But in reality, a 1ft turbine roof vent can remove more than 300 cubic feet of hot air every minute from a closed confined space. Therefore, one can only imagine the effect it would have if even 2 to 3 aluminium turbine roof vents are installed over rooftops.

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Aluminium turbine roof vents have proved to be the most effective, environmentally friendly ventilation system, which is increasingly being demanded by people in Australia. Though turbine roof vents can be available in various materials in the market, the aluminium variant provides a distinctive advantage since it lasts for long and there is even less maintenance. It is a one-time installation process that provides almost a lifetime return and various advantages for the entire house or commercial building, where due to congestion or accumulation of hot air, it becomes difficult to breathe or function properly.

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